Israel Pays The Price For Having Been Chosen …

Israel's Flag

Israel’s Flag

Jews were kicked around by (in no particular order) Egyptians, Assyrians, Hittites, Persians, Greeks and finally, by Romans who expelled them from their homeland. After that, they have been expelled from some 109 different places. (And counting.) After six million of so were killed by Nazis, the survivors were offered their old homeland back, as it was an available chunk of the reduction of the Turkish Empire. Having changed little over the ages, the surviving Jews took it on.

Hoping to finish what the Nazis had started, the surrounding Arabs piled on the new Jewish homeland from every direction at once but the damn Jews refused to cave under the onslaught as every script but their own had provided. And they’re still there. Worse than that, they are a democracy with a high living standard sitting among poverty stricken tin pot dictatorships that don’t appreciate the contrast. And of course, among Moslems who don’t appreciate Jews, democracy or in fact, anything other than Moslems they have approved, usually a short list.

An Israeli today lives in surreality. Missile and mortar shells arrive unannounced, Arab youths in East Jerusalem throw rocks and it’s not safe to be too close to some of the borders. And the Jews thrive as the surrounding Arabs, gnashing their teeth, do not.

Arabs kidnapped and killed 3 Israeli teens. As the bodies were driven to Jerusalem, Arabs stoned the ambulances. Israel smart bombed rocket launch sites. An Arab boy was then kidnapped and killed. The Arabs rioted. A surreal place to live.

The plain and unmentionable reality is that almost nobody seems to likes Jews. plus they lack oceans of oil. Some Americans and a few Europeans are at least publicly, ashamed of those attitudes but that is melting in the currents of time. Those who actually knew Nazi and Russian Jewish victims have now mostly gone after their friends; faceless strangers compel less sympathy.

The “Palestinian” Arabs are pawns cynically held in place by the refusal of surrounding Arabs to allow them in. They are the major weapon against the Jews, who are forbidden to act definitively against them by America and Europe, their “friends.” Those Arabs are relentlessly propagandized from childhood to hate Jews and to hope to kill as many as may be. It’s all set up, all fixed … But the damn Jews still won’t do as they are supposed to do. Instead, they thrive. You’d think that they would have learned by now … But they know that they  have been chosen and nothing can prevail against that.

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9 Responses to Israel Pays The Price For Having Been Chosen …

  1. Their situation is extraordinary. Without the Jews there would not have been Christianity and our Western civilisation, which still compares so well with other cultures, that millions from other cultures try very hard to join us. The history of the Jews is a stunning example of what happens to a people who do not have a country with borders to protect against their enemies. And the bitterest irony that the nature and values of their enemies means in order to survive they must remain in a state of continuous war. And it very much appears they cannot trust their “friends” either. But I would incline to the view it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees – or defer to falsehood.

  2. Their situation is a bit horrifying, but it’s really fascinating, too. Nothing can prevail against that, indeed. I guess people actually have bomb closets in their apartments, just a way of life, a part of the building codes. Everybody must have a shelter to go to in the likely event of an attack. It’s hard to even imagine living that way, let alone doing it with grace.

  3. james teague says:

    Current media coverage on the burned Arab boy and Arab outrage is three times the hype given to the three Israeli boys killed first. Sometimes revenge is given as the motive but usually the tone is Israel is a monster and deserves all of this outrage, rockets, stones, kidnappings because…well, they’re Jews.

    Just recently as I scrolled through an internet posting of UCLA alumni I noticed many comments about Muslims harassing Jews on campus. These included beating incidents as well as intimidation. I’ve heard this kind of activity is now common on UC campuses. Sometimes campus authorities punish the Muslim organizations, but it usually does not last. This isn’t free speech, its thuggery.

    I note that the Jew hating crowd has sadly won a victory in that SodaStraw is shutting down its outlets after 2 years of relentless boycotts. The company hired Arabs, paid more than minimum wage, was loved by the workers, had a great product and made a profit, BUT, it was Jewish AND it was built in an area gained after the Israelis were attacked numerous times by the Arabs, but won anyway. Corrupt Hamas didn’t like a successful example showing them up so badly. The Arab hatred won over food, prosperity, housing, a chance for reconciliation. Nope! Not having any of that because the Jews haven’t been driven back into the sea yet.

    Chosen by God as an example to the world. They prospered when they were obedient to His direction. When they went their own way He allowed consequences, but always drew a remainder back to Him. He showed them Mercy and Justice. These are the people through whom Emanuel (God With Us) would appear. This was necessary for a one time for all blood sacrifice for the sins of all people everywhere.

    As the world careens towards an unparalleled bloodletting the surviving Jews will see their Messiah save them from the onslaught. They will look on Him and finally realize who has been their Shield, Lamb, Lion, Protector all this time. Isaiah 53 will become real to all of them.

  4. Jim Teague says:

    Israel arrests six killers of Palestinian boy burned alive. Three have confessed to their despicable deed. We are confident that the killers of the three Israeli boys were also arrested and their trial will be announced shortly. Third sentence from Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Yeah … The killers of the three Israeli teens have likely already received a medal from Abbas. It’s notable too, that we were informed that the Palestinian kid was burned alive but so far as I know, we remain ignorant of how the Israelis died.

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