GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The Pandemic: Costs of world shutdown looming larger than benefits? (Report)

More Pandemic: Man jailed 1 yr. fined after holding second party at home (Report)

The Economy: Painfully rising inflation that politicians will pretend not to notice? (Article)

More economy: President Reagan’s Budget Director dissects the REAL U.S. economy (Recommended Article)

Libya: Turkey expands its intervention (Article)

The US.election: Federal intelligence has been identifying Antifa/BLM bosses and funding? (Report)

Tech: Nearly 1,000 9emergency U.S. police 11 lines down due a Microsoft services glitch (Report)

The U.S. election: Big time mail voting bungle in Brooklyn (Report)

Mandatory Propaganda: Cities forcing police attendance at “Implicit Racism” classes (Report)

More Propaganda: Chinese Bible revises Christ into killer? (Report)

Corruption: Details on Biden family overseas income (Report)

More Corruption: U.S. Representative ILhan Omar involved in vote fraud?? (Report)

The U.S. economy: Mass layoffs spreading (Report)

New York City: To use patrols to enforce pandemic mask conformance (Report)

Corruption: J.P. Morgan Chase to pay $920 M in fines for fraud (Report)

The Pandemic: Has from the beginning been shrouded in lies? (Article)

Government: U.S. Federal spending setting new record (Report)

 Azerbaijan/Armenia: Fighting expands; Turkey helping Azeris (Article)

Afghanistan: Update (Long Article) (Very informative for tose interested)

 California: Continuing quake swarm (Report)

Immigration: New migrant caravan sets off from Honduras (Report)

Science: Crows posses higher intelligence (Report)

The U.S. economy: Congress to bail out airlines? (Article) (With borrowed taxpayer money)

 Corruption: Rochearwe, N.Y. Mayor and campaign officials indicted for fraud, misuse of funds (Report)

Healthcare: Hundreds of doctors and other caregivers charged with fraud across U.S. (Report)

Science: Will new discvery dissolve the plastic from landfills? (Report)

More Science: New discovery may help reverse periodontal disease (Report)

Still More Science: Clean, limitless power from Graphene (Report)

Biased decisions from AI’s: A Problem? (Report)

 Washington: Governor unhappy as Boeing moves production to So. Carolina (Report)

Michigan: State Supreme Court Strikes Down Governor’s Emergency Powers (Report) (COVID lockdown)

Turkey: Growing intervention in Azerbaijan/Armenia war (Article)

Chicago: 7 shot dead, 42 wounded; 5 year old stabbed in weekend violence (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after spitting at police (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         The Economic Impact of the U.S. COVID-19 Shutdown

                The economy was vulnerable: Though unemployment was low, the numbers did not reflect the long term unemployed or the fact that employee earnings have failed to balance the rising cost of living for most private sector workers. Most significantly, total U.S. debt was 125% of GDP as of March with a Federal deficit currently $3.3 trillion. Cities, counties and states aren’t collecting enough taxes from furloughed workers and mass layoffs continue. Bankruptcies are rising; many businesses will never reopen. The U.S. government in its wisdom has chosen to face what seems to date a relatively mild epidemic by gutting normal healthcare and imposing a magnified replay of last century’s Great Depression upon the 78% of Americans estimated to live paycheck to paycheck. Recovery will require years; political stability is already strained. Oddly, our divided political leaders united to bring this about; what are they thinking?  And why don’t the reports of COVID deaths provide comparison to deaths from all causes?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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