GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur latest selections:

The culture: Biological male wins national NCAA women’s track title (Report)

The war on cash: The big, international banks’ version (Article)

Government: Occupational licensing hurts poor, does little good? (Article)

More Coronavirus: China is balanced on a knife edge over a chasm (Article)

Coronavirus: Is a CDC cover up hiding the U.S. infection rate? (Article)

The U.S. Social Credit system taking shape? (ArticleS)

Surveillance: A conflicted Trump administration struggles with itself and others (Report)

More surveillance: Report shows Obama administration abuse of FISA process known for years (Report)

Coronavirrus: U.S. continues largely unable to diagnose? (Report)

U.S. Navy wants more new ships (Report) (Great missile targets …)

Hong Kong embraces helicopter money (Article)

The economy: Heavy trucks aren’t selling? (Article)

Healthcare: Is Coronavirus channeling the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic? (Article)

Politics: Appeals court rules Trump can withhold grant money from sanctuary cities (Report)

Coronavirus (Covid 19): U.S. now at 59 cases? (Report) (Wanna bet there are’nt a lot more unreported?)

The economy: President Reagan’s Budget Director sounds off/predicts (Article)

China: Some current conditions (Article)

Surveillance: “Join the navy and see the world” takes on a whole new meaning (Article)

The culture: Justice Dept: 45% of blacks at Harvard admitted illegally (Report)

Healthcare: WalMart has opened two health clinics (Report)

More healthcare: How to watch for coronavirus and what to do (Report)

Education: New Jersey public schools to trach LGBT ideology in every subject? (Report)

Technology: Amazon opens full sized, cashierless grocery store in Seattle (Report)

The economy: Will be depressed by Covid 19 or by worried government? (Article)

Syria: Update (Article) (Turkey vs nearly everybody)

U.S. elections: Lawsuits in counties with more registered voters than eligible people (Report)

Surveillance: Proposed reform would restore U.S. citizens’ protections but Trump/GOP divided? (Report)

Turkey: Boosting refugee flood into Europe to depress opposition to invasion of Syria? (Article)

Afghanistan: U.S./Taliban sign accord – (So Trump can declare victory and get out? ) Report)

Militaru: Digitizing armored and aerial combat – update (Article)

Technology: Ultrasound can remotely operate cell phones without owner’s knowledge (Report)

Coronavirus: Discharged patients relapsing weeks later (Article)

Chicago: 5 killed, 17 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Semi-naked women arrested after leaping onto stage at Sanders rally (Report) (A political cover-up)

And that will have to do for this week …


EDITORIAL:         The Unfortunate Politicization of U.S. Coronavirus

The virus is now said to have reached nearly 60 countries while forcing the Chinese government to impose extraordinary constraints upon the daily lives of masses of the population. The pandemic is already severely affecting the Chinese economy and threatening others. What should Americans expect?

We expect that the folks in power will offer soothing reassurances while the party out of power screams that the sky is falling and it’s all Trump’s fault or to put it another way, business as usual for these days. Meanwhile, the infection will gallop through the country, just as did SARS, birdflu, h-1,n1. And all the other unstoppable predecessors we have endured. There is, this being new, no really effective treatment readily available and no vaccine yet. Were told that most coronavirus cases are mild; about all a sensible person can do is follow the patter used to avoid colds and flu so far as we’re able and seek help if we become really sick, just as we would for any contagion. And maybe watch a little less major “news” media …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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12 Responses to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Re coronavirus, spread in UK appears very slow because due to state sponsored paranoia everybody is staying at home. Nice and peaceful as it is, I wonder in that govts’ rarely do anything for the public good what their game is? Is this a trial run for when some series bug decides to conquer the world via plane, cruise ship and train? How to get populations to consent to lock down of their own accord?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      These days, if someone in Wuhan sneezes, someone in San Francisco says “Bless you”. And someone in New York will send an ad for cold medicine. Perhaps it’s more opportunity than a plan …

      • OK, what would a conspiracy theorist paranoid interpret the coronavirus event. We have a new flu bug. But thousands die of flu every year unremarked. But the action the govts are taking – in the UK suggesting the over-70’s should voluntarily put themselves into house arrest (which will make any oldster who doesn’t look suspicious, if not criminal). Jews. Nazi Germany? Small independent businesses destroyed. There go all the small shops. and their low paid employees unemployed. Low paid workers already priced out of accommodation. The people who are going to be financially ruined or made social pariahs, – small independent people, low paid workers and the elderly. Coincidentally the main groups who have given the strongest resistance to elite interests. Looks like revenge of the elites for recent electoral results.
        Further to my rant I found another gem in the public library. Think of what Sun Tzu did in “The Art of War” and imagine what a successor would be if about the (equally dirty but less obvious art of politics). The book is called “How they rule the world: The 22 Secret Strategies of Global Power”. It is written by one Pedro Banos, a colonel in the Spanish army and an ex counter-intelligence officer. It was published just last year and is already out of print. I have just paid over the odds to get a copy for a great-nephew who is at university (or was until he was sent home due to coronavirus_). Make sure he is not wasting his time off.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        I’m reminded that “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you.” I have faith in Murphy: “What can happen, will happen.” If our situation offers opportunity for villains, villains will be provided; it is our human nature, isn’t it? I have seen cabals where the truth was only human perversity; doubtless I am not alone … Too, it can be difficult to ascribe more efficient and effective long term organization to a substantial conspiracy when such is generally unavailable to other human groupings, especially, governments … And it does seem to me that after we have periodically risen a bit higher out of the murk than usual, we then tend to turn around and do ourselves in for a while. But I am mo historian. 

      • Except – the one thing govts excel at is putting the skids under everybody, yet oddly, the power elites are exempt and often benefit? They are good at something – at the moment doing a better job of wrecking the economy, forcing people to go cashless, and upping unemployment. Who are they working for? Russia? China? Or am I dreaming.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        You have led me to recollect an attorney; he wrote a book about his profession. He titled it: “Unto themselves”. Perhaps a cabal is unnecessary when plain old normal human opportunism will explain?

      • that we have all been misled by our upbringings? that criminality is the norm for nature? Disheartening, but then it is easy to see that it is only human nature when you have an advantage to fully exploit it and fight to never surrender it. In other words we should expect that the people at the top will be the least altruistic and most vicious.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Murphy’s Law supports your proposal, right? Subject to modification by the stochastic distribution of individual personalities …

      • An alarming extension of the coronavirus crisis. The Brit govt’s coronavirus bill gives emergency powers for TWO years. We might as well be living under martial law. Effectively our human rights will be suspended. The danger is things will be happening which we are not allowed to know about nor talk about. If this happens worldwide the NWO – world dictatorship is on the cards. As our libraries close today this will be my last comment for a time. (I shun modern tech). May you get through these “interesting times” safely. Regards

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Indeed, are not China, bedeviled by Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, and the Western societies headed from opposite ends toward a common middle? We can hope not … I lift my glass to our common survival!

  2. One suggestion they did not make and I don’t know why. When out, wear gloves.

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