GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe collection:

Reality: Smugglers are sawing through sections of Trump’s new border wall (Repot) (And digging under it)

The war on Uber: California extends the war to additional occupations (Report)

Education: How school districts put politics before children (Article)

Daylight Saving Time: Does it make any sense? (Article)

Iraq is coming apart? (Report)

U.S. government Gross expansion displayed by six charts (Article)

Foreign aid makes corrupt countries more corrupt (Article) (Both giver and receiver of the aid)

Syria: Why U.S. troops have staked out Syr ian oil (Article)

The war on cash: The Pennsylvania Turnpike will go cashless (Report)

AirBnB: Users encountering scams (Report)

Corruption: The U.S. Navy can’t control the costs of its ships anymore (Article)

Immigration: Who is paying for the stream of Central American migrants? Article)

New York City: Petty criminals to be overlooked or rewarded? (Report)

The climate: The global warmers now demand population control (Report) (Channeling Thomas Malthus?)

Government: U.S. citizen I.D. card will be internal passport (Article) (Given existence of TSA, seems likely)

More government: Law enforcement to move in on people classified as threats? (Article) (Due process?)

Iraq: Government blocks internet amid protests (Article)

Russia: Targets dissenters’ bank accounts (Report)

British health service will deny care to sexists/racists? (Article)

The culture: Leftists no longer believe in democracy? (Article)

Healthcare: U.S. costs are exploding? (Article)

Government: Nearly 80,000 California government retirees’ pensions top $100,000 (Article)

Surveillance: “Smart City” concept looking for a home (to watch everyone) (Article)

The culture: Today’s version of the old fashioned speed trap (Article)

Surveillance: U.S. biometric data base links law enforcement, military, citizens and foreigners I(Report) (Orwell was a prophet)

The culture: The only solution to the damage: Legalize drugs (Article) (Unpleasant truth)

The death doesn’t stop when the soldiers depart: the land mine problem (Article)

China: Clandestine importation of technology: Large scale espionage (Article)

Lebanon: Chaotic unrest becoming banking crisis? (Article)

Federal Reserve: Back into full helicopter money mode (To buy the election for Trump and current Congressfolk?) (Article) (The politicians get the election; citizens get the bill)

The war on the internet: Germany’s “hate speech” censorship law (Article)

Healthcare: A U.S. research company will test a cure for HIV/Aids (Report)

The culture: Original Marlboro Man dies at 90 because he never actually smoked? (Report)

The world economy: China’s distorted economy strains the world? (Article)

Chicago: 4 dead, 11 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man covered in blood was arrested after assaulting a car (Report)

That ought to be enough …


EDITORIAL:         Impeachment in a Star Chamber


When a U.S. Congress misuses its authority to attack a U.S. president via secret proceedings using unidentified witnesses with hearsay testimony while denying cross examination or any other defense and widely publishing the crafted product, that is immoral and unconstitutional behavior deserving the strongest censure. Where are the principled Democrats and Republicans standing up to fulfill that responsibility?

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