GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOpinions and events going on without much media notice:

Science: Huge, mysterious craters in Siberia may be explained by hundreds of 12,000 foot craters on the bottom of the Bering Sea, methane blowouts of thawing, frozen gases. (Report) (Planetary flatulence)

The California Senate passed state funded healthcare (no insurers) without providing any funding source. (Report) (Lefty liberals need no funding sources; they use yours.)

The U.S. Navy: Accepted the first new model aircraft carrier. (Report) (Given billions of cost and 5,000 mph over-the-horizon antiship missiles, may we hope that it is also the last? Our grandchildren will be paying for the money borrowed to build it.)

Seth Rich murder mystery deepens? (Video) (The accused Democrat National Committee leaker)

93% of reported new jobs created are not real, only a statistical construct? (Article) (Good grief! And we can keep our doctors …)

Allah likes murder? At June 4, 149 people are dead in Ramadan attacks. (Report)

U.S. Retirees fleeing to cheaper places to make ends meet. Upper class life in Latin America for $1500 month. (Article) (Ok, oeri habla usted Espanol?)

Venezuela: United Airlines cut off service. (Report) (media silence re starvation in socialist paradise)

Silence concerning a U.K. investigation of the sources of jihadi funding because too much of the money comes from the Saudis and other “allies”?

Why the fuss over Trump’s Paris “climate” quit? Because it’s about government tax revenue and corporate profits, not about climate? (Article)

The U.S. paid $1 B to the Paris Agreement Green Fund; all others paid: 0? (Report) (Uncle Sugar)

Central banks own 1/3 of the total world tradeable bond market? (Article) (How will they ever be returned to normal?)

California prisoners cost more than Ivy League college students? (Report)

Saudi Arabia, Bahhrain and Egypt have cut ties with Qatar over terrorism and Qatar ties to Iran? (Report) No, that’s fake cover; the real fight is over Qatar’s use of its enormous natural gas wealth? (Article) A murky Turkey reaction (Report) Turkish troops to Qatar? (Repart) Turkey supports Qatar (Report)

Fake news CNN: The network was caught staging a ‘protest’ to report? (Report)

Teens aren’t working summer jobs anymore? (Report) (Well, they aren’t cheap anymore, either)

The U.K. continues to push for government internet control/censorship? (Report)

Healthcare: How ‘health insurance’ has morphed into tax money redistribution. (Article)

New York: School teachers average salary in Long Island’s Central Island district is $160 k annually? (Report)

Food stamp use dropped 85% with reinstatement of Alabama work requirements? (Report)

Connecticut: First state to follow Puerto Rico into bankruptcy? (Report) (Or will Congress try for a Federal bailout?)

Chicago taxis are slipping toward bankruptcy. (Report) (But Uber isn’t making money either …)

Trump’s budget projections are unreal, per retired (and realistic) Congressman Ron Paul. (Article) (Yeah, and so are everybody else’s …)

Palestinians, Qatar, Egypt, Syria: Update (Article)

How Air Force F-16s are becoming pilotless warplanes. (Article)

Anonymous  cellphone SIM cards are facing more government ID requirements. (Article)

Trump wants more U.S. debt? (Report) (Todays’ politicians benefitting from taxpayers whose children aren’t born yet)

Rumors Trump will revise the Federal Reserve (Report) (IF so, it will be posturing – either follow President Andrew Jackson and end the Fed, or don’t bother, seems to us)

South Korea has suspended installation of a new U.S. anti-missile defense system as its new president appears to lean closer to China and away from the U.S. (Report)

While President Trump backs permanent spying authority for intelligence agencies, Congressional Republicans are wary of government spy agencies snooping authority. (Reports) (Or so they say)

The corruption: Weiner e-mails show favors for Clinton Foundation donors? (Report) (Shh …)

Science: The human origin story has been moved back again, this time by 300,000 years old human skulls found in Morocco. (Report)

Syria: Pro-Assad Russian and Iranian forces threatened to attack U.S. positions in Syria. (Article)

Drones are proliferating among local police/fire departments? (Report) (We’ll bet: Soon, our every move will be tracked by someone. And drones will facilitate anonymous crimes …)

Samsung smartphones can monitor what you do on the web, including emails. (Report)

Confederate monument: Taken down in St. Louis. (Report) (Deconstructing history insures repeating it?

The Culture: A Maryland beach is paralyzed by topless women? (Report) (And they’re barely visible)

The economy: Central banks continue to pump billions of fiat money? (Report) (How much air can a balloon hold?)

More economy: Credit cards are increasingly defaulting? (Report)

Russia/China: Update on espionage, corruption and illusions. (Article)

Spain: Catalonia will vote on breakaway. (Report) Hmnn … Scotland, Quebec and then California?)

Honest Moslems: The Saudi soccer team snubbed a moment of silence for the London jihad victims? (Report) (The Saudi government apologized for the reality show)

Ex FBI boss Comey’s leaks matched those for which General Patreus was convicted? (Report)

Philippines: U.S. special forces are helping the islands’ government against ISIS-affiliated terrorists? (Report) (While the new president leans away from the U.S. toward China?)

NATO: President Trump pledged to adhere to Article 5, which states that an attack on any member is an attack on all. (Report) (If the U.S. is to continue as the world’s policeman, how will that be funded from declining economies?)

Ex FBI boss Comey’s leaker intermediary has gone into hiding? (Report) (Hmnn … Why would he do that?)

A judge decided: Chimpanzees aren’t people. (Report) (Ok, but don’t you wonder sometimes?)

Chicago: 5 Dead, 25 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked man practices Yoga publicly in Pueblo, Colorado. (Report)

A busy week, much upstaged by the Congressional Comey Show …

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