GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

Trump’s “Tax Reform” per David Stockman (President Reagan’s budget boss): “Trump is a kid in a candy store who wants one of everything … without paying for any of it.”

The current spending bill in Congress demonstrates that Democrats fight over power, not policy. (Report). Prez Trump’s first spending bill helps Israel – and spends more than a trillion dollars. (Report) (Where’s he gonna get the money?)

Ron Paul: The ex Congressman is becoming the prophet of the end of our era. (Article)

Puerto Rico: Will file history’s largest public sector bankruptcy.  Closing 184 public schools (Report) (No Fed bailout? What of states following similar policies?)

Yale University: Student Republicans held a barbecue next to a union hunger strike? (Report) (Cruel desserts …)

Kennedy assassination: Will Trump release the Government’s hidden files? (Article)

Will defaulting auto loans trip the economy into a crash? (Article) Auto sales are failing to meet forecasts. (Report)

 Federal workers are now better paid than private sector equivalents? (Report) (In case you wondered)

The Climate: “Climate change is no more credible than magic” per a top physicist. (Report)

Science: “The Mysterious Powers of Spider Silks” (Article) (Stronger than steel, antiseptic and more …)

More Science: Can wine hold off Alzheimer’s? (Article) (Don’t know, but willing to try …)

Still More Science: Human inner ear organs have been grown from stem cells. (Report) (A breakthrough for those with hearing loss)

How U.S. corruption progresses (Article)

Political talk is causing problems at work? (Report) (Not so long as it’s anti-Trump, we’ll bet)

The culture: Four high school girls were arrested and a teacher inured, fighting (Report) (GIRLS!)

Macron busted! Images of the French presidential candidate’s offshore bank account posted. (Report) The French news media were ordered by the government to ignore the story. (!)

Illegal alien students may receive a free ride at Emory University? (Report) (Wonder who’s paying for those stuents?)

The health care dance, through unsympathetic eyes (Article) (Reality as usual, sucks)

The health care fix we need (but won’t get) (Article) (Reading this will show you what is really wrong with U.S. health care.)

Health care and college education are now priced beyond reach for most, starting from when the government began to help. (Article)

New York City job applicants can’t be asked for their salary history anymore. (Report) (Robots looking better and better)

The wife of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is under FBI investigation for bank fraud? (Report) (The socialist icon is apparently married to an ex bank president)

Venezuela is starving; the average citizen has lost 19 pounds? (Report) (Competing with fellow socialist paradise, North Korea?)

Chicago: 6 dead, 18 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked man was arrested for halting traffic in Washington D.C. (Report)

And that’s how it seemed to us.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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