GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour weekly assortment, sans aspirin:

A naked man jumped into a lion enclosure seeking suicide but survived. (Cruelty to animals?)

A woman was jailed for child abuse after allowing her 11 year old to drive a golf cart down a path at a Carolina resort.

Greece , caught between the E.U. and the IMF over who gets screwed by its promiscuous debt burden, seems the model now pursued by Puerto Rico in Congress. (i.e. Screw the taxpayers.)

The FBI is demanding an exemption from public disclosure for its biometrics database. It holds scans and data pertinent to millions of citizens who, per the Bureau, should not know what it contains about them.

Turkey: Shifting to a presidential system without changing the constitution … Another democracy failing into authoritarian hands? (Islamists dislike democracy.)

The War on Cash: In Britain, less than half of consumer payments are now in cash.

Battery life might grow by a factor of 5 if new research pans out. (And all life will be lived on cell phones?)

A Puerto Rico debt bailout bipartisan deal is finishing up in Congress. (Denial of risk for taxpayers seems questionable)

The Culture: A New York ‘polyamorous’ couple of 57 and 27 years respectively married in the converted church in which their regular orgiastic parties are held. New York’s party scene is said to feature a number of orgy/swingers groups.   (Hmnn … Will New Fun City end famous for its salt pillars?)

Zombies Vote: Hundreds of the dead rise on election day in southern California, particularly in Los Angeles.

A female security guard was arrested and charged with a hate crime for removing a man from the women’s restroom. He had claimed that he identifies as a woman. (You saw this coming, right?)

Why the high cost of health care? (Read this little article if you’ve wondered)

Consequences of 1400 years of human inbreeding. (Article on result of marrying cousins, per Islam)

The European Union: What an unelected government does these days. (A preview for globalist’s world government …)

 The culture: Memorial Day cemetery crosses for fallen soldiers were removed after a single complaint.

Pot smoking alters the smoker’s DNA. (Report)

A 4 ft. python bit a man’s penis as he squatted over a toilet in Thailand.

Will Greece’s creditors dump more cash into Greece? Report says yes, no mention of Greek quid pro quo. (Will northern Europe support southern Europe? Will the U.S. support Puerto Rico?)

Government and business aren’t Siamese twins only in China.  ECB funds Bayer’s Monsanto takeover while the State of New Mexico grants an IT firm money to expand.

Detroit, fresh out of bankruptcy, has discovered a $195 million pension shortfall. (The more we change …)

Wells Fargo Bank has launched a 3% down mortgage (Report). (It’s ok; this helps low income folk buy homes they can’t afford, the loan is sold off to Fannie Mae and both it and the bank will be bailed out by the hapless taxpayers.)

The Culture: A woman wearing a “Stop Domestic Violence” tee shirt was arrested for domestic violence. (Weld bet that she votes, too.)

The Obamafolk removed the “Conflict of Interest” ethics disclosures of top Federal officials from public disclosure.(See no evil …)

More Culture: New York’s City Council has decriminalized littering, loitering and peeing in the street, etc.  (We assume that liberals’ dogs aren’t housebroken, right?)

Senate legislation authorizing the FBI to read your email without a warrant and without your knowledge cleared committee and passed to the full Senate.

Another giant solar energy boondoggle is going sour. (“World’s largest”, in California)

Explained: The economy you live in vs. The Economy You Hear About (Article).

Stull More Culture: New York City now requires restaurants to label menu items containing more than specified salt levels, enforced with fines. (Why are they dissing pepper?  Where’s equality?)

The European Union government is quietly planning to create its own army, per report. (If that flies, will the U.N. be far behind?)

A drone reportedly flew intentionally at a passenger jet during takeoff. (You knew it was coming … Wait until a drone shoots someone!)

A naked man and woman were arrested after passing out in a car parked in a handicapped space. (Handicapped spaces aren’t clothing optional?)

And with that, the week has expired.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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