Dumb vs. Dumber for President, Come 2016? (But This Time Is Different, Right?)

Dumb Voters Elected Bill and George ...

Dumb Voters Elected Bill and George …

We are told that  49%of Americans receive government benefits. That more than 80 million receive Medecaid. That’s over a quarter of the population receiving government healthcare for the ‘poor.’ And referring to last night’s post, this is the situation in the most wealthy place on the earth. Something doesn’t seem right.

Of course, such things are relative. A poor African sheepherder may occupy the same relative fraction of the populace as a poor American restaurant worker but the lives of the two aren’t comparable otherwise, though the restaurant worker may think so.

Only in America can you have a car, an apartment, a TV and a cellphone, enough to eat, adequate heat and water, free education etc, etc. and still feel poor. And have the government agree as well. Poverty is as much an attitude as an economic fact.

That may explain how millions of voters can believe that poverty can be ‘cured’ by government or more factually, by politicians. The only poverty curable by politicians, is their own … and that will only be ‘cured’ at the citizens’ expense.

They tell you that they will buy your vote by taking money from the rich to give to you. They gloss over uncomfortable fact that the rich are a small percentage of the population with finite wealth. At the U.S. spending rate, their wealth won’t last long; then what? (The Sound of Silence …)

Back in the early 1930’s in the American Great Depression, a construction worker could buy a house for maybe $2,750. He could also support a wife who stayed at home to raise his kids. He had a car, too. He was not accorded poor. Now, after all those years of government help, his current replacement is poor and his wife has to work too.This is called a triumph of feminism.  Right …

We cannot understand how a species that, as a result of its cross- grained nature requires government to maintain decent order, can expect a government made up of a collection of the same cross-grained specimens, to confer utopia. Even Pope Francis goes about expecting government to solve humanity’s  problems; he’s part of the con. If you aren’t sure you wish to trust one man with your health and happiness, why would you trust a whole government full of them?

Even the deluded have millennia of history to warn them and are somehow, able to overcome all of that in the voting booth. Amazing! The folk who swallow political promises of the wonderful benefits of government spending, will likely applaud the pronouncement of a doctor who intends to save them via a blood transfusion wherein the blood is first drained from them. Government cannot spend until it has take money from citizens, or pledged their credit against a loan. Politicians buy our votes with our money, then we reelect them. Amazing!

A species so stupid ought to be in a stone bed with dinocaurs, but here we are regardless. In spite of ourselves. Only God could pull that off, seems to us. We aren’t sure though, why He would want to, barring a sense of humor.

Meanwhile in America, we are charging ahead down the same old path toward our next, 2016 presidential election with the two anointed leaders of the moment, family replacements for two who put us where we are. Speaking of “same old,” what is a better fit than the wife of a prior Democrat and the brother of a prior Republican, neither of whom saved us? Dumb, only exceeded by Dumber. And that last, is us.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Dumb vs. Dumber for President, Come 2016? (But This Time Is Different, Right?)

  1. Good post.

    “Back in the early 1930’s in the American Great Depression, a construction worker could buy a house for maybe $2,750.”

    Isn’t that astounding? My grandparents paid for their home outright with savings. My parents had a five year loan. We grew up and took on a 30 year loan. My kids actually now have a 45 year loan with both mom and dad working full time just to make the payments. That’s how the government has “helped” us.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Thank you. You very aptly describe something that has been going on since before recorded history and the overwhelming majority of us have yet to figure it out. Somehow though, our species has progressed anyway. I find that wine, taken cautiously, helps …

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