Things Are Seldom What They Seem (Skim Milk Masquerades As Cream…)

Things Aren't Always As They SeemGilbert and Sullivan have passed into history, but their cautionary advice is no less useful than it was when they gave it. Three reports from non-American sources make the point. I don’t know whether or not you’ll enjoy them but you’ll likely agree they’re not the politically correct, homogenized American view:

In one, we hear things about the recent Church of England conclave, things and views of things that haven’t turned up in our U.S. media coverage. First of course, if you’ve relied on the U.S. media, you may not know that their has been a conclave. Religion and its doings aren’t news these days, unless it’s Moslems murdering women and children and in that case, you may not hear that they were well, Moslems. More likely they’ll be lone nutcases gone postal or something.

However, the Anglican mighty did gather for their annual Synod and their mini-Pope (who isn’t, quite) the Archbishop of Canterbury was way out in front with the ideas of women as bishops  and an apology for all or any of the pedophile priests in its history. You may enjoy the rather unamerican media-like report from Britain here. If you enjoy snide reporting of bleating Bishops, anyway.

The same reporters have a rather different take on current Egyptian events as well. Never mind Prez Obama’s fondness for the Moslem Brotherhood’s corrupt thuggery; the reality is corrupt Islamists versus corrupt secularists leftover from Mubarak’s residual cadre, taking advantage of lots of hungry, desperate people  No good guys, no nice guys, just opportunistic thugs versus religious thugs. The plain thugs liked to take our money and tried to accommodate us, even making peace (sort of) with Israel. But we applauded their downfall and replacement by Islamist thugs who hate us and now that the Egyptian Army has tossed the head Islamist thug, our leader doesn’t know what to do. Obama supported the Moslem Brotherhood, then said he was neutral. But he’s still sending the Egyptians F-16’s and money, thus helping keep the corrupt military on top. The Prez can’t admit that the tossing of the elected Egyptian President by the Army was a coup, since that will cut off sending more money under U.s. law. What to do? Well, maybe it’s time for a trip to Antarctica; he’s not been there yet, has he?

The wonders of American spookerie come under our foreign observer’s lens as well; in particular, the offing of Osama Bin Laden. That was if anything, a Keystone Kops Komedy starring our U.S. spooks, who allegedly hadn’t been able to find a guy during ten years when he lived in the only fortified house in town, near a major military center while continuing to run a world-wide organization. Personally, I imagine President Bush knew where he was. The observers writing of our spooks have some opinions you may enjoy on the Bin Laden affair…and enjoy them or not, you won’t see them on CNN or even, Fox News..

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