America, the industrialized culmination of the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment,   is on a birth control drug-induced high like a heretofore Catholic nun who has thrown off her habit, bummed a toke and headed for a nude beach.  The contraceptive Pill blurred the primary difference in male/female behavior and the girls forgot Judeo-Christian restraint and responsibility in a hurry, along with any prospects for future life as a housewife. That was quickly abetted by politicians eager to provide convenience abortion in exchange for votes. The heretofore restraining heavenly Lawgiver was tossed out with His laws, leaving a vacuum that ambitious proponents of the all-powerful State rushed to fill. The Post-Christian West is under way.

Western Judeo—Christian government is a product of created human nature and its legitimacy therefore rests upon its own conformance to that model; that is to say that it must be centered upon and try to empower the provisions of the Jewish Decalogue as a minimum. By definition, no post-Christian government can accept that defining premise; it must be ripped from the new society if that society is to be anything other than a continuation of its predecessor. The first stage of a new society is the destruction of the old. The new cannot be erected until the old has been buried. That proceeds first as destruction, stamping out vestiges of the old together with its supporters. This cannot be nice; too many people are always too invested in the old system. It is why so many died in the onset of Russian communism and Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward. And it is a period of madness as old restraints are tossed but new rules are not yet accepted. This may explain current and impending conditions in the United States.

The previous Judeo Christian control model is is under demolition:

  1. The basic family unit is no longer socially and legally reinforced but degenerates under a massive divorce rate, accepted unmarried cohabitation, abortion entitlement and entitlements for single parents. Compulsory public education reinforces the attitudes that promulgate these behaviors. Social and economic shifts have forced once full time housewives and mothers into full time work.
  2. Behavioral norms are demolished:: Women of child bearing ages are wasted in infantry combat, biological males legally compete in female athletics. Scholars, businessfolk and entertainers may lose their positions for disagreeing with the pronouncements of the political Left.
  3. A combination of Federal /State regulation and Federal Reserve monetization have converted once free markets into a politicized, managed (or mismanaged) economy.
  4. Public internet communication is increasingly subject to political censorship; major “news” media are little more than politicized propaganda outlets.
  5. Government has used fear filled propaganda to impose a sudden freeze upon much of the economy and many private activities in the name of a comparatively mild pandemic. It has increased the resulting economic damage from that by record-setting, debt-based “stimulus” spending. The present financial/monetary model now seems unsustainable.
  6. Massive, ongoing, well planned and financed public demonstrations are destroying property, people and demanding drastic changes in social norms, supported by left-leaning politicians and those parts of government they influence.

That a house divided against itself cannot stand has never been refuted. Whether it is predictive for the post-Christian United States and the West generally remains to be seen; it certainly fits the trend. At present however, that trend may present more the plans and efforts of societal leaders pursuing their own interests than it reflects the mood and desires of the societal masses. Two impending events seem likely to centralize and elucidate the mass response: the U.S. November presidential election and the presently undated arrival of general understanding that the economy has been mismanaged.  The current politically imposed, pandemic related economic quasi paralysis seems likely to accelerate that realization.

During the Great Depression, many felt that standing in an unemployment line was personally disgraceful; that attitude remained among older workers even in the 1950’s. Government efforts to spend the economy back into health were distinctly controversial. That produced powerful effort by individuals to recover on their own, something considerably less likely today. The indoctrinated, less experienced young appear to see the government as owing them beneficence from an attitude of conditioned dependency. Government is also programmed, both to respond to its dependents’ needs and to organize and control them so that can be efficiently maximized. New technology empowers that.

The Great Depression that ended the dissolute Roaring Twenties brought fear and misery thatrevitalized religion and cleaned up both governments and motion pictures, subjecting the latter to censorship by the Hays Office. Such a restoration of the older behavioral model seems unlikely today; The Pill is irreversible and who is ready to assume penitence for millions of aborted humans? . Political advantage has replaced the Judeo-Christian Decalogue. That leaves the most powerful actor to impose a politicized order, as the Chinese Communist Party presently does. The imposition is more gradual in the post-Christian West but it is proceeding; travel is already controlled and both finances and faces increasingly monitored. Amelioration of this trend will require development of some organization independent of government that can replace the church as a bastion of personal liberty against the interests of government. Such is not presently visible or even imaginable. However, God is not mocked, progress will  continue, though at its own pace. It is evident that politically controlled economies never maximize mass welfare; such internal contradiction renders them unstable over time. However long and unpleasant  the interregnum, something new awaits the post Christian West. It will proceed as always, from outside government.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

The media: CNN praised Mt. Rushmore during Obama’s vist; trashes it for Trump’s (Report)

Politics: Supreme Court upheld states’ power to sanction deviant presidential electors (Report)

The pandemic: Virus about to lose epidemic status, per CDC (Report)

Censorship: Tik Tok bans on U.S. Christian postings (Re[ort)

Education: Teaching under CDC guidelines is ridiculous? (Report) (Politicization tends that way)

California: Some 2 M still awaiting unemployment checks? (Article)

New York City’s Mayor approves more Left riots (Report)

The U.S. Economy: Some reality you may dislike but cannot refute (Article)

The pandemic: Sweden got it right? (Article)

U.S. local tax increases loom, to finance COVID? lockdown? (Article)

Chicago: 14 dead, 56 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after chasing woman with screwdriver (Repot)

That’s all … (Pandemic show replacing “news”?)


EDITORIAL: Free Markets, Free Societies and Racism


  1. The Federal Reserve has, by monetizing the U.S. stock and bond markets, forcibly converted them from economic to political services. Is this a “free market” economy?
  2. The COVID pandemic is now described as comparable to a severe flu season. If so, should we expect future lockdowns as various illnesses arrive? Apparently, healthcare is now fully politicized.
  3. Is all the ever-growing anti-white fuss about “white privilege” and reparations turning into anti-white racism?
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alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

The Internet: Parler (Twitter alternative) is a trap? (Report)

Corruption: Widespread fraud found in New Jersey mail-in ballots (Report)

Laser Weapons: Not quite ready for prime time (Article)

Corruption: The academic politicization of science (Article)

The pandemic: Will the politicians push another round of lockdown? (Article)

Politics: The Democrats NEED further pandemic lockdown? (Article)

Somalia: Update (Article)

Surveillance: The all too visible future is taking shape? (Article)

More Surveillance:: New Senate bill would provide government (and unintended others) to all data, communications and accounts (Article)

 Police: Who wants to be a policeman now? (Article) (And who will keep order?)

The war on cash: reinforced by the pandemic (Article)

Corruption: 4 Toledo city councilors arrested in fraud, extortion (Report)

Government: The problem with “contact tracing” (Article)

Los Angeles: City Council begins replacing police for “non-violent” calls (Report)

The economy: Storm Warning (Article) (Not optimistic)

The war on cash: Using the pandemic to accelerate? (Article

)Free speech: Becoming expensive in U.S. businesses (Article)

Corruption: Black Lives Matter raises questions (Report)

Healthcare: Black infant mortality notably worse than others (Article)

The pandemic: Lockdown proving more damaging than the virus? (Article)

The U.S. economy: Prices are going to rise – and fast (Article)

Politics: Senator politicizes military promotions (Report)

The pandemic: Positive test results inflated by new instructions? (Report)

Chicago: 18 dead, 47 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Clothing optional crimes: apparently, none reported so far this month

And that is all …


EDITORIAL:         A caged U.S. economy cannot rub freee!


Between multiple levels of government regulation and the Federal Reserve, a once free market, capitalist and competitive U.S. economy has degenerated, substituting political goals for competitiveness. That sent the housewives out to work in the 1970’s and continues to shrink the middle class. The standard of living is now under further assault from the pandemic quarantine. Politiciation of labor costs has driven much previously domestic industry offshore. ‘the values of stocks, real estate, bonds and mortgages are more a product of central bank manipulation than of market processes. Big business and big government are now bound together by shared and corrupt interests; mercantilism abounds.

Business and politics are a marriage made in Hell; political goals too often negate good economics. That is why the soviet Union collapsed, why China de-socialized its economy and why Venezuela imploding. Nevertheless, the U.S. and too many other welfare states are proceeding merrily down this road, the road as Hayek put it, to serfdom. Given the dependent and entitled current mindset, the arriving financial reverses brought by the pandemic lockdown will likely exacerbate thethe trend. The duration of these conditions may however, provide sufficient time for revision of attitudes and a return to older, more realistic financial thinking. Or not …

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Conforming human behavior requires and so generates human government; organized groups fare much better than lone individuals. Government is distinguished from other forms of human leadership by its custody of the use of force. There exist two kinds of human government: those in which the citizens exert significant, real control upon the governors and those in which they do not. The former are considered democratic, the latter, authoritarian.  This is the only significant difference among human governments; all others cited are subsidiary. This is recorded in the founding of the United States, the founders of which encoded it with their Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

Generally it is assumed that democratic government is more desirable than dictatorship, though the modern histories of Chile, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan suggest that is not entirely the case, However, such examples are admittedly atypical and usually temporary. And as with everything in our universe, the indicated beneficiaries paid for their gains..

Authoritarian governments naturally try to limit social change, usually seen as destabilizing. Dictatorial governments simply impose and enforce desired behavior as they can, and work to head off significant change thereafter. When change is seen as necessary, they seek to control it. Any instability threatens their existence. Democratic governments are different; the inherent competition between political parties demands competing political programs advertised to improve the present by changing it somehow. Conservative parties favor improvements no less, usually just smaller ones. Sooner or later, the inevitable imperfections of any status quo become targets for opportunistic politicians.

Among political parties, it is said that liberals are about what they want, conservatives are about what they have and libertarians are about what they don’t want. That is certainly simplistic; if it is at all fair it seems to advertise a sound reason for refusing to hand power to any party for very long: constant change, constant reversal and constant obstruction seem equally undesirable, though that is still simplistic. It may help to explain the perennial gap between that which is actually done by a party in office as compared to that which the party claims as its goals.

It comes down to this: While any human politician can promise a utopia, no human governor can produce one. Reality sucks, keeping unreality alive and human governments inherently unstable.  Perceiving instability, human governors counter it with increasing force, simultaneously confining and feeding the instability, thus creating a time bomb. Democratic elections are intended to be safety valves for this. However, the interests of contending politicians are too often better served by negotiated compromise than by the costly uncertainty of elections. That underlies the U.S. two party system and explains the mutual support between contending parties elsewhere upon the formation of a new party. For a politician, the interests of other actors are generally more immediate than those of the voters, outside an impending election. .

The bottom line, if there is one, seems to amount to this: humans are conflicted and variable so human governments are conflicted and variable too. Improved environmental control and communication improve the human condition at the price of destabilizing human organization, so large scale human progress proceeds in fits and starts that challenge both societies and governments.. The human behavior that necessitates human government is also a guarantee that providing said government will always remain a struggle, both for the governed and for the government. Anyone offering us a solution, is pitching us a scam.

The scam du jour is Democratic Socialism, which is itself an oxymoron since only authoritarian government has ever been able to compel people to give up the the means of production. In the United States it is even less realistic considering that it amounts to putting all production into the hannds of those who have given us the VA healthcare system and the U.S. Postal Service as examples of their capabilities.  And provided the public education that has kept America’s youth from understanding that. But democratic politicians will remain swindlers as long as their voters are willing to bet on a free lunch.

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alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

The world financial system: An overinflating balloon? (Article) (Yup)

China: Economy struggling under multiple difficulties (Article)

Corruption: News polls “riddled with bias” (Report)

The war on the Internet: The only way to stop socialism is to decentralize the internet (Article) (What government will allow an unregulated internet?)

China: U.S. designates media outlets as Chinese propagandists (Report) (Correct, but why only China?)

Education: A very politically incorrect exposition of U.S. public education (Article) (And too real for confort)

Seattle: Mayor will resume control of protesters’ autonomous zone. (Report) Businesses, residents sue for damages (Article)

New cell phone app  can unlock/start your car (Article)

California state pension fund heads into unreality? (Article)

North Korea: Update (Article)

COVID reopening may not be as expected? (Article)

International Monetary Fund (IMF) sees accelerating world financial contraction (Article)

The economy: If you aren’t worried yet, read this (Article)

Politics: Democrats plan virtual convention (Report) (The fix is in?)

Corruption: Evidence shows Obama, Biden involved in setting up Gen. Flynn (Report)

Politics:  Well organized mob scenes now attack conservatives in smaller towns (Report)

Corruption: The ongoing politicization of U.S. industry (Article) More corruption (Report)

Iraq: Update (Article)

Politics: Study shows only 1/6 of Black Lives Matter protesters are black? (Report)

Corruption: Corporations grapple with slavery reparations (Article) (Politicization nearly total)

The economy: Biggest disconnect between prices and profits in stock market history (Article) (Federal Reserve has politicized previously free market)

Government: Tax increases coming? (Report)

Censorship: Twitter users offered free speech on Parler (Report)

More corruption: Soaring stock prices during mass unemployment? (Article) (Why public education avoids teaching meaningful history)

Still more Corruption: Black Lives Matter organizer busted for extortion by Feds (Report)

The war on the internet: Here they come again … (Article)

Science: Reality of mask wearing for the pandemic (Article) (It’s more politics than science)

The war on cash: Central bankers to control the world? (Article)

Chicago: 15 dead, 89 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after flipping off Wal Mart customers (Report)

And thus, the week

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

The Federal Reserve has has monetized all 2020 debt (Article)

The U.S. economy: July 31, the financial anesthesia wears off (Article)

U.S. labor unions: Attack on police fits teachers too? (Article)

 The Federal Reserve loans nwqly created money directly to corporations (Report)

India: Chinese troops killed 3 at invasion point (Report)

Unemployment paying better than working? (Report)

The free market is gone – swallowed by the Federal Reserve (Article)

The culture: No , We’re not all in this together (Article) (Polemical, but recommended)

Politics: N.Y. prisoners released due to pandemic risks return to crime? (Report)

Te Internet: Politicization continues (Article)

The U.S. economic recovery: Real, or fake? (Article)

Government: Cell phones are becoming a pandemic-based informer network? (Article)

Surveillance: IRS using cell phone location data? (Report)

Chicago: 2 dead, 31 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after chasing his wife and daughter down the street (Report)

That’s all … (The pandemic and the riots ate the rest …)




It may prove interesting to watch developments in Seattle’s new, six square block Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, an area the city has ceded to protesters since they burned the police station and moved into it during the recent riots. Most recently, two people have been shot there and the occupants apparently did not welcome the police. For the moment, some sort of commune seems to be taking shape.

Will the self-invited protesters who are now governing CHAZ produce a utopia that will show up the rest of the city or will they slink away some night, leaving their conquest worse than they found it? By seizing control instead of just trashing the place, they have put themselves on stage. They are taking a test: Will they succeed or fail?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Science: Giant step forward in computer components (Report)

The U.S. economy: In the pitiless light of the money supply reality (Article)

More economy: 4.5 unemployed for every listed job opening? (Article)

Iran: Update (Article)

Censorship: “Go Fund Me” joins the totalitarian Left? (Article)

America: Failed State Walking (Article) (Recommended, short, simple, clear)

 Sudan: Update (Article)

The U.S. national debt is now increasing by $1 T per month? (Article)

The U.S. Constitution: California/Washington residents who refuse COVID test to suffer house arrest? (Report)

South China Sea: Update (Article)

The world economy: The Chinese yuan drops like a rock (Report)

U.S. politics: 5 presidents and removal from office without an election (Article)

Chicago: 5 dead, 30 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after a crime spree (Report)

That’s all …


EDITORIAL:         Thoughts on Deconstructing the Police

An idea the sheer silliness of which has not blown it away only because the major media , evidently in need of further distraction from real news, puff zombie life into it. Pursuing the woke rationale put forward to advance this proposal, should we not first deconstruct the military? A much larger target, that would accomplish much more of the good sought by this proposal, would it not?

It seems evident that neither the governance of America nor the common sense of its voters are taken seriously any more. Perhaps this attitude on the part of those leaders is that which led said voters to elect President Trump? If so, supported by images of fatuous Congressional Democrats awkwardly kneeling in Congress may support a repeat in November… or not, of course.

More seriously, if human societies need police, then said police need policing for the same reason: the inevitable presence of non-conforming humans. Add that societal values shift and that requires a matching shift in policing. If the need for police in human society is perennial, so is their need for reform. Policing, like the rest of hyman government, is red queen’s race.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Science: Manned moon outpost to rely upon nuclear power? (Report)

India: Economy continues to slow (Article)

The U.S. economy: Will require a decade to return to pre-COVID level? (Article)

The culture: 5 police shot in riots (Report) (Shouldn’t the riot organizers be prosecuted?)

The riots: More evidence of national organization/planning (Article) More from New York

The culture: Hospital worker beaten by police for making video of their riot control (Report)

Corruption: U.S. Treasury official running bailout has questionable tirs? (Article)

The culture: Over 50 ATM’s blown open with dynamite during Philadelphia riots (Report)

Geopolitics: Energy- Pipeline power shifts (Article)

The U.S. economy: Decentralized Hard Money, the ultimate restoration (Article) (Highly recommended)

More economy: If the U.S. poor were a nation – it would be the world’s richest? (Article)

Still more economy: Ford delays return to work for salaried workers to September (Report)

Yellowstone: 300 quakes last month (Report)

Califoria: Demand for Federal bailout? (Article)

The culture: N.Y. Mayor: Protests essential, not churches (Article)

Corruption: Giant U.S. bank in Malaysian government scandal (Report)

The U.S.: On the threshold of two futures (Article) (Oversimplified, but true. Recommended) (Where is Andy Jackson when you need him?)

The “Protests”: The real looters are the politicians (Article)

Chicago: 24 dead, 61 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested at a busy intersection (Report)

That’s all …


EDITORIAL:         The Message of the “George Floyd Protest” Riots

First, the events were not a response to Floyd’s death in police custody; they were planned and funded, organized, supervised and recruited, ready to roll when that triggering event was selected, perfectly timed to take advantage of the frustrations compounded by the COVID – 19 quarantine.

The media staged the events as an explosion of the repressed against injustice, which is politicized propaganda from the left. The visuals showcased a black uprising with blacks providing the violence and destruction though the focus of most of the participants appeared more oriented toward grabbing merchandise. Places where the demonstrations were more peaceful and places with fewer black residents seemed largely ignored. It was barely noted that, excepting a few showcase events, the bulk of the damage was done to the black community. Little notice was given either to the 13% that blacks occupy in the U.S. population or that black males are convicted of felonies four times more often thanb others. This was political theater, not sociology.

Finally, the most egregious and perennial omission: the stark contrast between the very parallel experiences but sharply different societal outcomes experienced by Asians when compared to blacks. Both were brought in as ignorant manual labor restricted to their workplaces and fenced off from society. After the railroads were built, Asians were even legally excluded from the country. Meanwhile, U.S. blacks were adopting the paramount American Protestant culture and pursuing education including a black university. They began to produce scientists and businessmen as well as entertainers who succeeded. But their ex-slavemasters bought them again, this time with promises of civil rights and welfare and they have too largely reverted do dependency, this time upon Democrats and government. The Asians were ignored and so, have made it on their own with household incomes surpassing whites. They have pursued America’s opportunities  instead of moving onto the political plantation. In today’s politicized U.S. it is no wonder that nobody mentions it.

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At one time, rulers regularly used astrologers to lend credence to their less obvious or less welcome decisions. These advisors could also be blamed at need; serving as court astrologer was not always a sinecure. The expansion of Christianity and science gradually disqualified astrology for this purpose; too much reality is a risk for those advising rulers. Today’s rulers prefer to rely upon economists.

It is noteworthy that Adam Smith, Frederic Bastiat and David Ricardo wrote about “political economy” rather than about “economics”. Those founding giants of the discipline understood that their subject is a Siamese twin of government, inextricably entangled with it because both are simply aspects of common human behavior. However, their successors found that they could impress people and command higher salaries by declaring independence and garbing their pronouncements in equations, something that also gilded the value of their advice to rulers. As they once did with their astrologers’ work, rulers mostly find it useful to overlook the limited predictive utility of those equations, the public relations are enough.

It seems even more noteworthy that the political narrative is able to use economics to obfuscate the real economic effects of political decisions. American politicians favored labor unions and easy money; now high labor costs and inflation are deindustrializing the U.S but comparatively few economists explain that and only a few more publish their concerns responding to the explosion of debt and the central bank’s dilution of the money supply. At the other extreme, far too many economists justify and promote these absurdities in deference to political needs. Economics Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman for instance, is prominently advising President Trump that the multi-trillion dollar borrowing now pursued to crutch the missing cash flow in the pandemic-stalled economy is hopelessly inadequate.    .

If one is careless enough to consider, there has to be a certain humor in the $1200 checks recently sent nearly everybody as economic assistance during the pandemic lockdown. Our governors have forcibly stopped our earnings; they are advancing us money to compensate for that, except that the money is borrowed and we have to pay it back with interest. Can we really afford such help? And this is characterized as economic stimulus. It is more accurately, robbing the future. When we are struggling to repay these debts in that future, messers Trump and Krugman will be retired and living on their investments.

To be fair, there are economists of whom you’ve mostly never heard, who can and do forecast. Some of them hang out at; others are trying to restore “political economy” in hope of restoring some reality to their discipline. But dealing in reality can be anathema to politicians, ask any astrologer …

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GLEAININGS FROM THE PASSING …(Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour present ration:

The economy: Landlords hurting as rent payments frozen by pandemic

The pandemic: U.S. (and other) reopenings are fake? (Article)

Financce: Will gold possession be outlawed again? (Article)

Government: Texans protesting contact tracing (Report)

China has invaded India to seize territory? (Report) Or has it? (Article)

The economy: Central banks are destroying the residue of free markets (Article)

The pandemic: Lockdown cost more lives than it saved? (Article)

More Pandemic: Lockdowns ineffectual, economically destructive? (Article)

Libya: Update (Article) (Turks in, Russians out …)

Politics: New York law makes provision of driver’s license info to Feds a felony (Report)

Science: Earth’s weakening magnetic field is also dividing (Article)

The internet: Censorship expanding into healthcare subjects (Article)

Nigeria: Update (Article)

The War on the Internet: Trump reverses; will restore Obama’s FCC net regulation (Article)

The post-pandemic economy: Why your expectations won’t materialize (Article)

The economy: Zombie companies threaten recovery (Article)

More economy: U.S. spending crashes despite huge government handouts (Article)

Black rioting continues, Black Lives Matter/Soros the organizers? (Article)

The pandemic: Significant testimony leaking from non-believing experts (Article)

The riots: Mysterious brick piles appearing in riot areas (Article) (Will anyone investigate?)

The culture: Girls finally oppose presence of transgender males in women’s sports (Article)

Chicago: 10 dead, 38 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested in the road at Myrtle Beach (Report)



EDITORIAL:         Fear of Coming Contact Tracing


With reopening paramount, why is government setting up and hiring staff to identify and record the identity of everyone whom has tested positive plus everyone with whom that person has come into contact? That question is bothering the Texans protesting it at their capitol. There is no obvious medical reason for this effort and expense; it is too late for generating warnings. What it comes down to is a collection of patients’ names with a list of their family, friends and contacts. By the time it can be organized and staffed, what will be the use of that?

Those protesting Texans and others are concerned that this after-the-fact and costly project amounts to little more than setting up an informant network, one that tempts political misuse in future, especially when added to proliferating public facial recognition cameras and the growing tracking of cell phones and vehicles. In China, all of these are applied to controlling citizens so it seems understandable that some Americans are worried. Whether or not one decides to worry, it is probably a good idea to seriously consider the scene; if you are a taxpayer, you are funding it …

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