GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

Immigration: 30 countries refuse to accept their criminals deported by the U.S. as illegal aliens. However, the U.S. continues to accept visitors/immigrants from them. (Report) (You bought it, you own  it, right?)

The economy: Updated scary analysis/prediction from President Reagan’s budget director. (Article)

The culture: Western decline and its results explained by a Danish keen observer, (interview)

Massive voter fraud exposed: 18 million invalid voters, 2 million dead. (Video report)

More culture: Reality report on transsexual bathroom boogie (Report) (Illusion feels good; reality just sucks)

The culture: Groups of black teens brawled in a Philadelphia subway. (Report) (Government dependence seems a poor substitute for a culture?)

Another women’s athletic event won by a man: A ‘transgender’ contestant won a women’s weight lifting competition. (Report) (Women’s sports – and Title IX – are now a bad joke?)

The U.S. will boycott the U.N. Human Rights Council as it adopts anti-Israel resolutions. (Report) (Another reversal of Obama policy)

The border tax grift: Taxing imports to protect U.S. manufacturers is a ploy debunked in 1776 by Adam Smith; an attempted return to mercantilism. (Report)

The culture: Chicago teen gang raped on Facebook live? (Report)

The Internet: Twitter suspended some 630 k accounts over “extremism” (Report) (We may have a free internet or a censored internet. Neither is perfect; pick one …)

More culture: A U.K. transgender rapist was transferred to a women’s prison. (Report) (Never mind, it’s politically correct, isn’t it?)

California legislators threatened contractors bidding on Trump’s border wall (Report) (Politics trumps economics again?)

Israel: Will evacuate its borders when the next war erupts. (Report) (As missiles improve)

CIA bugs factory fresh I-phones, per Wikileaks (Report) (What can happen – will happen, right?)

The Internet: Federal regulators are again pursuing government control of internet content? (Report)

Dying Americans leave an average of $62,000 in debt? (Report) (Why shrouds lack pockets?)

North Korea is the world’s biggest bank robber? $81 M stolen from the New York Fed … (Report)

Greece: Debt is massive, is exiting the E.U. in sight again? (Report) ((f the Germans won’t support you anymore, take the E.U.’s money and run?)

Paid leave to care for a new puppy? Available from 3 employers (Report) (And folks wonder why work goes to China?)

Libya: Update (Article)

The U.S. surveillance state is with us, to believe otherwise is wishful thinking? (Report)

The economy: Why government intervention is destructive (Article) (And why the politicians choose to rely on Keynesian economists)

Cancer detection and location is the reported result of a new blood test (Report) (And before symptoms appear … a huge gain if it holds up)

The U.S. imports coal ash from abroad while its utilities struggle to dispose of it. (Report)

Dental implant failure can now be reduced (Report)

Chickened Out: World’s No. 1 and No.2 chicken farmers (Brazil/U.S.) are down. (Report) (U.S. bird flu and new scandal in Brazil)

Healthcare House Vote: This brings out the uniparty nature of Washington D.C? (Article)

Thhe economy: In 24 states at least 50% of newborns are financed via Medicaid. (Report) (72% in New Mexico)

 U.K. internet censorship looms: Google, Facebook etc. threatened with prosecution for allowing “extremist” content to be published on the web. (Report) (What’s “extremist” and who decides?)

The culture: At a Canadian mosque, a visiting imam’s sermon called for killing Jews. (Report)

The economy: Robots could replace 38% of jobs within 15 years. (Report)

A Florida man was cited for standing in the middle of a busy street, eating pancakes. (Report)

The culture: A woman assaulted a cop arresting her and her partner for public sex. (Report)

 India: Update (Article) (Outlawing cash accelerates decline?)

The culture: Guests panic as pig-masked gunmen rob Bellagio’s Rolex store. (Video)

Behind the politicians are those who actually run government; who are they? (Article)

Chicago: 2 dead, 13 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked man was arrested in the middle of an intersection. (Report)


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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannGathered from the week:

 Military tech: With missiles like this, why does the U.S. keep spending billions on new naval ships?

A celebrity’s Mexican housekeeper has her own illegal alien butler? (Report) (Social revolution continues)

A literacy test for New York teacher candidates will be dropped; failed too many minorities. (Report) (They want more illiterate minorities? Are we surprised?)

The healthcare problem explained without the politics. (Article) (Why the GOP Obamacare fix is just as financially fake as unsustainable Obamacare itself)

Trump’s budget will actually SHRINK the Federal government! (Report) (Does anyone think Congress will approve this in real life?) The budget aims a 50% chop at U.N. contributions, too.

The culture: Women in combat is a colossal failure per Israeli research? (Report) (Never mind, it’s politically correct, right?)

Human brains are 10 times more active than previously thought? (Report) (Well, perhaps some of them)

They’re expanding bad home loans again? (Report) (Yup)

Is a chimp legally a person? A New York Court will decide. (Report)

The changing culture: A facial recognition app identifies strangers on Facebook via taking their picture? (Report)

A $3 M Patriot missile was used to shoot down a commercial mini drone, available at $300 from Amazon? (Report) (And a single airstrike costs some $2.5 M.)

The Somali pirates are back? (Report)

Yemen: Update on war (Long Article)

Pensions: Too many workers will retire on an illusion? (Article) (Fabled security of government employment is dissolving)

Venezuela (The socialist paradise) has treated its growing bread shortage by government seizure of its bakeries. (Report) Croissant and brownie makers have been arrested. (Report) (Giving the army control of food distribution didn’t fix it?)

The culture: The E.U. is demanding changes from Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. (Report) (A free internet is nice while it lasts …)

Government services: Dallas 911 service will upgrade. (Report) (Delays are killing folks?)

The culture: A Fox TV actor wishes to assassinate President Trump? (Report)

A blood test for autism (Report)

The economy: When money is free, discipline relaxes. Without discipline, decisions are disastrous. (Article)

The culture: Two 12 year old boys robbed a New Orleans couple at gunpoint. (Report)

Trump forced G_20 to drop its anti-protectionism pledge. (Report) (Too bad; protectionism is good politics – and terrible economics)

Unions plan Mayday anti-Trump strike nationwide. (Report) (Should U.S. unions now register as political affiliates?)

South Africa: Update (Article) (Does this resemble events proceeding elsewhere?)

Chicago: 5 killed, 15 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report) (Chicago at peace!)

A naked woman was arrested running into traffic in Texas. (Report) (Think she votes?)

And that’s all there are …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur latest accumulation:

As March 15th approaches, government finance is a zero sum game? (Article) (Not really – governments seldom run out of taxpayers’ money)

The economy: Tent cities of homeless are expanding in California, unaddressed by (mostly Democrat) officials. (Are some homeless more homeless than others?)

Tortured transport tech: WAZE etc programs force cities to clog residential streets in self defense. (Too many cars + Driverless cars = the end of private car ownership?)

More culture: Marines shared pics of naked female colleagues fully identified on a secret Facebook page. (Report) (Of course; who did not expect such when mixing boys with girls?)

Syria: Update (Article) (U.S. and Russia, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and a civil war)

The culture & The Economy: Today, explained in one article (With an uncomfortable implied future for readers of history)

E.U. Finance: One illusion away from dissolution? (Article)

The culture: The New York Ties urged IRS workers to illegally leak Trump’s tax returns? (Report) (A newspaper urging criminal behavior?)

Trump quietly extended work and welfare benefits for a group of illegal immigrants. (Report)

The Pentagon blocked cost overrun publication re its new LCS ships. (Report) (These Littoral Combat Ships are the Navy’s troubled, costly equivalent of the Air Force’s troubled F-35?)

Illegal immigrants are suing over their pay for cleaning their own prison housing. (Why do they receive wages for cleaning their own housing?)

A Romanian lawmaker proposed commuting the sentences of politicians imprisoned for corruption. (Report) (Hmnn… Wonder why Romania is so poor?)

CIA assassinations by hacking car computers per Wikileaks’ latest. (Report) ((t was just an unfortunate accident, right?)

Brazil: Enduring the worst economy in its history

The culture: Over 100 teen flash mob trashed Philadelphia (Report)

More culture: A teen posted his stabbing of a 9 year old for an internet snuff movie. (Report)

Still more culture: A North Carolina teen was arrested for decapitating his mother. (Report)

Iraq: Pro-Iran mob scenes from Shiite Ayatollah Sadr are increasing (Report)

Samsung’s ‘Smart TVs’ enable government surveillance, per Wikileaks (Report)

Exxon Mobil will spend billions increasing its U.S. refining capacity  (Report) (A huge win for fracking plus Trump’s deregulation?)

Death looks different via brain scans; brain activity may proceed for a while (Article)

Biggest hacker of all: Government – And it wants everyone vulnerable (Article)

China: Political/Economic update  (Long Article) (NB: Magnitude of Chin’s debt overhang)

31 bipartisan senators have asked for more foreign workers to replace blue collar Americans? (Report)

The propaganda: U.S. debt decreased $60 B.    Treasury asks debt limit raise. (Are we confused yet?)

The naked girl marines photos ‘scandal’ has now extended to the entire military. (Report) (We wonder what the bureaucrats think is going on in the newly opened high school/college athletic facilities?)

Mona Lisa’s smile has been decoded; scientists say she’s happy. (They say the earth is warming, too …)

The culture: Collegians’ spring break has morphed into Dionysian or perhaps more Sodom/Gomorrah revels? (Report)

Federal Reserve interest rate hikes loom per Wall Street bank. (Article) (They have Trump to catch the backblast)

South Korea removed its president for corruption (Report) (Unimpressive: Our Dems want to remove Trump before he’s had time for corruption)

Doctors in training just returned to old 23 hours/day and 80 hours/week maximum work standards. (Report)

The culture: Video shows man brutally beaten on Manhattan sidewalk as people pass by. (Report)

The culture: A New York judge awarded custody of a boy to each of his three parents. (Report) (Court restores polygamy?)

Dogs are smarter (and sneakier) than we suppose, scientists report

U.S. infrastructure is in worse shape than though? (Report) (Better than government finances, though)

Economy improving? Not for restaurants (Report) Economy better: Jobs, wages improving (Report) (Can we believe anyone these days?)

Replacing Obamacare: The real (unstated) worry … (Cartoon)

Chicago weekend shootings: 1 dead, 22 wounded (Is peace breaking out? Or is ammo getting expensive?)

Naked brothers minus clothes, plus magic mushrooms terrorized an Indiana apartment building

And so went the wek that was…..

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A Trumped-Up Presidency?

trump-snake-oilWashington D.C. has come from a national side show to be America’s preeminent theater, albeit the silliness of its productions has grown as well. President Calvin Coolidge said the chief business of the American people was business; today’s politicians and today’s mainstream media act as though it is or at least should be, politics. Further, a politics assembled and handed ready made to the people by those same politicians and their enablers. This shift is a necessary distraction from American business that no longer supports a majority of the population in middle class comfort and security.

It is difficult to distract folk from reality for long; sooner or later they notice their changing condition and in response, elect a Donald Trump, a stated enemy of the smugly status quo. Or so he says, anyway. But it is all just part of the show. The script has to introduce the next hero to carry the story when the last one falls to merely human levels; the new savior enters from stage left or right as needed to distance him from the now too familiar predecessor who have been seen to fail his earlier promise.

President Trump has appointed Education and Environmental secretaries to the disdain of the Democrats, maintaining his station as a hero bent upon change. Never mind that he has appointed three generals and a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats from the status quo to run things.

President Trump said he will resolve the current overspending/debt problem while he “rebuilds” the U.S. military with a 10% budget increase, though the U.S. spends 8 times more on its military than do the next 8 countries combined already. The President plans to ask Congress for $1 trillion to spend on construction and repair of U.S. bridges, roads and other infrastructure and to date, his loudly denounced immigration raids and deportations have not reached the level observed under the Obamafolk. Meanwhile, U.S. troops are now in Syria; we suppose it has become more efficient for a President to decide upon foreign wars than it used to be when they had to await action from Congress.  This will have to be financed too; the last we heard, a single airstrike cost $2.5 million. It all seems increasingly familiar, rather as things did under President Obama when he more or less continued his predecessor’s military policies after having complained of them when running for office.

So we are apparently getting a lot of same old, same old from the allegedly swamp-draining  new broom. Along with some obvious changes. Israel is back to an ally rather than a target. Other than that, Obamacare is proceeding normally on its unsustainable path, about to be replaced rather than eliminated. U.S. war proceeds in the Middle East and Central Asia, the debt and deficits continue and we are distracted by politicians accusing each other of loving the Russians and of tapping telephones. In today’s world, senior U.S. politicians deal with Russians and with lots of others while most governments listen to everyone they can reach when it suits them; it’s just too easy to abjure. Just as many politicians, not just Mrs. Clinton, use private email services. Ask V.P. Pence.

Simply, the U.S. economy and politicians are too heavily invested in each other to permit rapid, significant changes and new faces are used to anesthetize voter pain with hope while the slowly changing beat lumbers on. That is what the two party system has become, essentially a cosmetic. The Donald is just the latest shade of the makeup, needed when the old shades were becoming unfashionable.

What spooks us is the totalitarianism developing on the Left, an attitude that seems to channel the thinking of the old Soviets: We will run things for your good, we know what is needed better than you and we will see that you receive it, wanted or not. And if you disagree, you will be fired, boycotted, beaten, silenced and we suppose sooner or later, jailed and/or executed. A new and well financed putsch, organized, ongoing and antithetical to everything intended by Americas’ Founders. This seems a natural evolution of the two party system in a massive government apparatus. Though we hope not….

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour selected helping of planetary events, reports and nonsense:

Senate approvals of Trump appointments are lagging under GOP leadership? (Report) (Yup)

High tech (relatively) hiding in ancient Egypt (Report) (Stone working we can’t match today …)

Science: Reflecting the ongoing corruption of Western culture? (Study) (A perennial historical cycle?)

The new Democratic National Committee Chairman helped dump Bernie Sanders? (Report)

Is Turkey making a move on the Syrian Kurds? (Report) A Turkish attack was repelled by Syrian Kurds. (Report)

The climate: Some scientists now suggest that increasing CO2 is a result of warming, not its cause. (Article) (Would make baloney of all the anti-carbon policies and taxes)

National Debt Doomsday March 15th? (Article) A financial heads up from President Reagan’s Budget Director ) Meanwhile in Europe: Another debt bomb smoulders. (Article)

Korea: South Korea preparing to catch the North as it falls? (China won’t like that ..)

The culture: Travel control enhanced with eye scanning … (Article) (You’re not going aboard until the Feds approve.)

The culture: International bankers’ corruption surfaces massively. (Article) (Surely the U.S. is different?)

Russia: A military/economic update. (Article)

Montenegro and Russia dancing silently in the shadows…. (Article)

Wendy’s is replacing workers with machines at 1000 locations. (Report) (Making hamburgers great again?)

New York Teamsters: Victims of the first pension fund to go broke currently, deprive pensioners. (Report) (Many more to follow …)

The scary state of volcano monitoring in the U.S. (Article) (Channeling the Oroville Dam …)

Amazon’s eastern cloud services rained problems upon subscribers (Report) (Too many eggs in one basket syndrome?) Reportedly, human error was responsible. (Will computers solve this problem by abolishing humans?)

The culture: Chemistry now tells us how much pee is in the swimming pool … (Report) (If you really wish to know …)

Ex Prez Obama’s intent to become the anti-president was clarified as his close White House advisor Valerie Jarrett moved into his Washington home. (Report)

The culture: 3 teens (14 – 17) were arrested after a series of armed robberies/carjackings. (Report)

The climate: The U.S. western snowpack is too deep for scientists’ equipment to measure. (Report)

Government services: Flint, MI residents still must pay for water that they can’t drink. (Report)

A Visa needed for travel to Europe? (Report)

Small drone defenses update (Report) (They work, but they’re not really available) (How about an umbrella?)

Syria: The U.S. military is operating to protect the Kurds? (Report) (We guess the Prez doesn’t need Congress to invade places anymore?)

A man died under six tons of porn magazines? (Report)

People won’t explore space much for a while: Update on radiation protection of astronauts. (Report)

A woman was cremated while still alive. (Report) (It’s only news because it wasn’t ISIS)

A hundred tourists fled a Spanish restaurant without paying. (Report)

U.S. military spending exceeds that of the next 8 countries combined? (Report) (So why does the Prez want to increase it on borrowed money..?)

A lie denying meeting Russians: By Dem Senator McCaskill, not the GOP’s Sessions. (Report) The Obamafolk set up a meeting with the Russian Ambassador for Sessions. (Report) And Nancy Pelosi lied about meeting the Russian Ambassador in 2010? (Report)  (Seems the Russian meets nearly everybody, all the time … But it’s news only when Sessions does it?)  (We don’t need Hollywood for screwball comedies anymore….)

CNN accused again of fake news – by the Russians! (Report)

The economy: Why is the cost of living so unaffordable? (Short article) (Seems true, so far as it goes – but ignores Congressional enabling, we think)

Afghanistan/Pakistan – Update (Article)

The Arab culture: An update/analysis (Long article) (Helps explain the Middle East)

Uber lost a U.K. court decision to old London cab interests (regulators). (We won’t let newfangled cars replace our horses?)

Turkey: On low boil as referendum giving President Erdogan super power approaches (Report)

Fly naked next? TSA airport searches will be more invasive … (Report)

How governments are confiscating everyone’s wealth while few notice (Short article)

The culture: How big business actually operates (Article)

More culture: College students as the new totalitarians? (Report)

Technology: Update on naval warfare developments (Article)

The climate: Will a Trump executive order reverse Obama’s Paris global warming agreement? (Report) (A campaign promise, but an Administration split is developing?)

A naked high school administrator was displayed on the internet by five students. (Report)

Which ought to do for one week.

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How Will Congress Receive President Trump Tomorrow? (Pie In The Face, Or Not?)

pie-in-faceWill Democrats disrupt President Trumps’ address to Congress? Will the GOP majority allow it? We’ll know tomorrow, as the Prez appears before Congress to outline his program. Previous Democrats have demanded decorum for this; we’ll see how the current crop behaves. And how far any misbehavior is allowed to go by the Republicans now in charge. From there, we’ll know.

We’ll know whether we still have a constitutional government, or only a good cop/bad cop pairing of self-interested elites masquerading as political parties to serve themselves. Trump is an insider, a charter member of the American elite; his is opposed only because he is self-anointed, not selected by the powers that be. He ignored the script and rose up to give the deplorables a choice. No real choice, he is as elite as any and his cabinet is already full of generals. But he didn’t stand in line until he was recognized; he is attacked now mostly because he bucked the designated line and the mighty aren’t sure what he will do. Or of whom he will approve to do it. Such cheek is unacceptable in today’s America.

So far, he has divided between reassuring the nervous with appointments of insiders such as the generals and the anointing of known (I.E.  insiders) opponents as with the E.P.A. and education. Very unsettling to the mighty.

If the Prez is shouted down in Congress tomorrow, we will know that the establishmet is willing to make the United States Constitutionally ungovernable in pursuit of their goals. Their individual, personal goaols, mind you. That will show that both parites –or both ends of the uniparty- are in on it.

The saving grace if there is one, is the bald fact hat Trump was elected. Votes still mean something. That must be dismaying to many of the established, or the heretofore established as events proceed to show us is the actual case.

President “over my dead body” Trump will show us tomorrow whether:

  1. He has taken over from the status quo and we are on a new path, or
  2. He is a shill to appease the deplorables and our path is largely unchanged, or
  3. He is there to hold President Herbert Hoover’s bag, paving the way for those even more Left than he to assume power for the longer term.

Of course, we may see a mix of these relatively clear cut alternatives, leaving us to ponder a murky future. Certainty in matters political, usually appears after the fact. Regardless, tomorrow’s presidential address to Congress may be of more interest for its decorum than for its content seems to us.

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alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

CNN guilty of fake news per court in Georgia? (Re[port)                (Yeah, who isn’t, these days?)

Pope Francis said Muslim terrorism does not exist. (Report) Germay Chancellor Merkel said it too. (Does anyone know whether they shouted “Allahu akbar” afterwards?)

Activists have a training manual for organizing protests? (Report) (Well, it’s a business …)

Drones are creeping out neighborhoods (Report) (Murphy remains in power)

The culture: Legalizing polygamy is next? (Report) (When will they legalize prostitution?)

Alan Greenspan’s convenient changes of heart (Article) (The former Federal Reserve Chairman’s amazing politico-economic adaptability)

Canada: Worries over refugee arrivals? (Report)  (Is it the Muslims or the Hollywood escapees?)

Obama imposed Federal authority over state election procedures; the states are asking Trump to reverse the action. (Report) ((t ain’t who votes; it’s who counts the votes …)

The culture: Teens together time surges with online apps, reinforcing group at expense of family?

Boston: Imposed a $200 fine on a 76 year old woman after she failed to remove enough snow from the walk in front of her home. (Report)

An Amish farmer faces life in prison for making natural health products in his kitchen? (Report) (Only in the “land of the free …”)

Has ex-President Obama set up an anti-administration operation in Washington? (Report) (If so, a new mechanism for U.S. politics, seems to us.)

Today’s political/Economic reality in one short article. (And yes, it sucks …)

A warning for Trump (From a concerned, Nobel laureate liberal economist) (Article)

The climate: Fracking has reduced greenhouse gases more than costly anti-carbon actions. (Editorial)

More climate: Data fudging warms the world (and justifies spending) (Article)

California; Floods? (and droughts) are nothing new. (Report)

Archeologists have found an entire Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea, apparently dating around the time of the Jewish Exodus. (Report) (Good grief, could the Bible story be true?)

Chicago: A woman napping on a CTA train carried a bag covered in bedbugs. (Report) (We’re told it occurs on airplanes, too …)

An MSNBC host said during a broadcast that it was the media’s job to control what people think. (Report)  (Must be “fake news”?)

Philadelphia: A new soft drink/sugar tax produced massive sales declines and layoff plans? (Report)

U.S. Spending: Trump says the words; will he produce the program? (Report) (Hint: Hard to do during a military buildup, infrastructure spending and border wall construction, eight?)

An analysis: The elements of the anti-Trump left (Clearing the underbrush) (Article)

A mystery sea monster washed up after an earthquake in the Philippines? (Report) (A nine foot, 500 lb hairy white worm?)

U.S. labor participation for non college white men has declined from 87%to 69% since 1969. (Report)

Online public schools (The obvious future, once past teachers’ unions) (Report)

Stock market values: Who you gonna believe, the stock market or your lying eyes? (Some charts) (Hint: Where’s all that Fed funny money disappeared to?)

President Trump added an anti-regulation task force to every major Federal agency. (Report) (Sounds good; wait for results to be excited)

Federal corruption at the ATF? (Report)

A Texas boy is about to win the state’s girls’ wrestling title? (Report) (He says he’s a she and we have to believe that) (Who’d a thunk Title IX would end funding male athletes? J)

Chicago: 5 dead, 28 wounded in weekend shootings.

A naked woman rampaged through a Connecticut chapel. (Report)

And thus it was …

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