GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHelp yourself:

Mexico: With some 10% of its population (and too many voting?) in the U.S. we need much more attention to this neighbor’s effects on the U.S.)The Mexican President sought yesterday to protect Mexicans from a life in Mexico? (Report)

The Alt-Left is trying to make the U.S. ungovernable for Trump? (Article)

A German cardinal was criticized for repeating long settled Roman Catholic doctrine. (It isn’t only US voters who are fractured … will we see a new Wittenburg ?)

Trump’s immigrant deportations fuss: Why no equal fuss for Obama deportations?  (He set a new record … quietly) Mexico’s foreign minister announced that so far, there has been no increase in the number of Mexicans deported from the US.  (Report)  (So why the sudden media fuss?  Hmnn …)

A less hysterical view of the fuss: Deportations remain unchanged? (Short article)

A new, liberal tea party forming? (Not only Republicans are split)

Disney’s Magic Kingdom will cost ‘$107/day? (Report) (Good there’s no inflation, right?)

The climate: A French socialist presidential candidate has invited all U.S. climate scientists worried over President Trump’s views to relocate to France … (Report)

Germany: A pro-Russian was elected as the new president.(Looking toward E.U. breakup?)

Peru: Ex President Toledo is on the lam over taking millions in bribes?  (Report)

Government: Ignored 12 year old warnings about failing Oroville dam.

Trump faces a choice on world finance; how will he decide? (Article) (A warning)

Forecasting the Federal Reserve (Article) (Inflation?)

German wholesale prices up 4% (Report)  U.S. inflating? (Report) (Or maybe it’s time to admit it …)

E.U. gears up against U.S. protectionism

Outlawing mandatory human micro chipping is proposed by a Nevada senator. (Report)  (Hmnn – Murphy isn’t in charge anymore?)

The culture: A prenup for sex tapes may save you from revenge porn? (Report)

Get out of the stock market now? (Report) (Playing with loaded dice …)

States that burden more career entry with license requirements also suffer higher rates of re-offending by felons? (Study)

The new Pentagon chief: NATO allies must boost military spending. (Report)  (Gotta fund a new war?)

Bald men: A genetic marker for male pattern baldness has been identified. (Report)

A federal court has been asked to enjoin the CIA, NSA and others from spying on the Trump Administration? (Report)

U.S. spies are keeping information from President Trump?  (Report)

A Mexican presidential candidate held a campaign rally in Los Angeles. (Report) (Media silence)

Did 2.1 million Hispanics vote illegally in the presidential election?  (Report of Study)

Amazon has a $600 million CIA contract, but the Washington Post doesn’t seem to know of it … though both are owned by Jeff Bezos. (Report)

Half of families text each other when in the same house? (Report)

The Los Angeles Mayor was accused of hiding police reports to obscure rising crime statistics? (Report)

The Catholic Church is splitting along with Western society?  (Article)

The German government advised parents to destroy their daughters’’ Cayla Dolls for fear of hacking.

Household debt is returning to 2008 levels, a scary statistic. (Report)

“The Eurozone isn’t working.”  Per ex Fed. Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan. (Report)

Bad memories have been identified and deleted from memory in mice. (Report)

The culture: Virgin sex robots are to offer themselves … (Report)

Chicago: 6 dead, 27 wounded in weekend shootings

A naked woman was arrested for dancing in the street. (Report)

And that ought to be enough …

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CNN Makes Itself A Target

cnn-newsWe enjoyed the irony in seeing cable TV “news” source CNN expelled from socialist Venezuela and condemned by President Trump at essentially the same time. In the first instance, the crime was providing truth that contradicted government propaganda; for the second, it was for “fake news.”

So does CNN tell truth elsewhere and lie at home? We decided to consider that. In Venezuela, CNN is a foreigner, competing with natives for attention. In a socialist environment of course, the news is “encouraged” to promote the government line when it is not owned outright by the government. So an outsider like CNN must either sell the same censored product as the natives, or provide its audience something the locals don’t provide – uncensored information, for instance. Apparently, that is how CNN chose to compete in Venezuela. Bad decision in a socialist paradise, right? A losing gamble, but probably the only realistic choice in the circumstances.

Back in the U.S. the several cable TV “news” outlets provide a uniformly leftward tilt and tend to support government when it is in Democratic hands, attacking it when the GOP is in control, with Fox News closer to center than the rest. If CNN wishes to stand out in this market, it must choose between moving further right than Fox News or further left than its companions. From appearances, it has been using the latter option.

Today’s U.S. news market, traditional truth is no longer valued; moral relativism has replaced it. Select the ‘truth’ that best serves: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” If you are trying to stand out against competitors of this stripe, bingo! Fake news! It seems an inevitable result of politicizing everything.

We suppose that those explain CNN’s amusingly ironic exits from the good graces of governments in Venezuela and the United States. We cannot know of course, but it seems appropriate and reasonable in the circumstances. And in our now old fashioned view, well deserved. CNN is a cable news pioneer fallen upon hard times … What will it do now to entertain us?

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TV News: CNN’s Reality (Such As It Is)

newsWe note, with appropriate emotions:

CNN cable news was expelled by Venezuela’s socialist government, for revealing uncomfortable facts to the Venezuelan people.And

CNN cable news was excoriated by President Trump for publishing “fake news.”

We are bemused by the incontrovertible fact: In today’s world, both charges may be perfectly accurate. Or not …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe climate: A U.S. government whistleblower revealed that government climate data used at the recent U.N. Paris climate conference were “adjusted”. (Report)

Prosecuted for $12 internet sale of homemade ceviche, a woman will perform 80 hours of community service. (We bet she’s not a wealthy politician …)

A missile was fired into Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Yemen by the Yemeni Army. (Report) (Yemen: a corrupt government caught between  Iran supported “rebels” and a Saudi mini-invasion)

Has anti-war Trump sold out to the warlords?  (Article) (And where’s he gonna get the money?)

A “transsexual” murderer was removed from a women’s prison after sex with inmates. (Report) (Well, at least the high school “trans” boys in the girls’ locker rooms usually aren’t murderers, are they?)

New credit cards with chips, intended to deter identity theft, are seeing theft rise. (They were supposed to require a PIN along with inserting the card, but that was dropped)

A 30 year old French sub  “sank” a U.S. carrier in simulation during 2015 war games. News was quickly suppressed, too many billions of dollars are tied to carriers. (US has more aircraft/helicopter carriers than next 11 countries combined. )

Several GOP presidential candidates received George Soros connected funding? (Report)  (Not Trump?)

San Francisco’s City College will be free for residents, starting this Fall. (Report) (What’s another $5+ M in taxes to wealthy lefties?)

Will $2.5+ TRILLION combined credit card/student debt ever be repaid? (How will the new indentured Americans ever fuel a productive economy?)

A driver using satellite navigator drove his BMW into a river. (Report) (Tech just washes out, sometimes)

GOP global warming supporters are pushing carbon taxes. (Report) The agenda behind it and why Trump might buy in. (Article)

Buffalo single mom jailed, kids taken over home schooling?  (Report)

Music and sex stimulate the same part of the brain? (Report) (Could explain how some entertainers make it?)

European Union: Greece and Italy  are in play? (Reports)

Our risk burden from spending borrowed money  (Article)

Most government workers can be replaced by robots per a new study. (Report)(Hmnn …)

A U.S. general wants a review of relations with Pakistan. (Report)  (Will he reveal that it’s really Pakistan we’re fighting in Afghanistan, now that Trump is in charge?)

Judge rejects big health insurer merger. (Report)  (Anthem/CIGNA can’t join)

Vibrating hot pants with GPS are becoming available … (!)

The culture:  Assisted suicide  article (Government assures you help you need) End of Life Counseling by doctors is now covered by Medicare. U.S. Life Expectancy declined for the first time since 1993.

The war on cash: Europe moves further toward eliminating paper money? (Report)

Retirement programs are pressured as workforce population percentage declines. (Report) (Demographics is destiny …)

9th Circuit decision farce: Trump travel ban legal play morphs into farce? (Report)

Republicans:  Some wish to retain Obamacare taxes, repeal the rest. (Report)

A schizophrenic murderer was released with a promise to take his meds. (Report)

EU leader doubts future; will not seek a second term. (Report) (A cloud on the E.U. horizon, a bit bigger than a man’s hand …)

Greek Prime Minister warns Germany and the IMF  (Report) (Bad little boy threatens Dad)

Brazil: A Supreme Court justice recommended legalizing drugs to dismantle drug gangs’ crime wave.(The U.S. didn’t learn from Prohibition/repeal).)

The culture: Graduates of Jesuit colleges serving in Congress are overwhelmingly pro-abortion.

Public education: Parents lack right to object to public school teachings per federal courts but  some have rights provided by state legislators.  (Article)

Chicago: Only 3 dead, 19 wounded last weekend.

Federal Reserve: Significant changes in leadership expected over the next 18 months (Article)  (New deck chairs for the Titanic)

A man was arrested for publishing photos of a naked woman as revenge

And that’s all …

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The Immigration Question Worth Answering

Illegl Aliens

The Uninvited

The main stream media distraction teams seem focused upon  President Trump’s very temporary (90 days) and very limited (7 rather small countries) immigration stalling executive order to the total exclusion of informing us whether the hereto fore unceasing flood of Hispanics has been reduced to date or whether that flood continues.

The Middle Easterners imported number in thousands; the Hispanics are already here in in millions. Both sources have their bad dudes and we have enough of those already here anyway. Vetting refugees from chaotic places is not a real subject; it is political theater, and a rather low grade of that. Kick up an anthill to count each individual ant, right? Sure …

So does anyone know the current numbers of Hispanics now entering the U.S. from both authorized and unauthorized sources compared to flow rates of recent years? Seems to us that means more than the ongoing hoorah over Trump’s attempted stall.

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Which Party Has Compassion Now???

'Cut off his head, but be compassionate about it.'The political Left is the party that cares, right? Compassionate, unlike that other, cold hearted bunch. Yeah …

Those Lefties have worried about the elderly, fighting for security for them via both Social Security pensions and Medicare. Seniors should be grateful to Democreats!

Never mind that cold-hearted GOP George Bush added prescriptions to Medicare. Never mind that Democrat Barack Obama raided Medicare of over $700 B to help fund Obamacare.

Never mind that Social Security taxes no longer fully fund the pension payments.

Never mind that the elderly are working longer before retirement because the numbers of workers available to support them are declining.

Never mind that Obamacare and Medicare encourage doctors to help us plan our final exits while more states continue to approve assissted suicide, particularly for the elderly.

And never mind that the middle class, that can support its aging grandparents, is dwindling toward poverty.

Wonder why our upstart GOP prez Trump was elected by erstwhile Democrat workers?

Who probably hope that they aren’t kidding themselves …


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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur weekly accumulation of known nonsense, fanciful facts and sucking reality …

President Obama banned all Iraqi immigrants for 6 months back in 2011; the Left was silent. Moslem countries often ban all travel into or through them by anyone from or connected with Israel. (Somehow, with no resulting fuss) (NOTE: Existing law authorizes the President to ban selected immigrants.)

The Law: Customs agents are ignoring a court order to halt enforcement of the Presidents’ executive order banning travel from “high risk” countries without stricter checks.

More law: Another judge shut down the President’s travel ban executive order; this time, the enforcers are obeying the judge. (Report) (Lefties now against letting government operate unless it does their will?)

Trump inauguration hotel bookings exceeded Obama’s. (Report) (Does Trump represent political party realignments or party breakups?)

A Times (London) journalist advocated Trump’s assassination? (Report)

Facial recognition cameras are to appear at New York City bridges, tunnels etc.  (Report) (Big Brother now sees …)

Ex Prez Obama  is supporting protests against Prez Trump’s freeze of travel from terrorist-wracked countries. (The new anti-president; an addition to American politics)

The FBI now snoops journalists, obtains their phone records without court orders? (Report)

The war on cash: A warning –  (Article)

The law:  An Amherst student expelled for sexual misconduct was blocked from defending himself; an appellate judge said his defense would hurt his accuser’s feelings …

A scientific dating method in common use has a flaw, new study shows. (Report) (This isn’t unusual)

Ukraine: The Russian covert (sort of) invasion is heating up around Donetsk.  (Wonder what was in that Trump/Putin phone call …)

The culture: A Berkely Starbucks was trashed and looted by Democrats and leftish students “protesting” a conservative speaker at the University of California. (Though warned, the police did not do their job.)

Student loans are a political racket?  (Article)

Survival in a post-truth world  (Article) (Now that western civilization no longer runs on facts …)

Green Vegetables have gone short in Europe, the UK particularly? (Southern Europe has been too cold to raise them)

The climate: An “apocalyptic” snowstorm hit the Middle East. (Report)

Chicago: Only 4 dead, 23 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after running toward oncoming traffic and assaulting an officer.

And that ought to be enough for one week …

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