Ferguson, Ukraine, Ebola … It’s All A Show, Folks, To Fleece The Suckers … (OnlyThe Blood Is Real)

Sucker“You never let a serious crisis go to waste” is now Rahm’s Rule. Erstwhile White House Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now immortal with that remark. He will live in political wisdom- or infamy — with California’s Jesse “Big DAddy” Unruh’s “Money is the mothers’s milk of politics.” The truth in politics is always a bastard, seldom acknowledged by its father; both men likely regretted their now undying remarks.

The Emanuel codicil as yet unattributed, must be: “And if no such crisis has appeared, call in the newsfolk to make one.”  Those newsfolk compete with other TV shows for ratings that control the fees they can charge sponsors. Judging by the ratio nowadays between news and advertising, Fox News must rake in a lot of money. And as with its competition, it needs constant excitement to attract the eyeballs that comprise its ratings. People watch news for excitement, not for boredom. So TV and cable news need a steady stream of crises; think ISIS, Ebola, Ferguson.

It is worth noting that production costs for these sorts of goings-on are a lot less than those for say, “A Game of Thrones.” And even better, any blood is real …

Recalling Shakespeare, MacBeth’s Queen famously said: “What is this I see before me, handle toward my hand?” Today’s politicians, no slower on the uptake than MacBeth’s wife, have learned to manufacture crises as well as the TV folk; the present ‘news’ from Ferguson, MO is proof. It takes planning, talent and much money and effort to produce the ongoing Ferguson “spontaneous” demonstrations of arson,m looting and destruction we will be seeing for a while. The media are willing prostitutes for the politicians. Have you ever wondered where the ‘protesters’ obtain those hundreds of professional quality signs they always have available? Or who paid for them?

The U.S. President who sympathized with the ‘demonstrators’ “understandable” reaction to the unwillingness of the Ferguson grand jury to lynch a white cop, is the Pimp in Chief. As his wont these days, he spoke from both sides of his mouth, requesting calm after approving the demonstrations.

American governance has shifted from the ancient Constitutional model to a procession of crises, polls and public Presidential speeches, followed by Presidential actions entirely disrespective of Congress, which lays supine before executive orders now taking on the appearance of edicts. This, allowed to continue, will shred the Constitution into unrecognizability. Significantly, few seem to care much. Perhaps the electorate has moved beyond such worries?

The Republicans of course, are against all of this — while they continue to vote the funds for all of it with continuing resolutions in lieu of more identifiable funding bills. No crisis is wasted, every one enhances government while the taxpayers are grateful that such a mighty force is there to save them …

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After Religion Is Abandoned: The Collapse Of The Rule Of Law ..?

Sawing Off LimbNever mind whatever facts there are; the Ferguson grand jury must indict. The Federal Department of Justice has sent in ‘Community Service’ agents, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus has publicly hoped for an indictment and Big Bucks have been spent organizing a massive riot. That is visible; imagine what those jurors are undergoing, that we do not see? Their ‘impartial decision’ is foreordained. Pity officer Darren Wilson. Then imagine the pressure on any trial jury resulting from this.

We heard from Fox News that the grand jury comprised 9 white and 3 black jurors. God permit first, that the vote is not 9/3 and second, if it is, that we not hear of it. But prayers are seldom answered, in our experience and prayers of this sort, nearly never.

But in the end, no matter unless you are the newly married Officer Wilson. The riot(s) have been organized, the money has been expended, the people, bussed to wherever needed. The riots will proceed. In Ferguson, the small police department is augmented by 100 F BI agents, there we suppose more to assure ‘restraint’ by Ferguson police than to restrain rioters. The show has been cast and sold; it must go on. The preceding “Occupy Wall Street” from we suppose, the same producers, fizzled. That must not be allowed to happen again … Black rioters must be more reliable than college dropouts and union thugs.

American abandoned its religion; religion underpins law. With religion gone, the law will follow, leaving only the commands of the state and its police to maintain it. The state is out for itself, the citizens then have only their own interests to serve so far as they may, just like the state. No religion, no Rule of Law follows inevitably and from there, every man for himself. It will take a while but you may be able to say one day, that for America, you saw it begin in Ferguson, Missouri.

At this point, we have learned that the Ferguson grand jury remarkably, did not indict. The Police are forming a line and the word is going out to the gathered and organized and funded rioters. One ‘protester’ was quoted a day ago: “We don’t give a … about your laws!” We believe it; we also fear a life among such people. But that seems to be what we have made … An epitaph: “Here Lies the Rule of Law” (1788 – 2014), Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Died, Ferguson, Missouri. RIP.

A bit overblown for a riot, right? Let’s hope so … But whatever the immediate result, American society seems unlikely to recover from it as anything we recognize.

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American History Seems Too Confusing For Schoolteachers?

US HistorySchoolchildren we know inform us that history is boring. Given that it is full of more blood, sex, war, disease, invention and politics than any movie scenario, we sat down to consider that.

We have noted, without paying particular attention, that United States history isn’t much taught in American public schools. Oh, the kids are forced to learn some important names and memorize a string of dates but that is not history. What they get is rather like recounting an adventure the Amazon rain forest by reciting a list of village names and distances. We wondered why it is so.

We still don’t know that answer, but the cogitation gave rise to some curiosities: How is it that today, all Progressives are Democrats but the first Progressive American President was a Republican Theodore Roosevelt? How is it that the great friends of the American blacks are the Democrats who made and used the Ku Klux Klan to enforce legal repression and segregation in the South and not the Republicans whose President Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation that announced freedom for the slaves? Curious, no?

We hear the Republicans denigrated as the “War Party” with Iraq and Afghanistan as examples; we seldom hear of the Democrats who presided over WWI, WWII, the Korean “Police Action” and Viet Nam. Hmnn …

Then, there’s Civil Service. Government employment by competitive exam was a Progressive triumph when it went in under Republican President Chester Arthur; the preceding spoils system years had repulsed the citizens. President Theodore Roosevelt was previously a Civil Service Commissioner. But today’s Democratic Progressives have provided us scandals at the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice and others where government employees are alleged to have engaged in partisan politics — the opposite of the goals of Civil Service.

Another puzzlement comes with modern Israel: Democratic President Harry Truman hastened to recognize the new state in 1948, doing what he could to support its success. In 2014, Democrat President Barack Obama has been insulting the Israeli Prime Minister and holding up shipments of Israeli purchases of defense items. Israel hasn’t changed in the interim, so this isn’t clear to us.

And recalling presidents from both parties, President Truman the Democrat and President Eisenhower, a Republican, both rounded up and shipped out large numbers of Latino “wetbacks,” the then term du jour for illegal aliens. But in spite of high U.S. unemployment in 2014, current President Obama is going to great lengths to attract and hold on to as many of those same folk as he is able, even though polls show that the citizens aren’t in favor of that. How would a history teacher explain that?

After this consideration, that last question seemed to shed a bit of light on why U.S. history is so sketchy in American public schools. First, the school teachers likely don’t understand it themselves and second, would be unable to explain it if they did. Politicians after all, pay their salaries. As for us, we decided to inquire into something more understandable, like say, general relativity. U.S. history is too confusing …

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannIn an earlier America, Saturday night was when a family bathed, the water growing cooler for each younger and smaller user in turn. We will instead, bathe you in driblets of news:

The top engineer at (very green) Google finally announced, after some four years of trying, that “renewable energy technology doesn’t work.” Sun and wind aren’t going to replace traditional sources of power, at least for now. Our translation: The money ran out …

A Virus    that has been shown to reduce intelligence has been found in 44% of humans tested. We wonder what percentage of those tested were voters …

A 91 year old man was beaten to death in a Home Invasion.

A McDonald’s  employee was  stabbed after an  argument about closing time.

More than one million   Drones  have been sold; bans are being widely ignored. Can you guess what’s coming?  (Hint: They can carry cameras, microphones, guns, money, drugs, etc.) A Drone   Strruck a women in crowded market.

Honduras  wants billions from the U.S. to “… help curb child immigration.” (They want to be paid for keeping their kids?)

Ice  Is visible on Lake Superior  weeks ahead of schedule (Global warming update)

Volcanoes  are continuing their erupting  in Alaska and Hawaii. It isn’t news as nobody can find a virgin to toss in …

The VA Hospitals   scandal seems to be past now but the long waits at VA hospitals  apparently continue. Have no fear; it will arise again with the GOP as a brand new target.

In Florida, nearly half of households are struggling financially; it’s  25% in Connecticut. Our government describes it as “recovery.” (Recovery from wealth?)

Japan  is in recession; its economy is contracting. Bet you haven’t read THAT in any government-approved publication …

Here’s a Warning:   Many bank deposits will be less secure under new banking rules recently (and very quietly) adopted. If you have more than a checking and small savings accounts, you may wish to follow the link.

Nukes    are looming again after years of shy retirement. Russia is rattling its arsenal and Iran is developing the weapons while lying about it. A peaceful night’s sleep may be becoming a memory …

The Ferguson Grand Jury  said it can’t agree. Now, what?  More deliberation? A new Jury? Give UP? How long can the waiting rioters’ paymasters afford to hold their leashes?  How long will the Feds keep their 100 FBI troops in Ferguson to prevent the cops from restricting the rioters too much? (Our cynical opinion). THE SHOW MUST GO ON! (Before all the air goes out of the rioters.)

Indonesia   Has been asked by Human Rights Watch to stop physically testing female police applicants for virginity.

Retailers   has warned that women’s retailers are installing “skinny” mirrors in their dressing rooms in order to up sales of clothing. In case you doubt, Business Insider explains.

Hershey Corp.   Warns that the world  may run out of chocolate. (We would join THAT riot ourselves.)

Ukraine    NATO warns of ‘very serious’ Russian military buildup in Uriaine . (Russia denies.)

China   Says the Internet must be controlled to maintain political stability. Seems a surprisingly more honest euphemism than those used by the FTC and the FCC and President Obama …

The CA Drought is worsening. One town has put portable showers in a parking lot. We’re not hearing much about it, maybe because most of the water shortage results from saving some little fish, but if you happen to be down wind …

Ground Beef  Another record hig; imagine if we actually had inflation?  (But no worries; government says we don’t.)

Chicago   Weekend score: 5 dead, 16 wounded in the Gun Control Capital.

Hillary is unquestionably the most qualified future occupant for the White House in at least one way; she already has the necessary Which House china ….

And so the moving finger has written … Selah!

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Are American Voters Responsible Adults Or Stupid Children?

DunceEvery U.S. taxpayer owes an average of $153,392 of federal debt right now. He is also on the hook for whatever state, county and city debt for which he is liable. And naturally, any debt of his own, though that comes last, so far as government is concerned. And he will pay added interest. Unpaid amounts will devolve to his descendants.

We read that every airstrike against ISIL in Iraq and Syria costs some $2 M. We’re told that since August 8th, there have been over 40 of them. With the Federal government running a huge deficit, how are these actions — and the 3,000 U.S. troops now in Iraq plus thousands of contractors — being financed?

We were told by our President, who had promised the most open, transparent administration in history, that his “Obamacare” would provide better care, cheaper than before, to an additional 20 to 30 million people who had been too poor to afford health insurance. Though this is clearly promising something for nothing, our Democrats in Congress famously swallowed it whole, awaiting its passage to discover what it was about per Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s now infamous instruction.

Our President, who recently responded that as a President, his limited powers deprived him of the ability to rule by decree, has just issued an Executive Order on immigration that amounts to a decree — it negates and replaces existing law. That, though the media professionals seem unaware, amounts to a Constitutional crisis in the United States. The President’s Republican opposition, somehow taken unawares though the media have been trumpeting the event. “left town without a plan” according to a news report.

Our world is fast approaching the deadline set for an agreement upon the Iranian nuclear weapons program; we have heard nothing. Observation suggests that Iran will continue pursuing nukes, something that as it points out, it has a legal right to do. It also promises to destroy Israel.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, one of the authors of Obamacare, one Professor Gruber, remarked that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was deliberately obfuscated and lied about to insure its passage before an audience of Americans who are stupid. Given the fun the media and Congressional Republicans are having with these remarks, the good Professor’s intellectual qualities would seem either also questionable, or perhaps overcome by arrogance. But all this does make a cogent point:

Democracy is unworkable and is replaced by tyranny when voters are deprived of the facts that affect them, whether by outright lies or by simply withholding those facts. But that is what appears to be taking place in today’s United States. Voters are being treated as children and per Professor Gruber, none too bright children at that. Most dangerously, too many of them have not appeared to mind.

Too any who are not stupid, it is a given that voters must understand that upon which they exercise their franchise; if they do not, that franchise is at best wasted and at worst, destructive. Given that politicians are a historically unreliable lot, that old “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” needs constant reinforcement. Voters descended from Rip Van Winkle will pay a high price for their nap … and deservedly so.

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Bacack Obama May, With A Single Executive Order, Define His Presidency … (Or Not)

Obama PowerIf the reports are correct, President Obama will order green cards, work permits and deportation stays for some five million illegally present in the United States. His speech is due shortly after this writing; we cannot be sure. But that is our subject here.

Republicans are gleefully replaying earlier Presidential statements to the effect that as a President, rather than an emperor of the U.S, he lacks the authority for such actions as he is said to be announcing tonight. The Prez ought to know; he was an attorney until he gave up his law license under threat of administrative sanctions in Illinois.

So we face two significant questions, it seems to us. First, why is he doing this? He has ignored action on immigration for some six years already. We don’t know of course, but we note this is the most political of Presidents, the first to wield the office from a steady series of public speeches and television appearances more reminiscent of campaigning than of governing, at least among his predecessors. We assume that he sees political advantage in this step, as that has seemed the preeminent motive of most of his Presidential actions to date. We’ll explore that in a bit.

The overwhelming question remaining, is what is his authority for his action? Republicans (naturally) question it, so do some Democrats. We cannot know the truth of this until some judge informs us, but this is how it appears to us tonight:

The Constitution clearly awards to the Congress, the authority to make the laws, to the President, the authority to execute them. That is why he is called: “Chief Executive.” In the present instance, Congress has specified that undocumented foreigners are present in the U.S. illegally and from there, gone on to outline the procedures for arresting and deporting such folk. As President, Barack Obama is charged and has duly sworn, to faithfully do so. A President who refuses to execute the laws is overreaching his authority and may become a proper subject for impeachment.

However, as bureaucrats in Washington cannot be expected to provide workable rules for every event that may occur in every corner of a great nation, the Chief Executive is provides considerable scope for discretion in his enforcement of laws. Congress, even farther removed from the scenes of action, will normally not question the Presidential discretion in his work.

The key legal point here, is that the discretion is intended to forward the execution of the laws. It has no other reason to be granted. In the instant case, we understand that the President will claim executive discretion as his basis for effectively if not exactly providing amnesty to the five million undocumanted, hence illegal, souls.  That exceeds 40% of those estimated to be in the United States.

So the legal question is: Is the President furthering the intent of the immigration law on the books by his exercise of executive discretion, or is he thwarting its clear intent? Only the presiding judge can tell us for sure but it seems to us, that he is trying to circumvent the present law. If that is correct, he is exceeding his Constitutional powers as we see things.

As stated: A judge will have to answer that. How quickly  or slowly that occurs will be telling. For example, if the Republicans would in fact, prefer success for the presidential end run but care not say so in public, they could defer to the court and hope that the case required years. Worried Constitutionalists might accelerate things to minimize a crisis in government. We must await reality.

Politically, it’s a win-win for Democrats, seems to us (maybe why he’s doing it?). The Prez becomes a hero to his base, the other Democrats can cheer him on or complain as best suits their needs and the GOP can obtain the amnesty-of-sorts that it too desires while acting unhappy. What’s not to like? If you’re a politician rather than an American voter, anyway. Ok, and a few million more Latino voters will be new Democrats. Almost forgot that …

There is naturally, always a snag. Here, it is that the Republican majority in the next Congress can simply defund the Presidntial plan, stopping it dead. This will require some heavy ignoring by the media if the GOP is to have its needed cover, as at present they appear to have forgotten that. And should it arise, the Prez will come up with egg on his face. Nothing heroic in that scenario. Maybe it won’t come up? Maybe some judge will rule that Presidents may now rule by decree? Who knows, these days?

But it’s a full-blown Constitutional crisis shaping up and it’s a hell of a show!ial

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Amnesty: Invasion By Presidential Invitation?

Pied PiperEcecutive Amcesty seems the topic of the day. We will learn tomorrow whether that is the intent of the President’s forthcoming Executive Order. Presently, no law provides him authority to grant mass amnesty so we doubt that he will provide that. The man is after all, a lawyer … or was, until he surrendered his law license to avoid sanctions.

We expect that he will instead, offer in effect, to refrain from pursuing illegal aliens, leaving them alone to live in the U.S. as they wish without prosecution for their breach of U.S. law against that. Our view, that the President has sworn an oath to enforce said law, he cannot now decide to ignore his obligation for his political purposes. At least, not legally. And we expect that someone will pursue legal challenges, whether or not the GOP does so. Whether the courts hasten will be instructive. We should recall that both Republicans and Democrats favor amnesty, only voters do not. Well, and a few demagogues.

As the courts are both costly and slow, much can occur before any legal disposition comes down to us; perhaps the Democrats and Republicans favoring amnesty are relying upon that. Past Presidents of both parties have rounded up and deported large numbers of illegal aliens without a fuss when the U.S. economy made them competitors for Americans; the media in those instances did not broadcast photos of crying alien children looking undernourished.

Amnesty has been granted in the past, resulting in the present. Granting it again will fertilize the process, guaranteeing a still larger future amnesty. The real question here is not spoken, at least in public: How many aliens can the U.S. economy, now declining, absorb at a reasonable cost?  Said cost, reasonable or not, is paid by American citizens under increasing economic pressure.

At bottom, people leave their native lands because existence there is untenable for them. Folks under such conditions are most of the earth’s population and they deserve sympathy. They do not deserve that Americans and Europeans who have worked themselves into better conditions should abandon those better conditions in favor of said illegals. The poor are due our charity, not all of our possessions.

Conditions in Central Asia are bad. Latin American is mostly in decline, Africa is approaching uninhabitable in many places and Asia is facing declining markets. Are all those inhabitants entitled to invade the West, that is itself declining? Many of today’s governing class seem to believe that, usually without bothering to consider from whence will come the resources to fund such goings-on.

Simplistic U.S. Republicans yammer: “Close the border!” as though that were possible. How, failing to exclude drugs, do they believe they can exclude desperate people? Reducing the flow will help, but is no solution.

But to hold out glittering invitations is even more foolish when the awaiting feast is an illusion. The declining economies of the West will stop the anschluss of immigrants in due course; no one struggles to go where there is no better life. But that will take a while. Not perhaps, too long a while …

Meanwhile, the Pied Piper in the White House tempts the poor as though he still had the wealth they will need after their arrival in this no longer golden land. While they are perhaps understandably foolish; he is unforgivably dishonest. And we, standing by as though we were mere onlookers, will deserve the economic collapse to which it will contribute.

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