Will Ebola and ISIS Lose News Value Next Wednesday?

Distraction1Not much news leaks through the media bulwark of Ebola and ISIS but we assume the earth proceeds even without our attention. Russia is still trying to mug Ukraine, Hong Kong is still trying to wrest some freedom from China, the E.U. is still trying to convince Germany to support the rest of the place, the British government is still trying to convince Britons they wish to be part of that. Oh, and Americans still want to believe that they can obtain high living standards from a dwindling economy committed to welfare at public expense. Right.

We won’t get into Argentina, Brazil, China, Japan and India watching the air escape from their economies, all at the same time, too depressing. And we certainly don’t want to consider the STORY OF THE DECADES: The Fed’s announced retreat from “Quantitative Easing.” This is analogous to the local dealer’s cutting you off cold from your drugs. But as the Fed is a world-wide power, the effect here is anything but local.

So, let’s see: We have the Department of Justice Fast and Furious scandal and the Attorney General having to resign. We have the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the unpopular open borders and the oncoming costs of healthcare imposed by Obamacare in a time when too many aren’t making it. There’s more but that’l do for now with a Congressional election almost on us. Best we talk of Ebola and ISIS.

Dems are throwing Obama under the bus too; he can’t run again and a new Savior is needed. Publicly peeing on the old Prez does two things: It frees the Congressional Dems of contamination by the Prez and it allows the lame duck to do things the citizens dislike without sticking to the other Dems. Hopefully, anyway.

So we expect (We know nothing!) that the GOP will do its job next week and end in charge of Congress. From there to 2016, the Dems and their media will see to it that everything that offends voters is blamed upon the Republicans as they are in control. The Fed’s carefully timed stinkbomb will likely poison the economy during this period. And all will hate the Republicans on cue in time for the 2016 presidential election. Again, hopefully.

Our crystal ball won’t give us next week’s gasoline prices, let alone political election results, so we don’t know any of this. It just seems to fit. Maybe you have some better ideas; if so, kindly put them forth; they will be welcome. We would like to be wrong here, after all. If Ebola and ISIS vanish from the ‘ners’ come next Wednesday though, we will be left with some awful suspicions …The election will be over and the economic plug-pulling Fed policy change will be old news, not worth discussing. Right? Or wrong?

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Has Fed Chair Janet Yellin Really Pulled The Plug On The US Economy?

Janet Yellin's Mona Lisa Smile

Janet Yellin’s Mona Lisa Smile

These days, the biggest news receives the least attention, and vice very much versa. We’re told that the Federal Reserve announced the end in November, of QE3; the Fed  will stop printing money out of the air. That is much bigger news than the interminable Ebola and ISIS reports, theories and opinions that pass for news instead. The Fed has not turned money spigots off  since William McChesney Martin famously took away the punch bowl just as the party was starting half a century ago. Evidence that the lack of newsfolk interest was not universal: Stocks fell and the Dollar gained on the report.

Why is this so important? we’re not supposed to understand; it would make politicians nervous. But it is simple: The 2008 crash came after too many years of Congress-pushed loans to poor credit risk  folks to buy homes. The hot real estate bubble created by the availability of nearly free money (Yours) drove prices up; the crash would normally have restored them to a lower normal, at great cost to those holding all the loans. So the government bailed them out, flooding the market with more nearly free money so that the drop in real estate prices would be minimized. As a result, real estate didn’t drop nearly as much as its real worth required and it is still overpriced today, because the Fed has been sending monthly billions of freshly printed money into the mortgage marked. As of today’s announcement: That flow is dried up.

The other chunk of this is, the Fed has been financing the U.S. Treasury by buying Treasury Bonds, again with magic money out of the air. That has allowed the Treasury to pay its endless deficits as the bills came due. (Or as close to that as the U.S. Treasury ever gets,) Now, that handy ever-filled purse is closed; how will the Treasury pay its bills? Available tax  revenue won’t cover it; that’s what “deficits” means. Hmnn …

The National Debt is limited by Congress, which has been having to raise that limit regularly. China isn’t lending us money anymore. How are the politicians going to pay the piper now? If they can’t come up with some magic, they’re going to have to cut spending in real life (horrors!), something they’ve been avoiding by every hook and crook they could think up. But when the money dries up, something’s gonna give. So, this is a Very Big Deal. (If it actually happens.)

If the stock market comes to believe in it, there will be a drop, proportionate to the level of belief. A large drop, reflecting a return to real market values, will bring on the next phase of our multi-part economic reversal. On Obama’s watch, as the GOP is (likely) taking over. We trust that new Fed Boss Janet Yellin has bars on her windows …

This moves the 2008-begun financial crash into its endgame, the 4th quarter is underway. We suppose the Fed would not have moved thus by choice; it sees something worse ahead if it does not do this now. And it may chicken out, though that seems unlikely to help from here. Look for a scary and expensive ride ahead; never mind Ebola and ISIS.

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Presidential Terms: Begun By Heroes; Finished By Villains …

Divorcing ObamaWe’re informed now that: “Life Under Obama Sucks.” We hear: “Dems Run From Reid “

We’re told that a Union blasted the White House amnesty/immigration plan. And that foreign born employees are now some 25 million in the U.S. What does this add up to?

Well, if  all the reporting media haven’t suddenly switched to the Republicans, it means that there’s something benefiting Democrats here. What could that be?

Let’s start with the President. His ratings are lower than a snakes’ belly; he can benefit candidates most by being somewhere else. If you are a Democrat campaigning now, it’s time to throw him under the bus. That provides two gains: It allows you to tell the voters you aren’t an Obama person and therefore, aren’t responsible for anything they are unhappy about. And it allows the President, post-election, to do things that will anger the voters, like amnesty, without hurting you. It allows you to continue supporting unions and being supported by them. A win-win, per game theory.

Next, we’ll consider the Democrat campaigners: Dumping the Prez lets them promise a whole new deal uncontaminated by Obama doings while blaming the GOP for Obama’s failures. What’s not to like about that? All that annoys the voters becomes the fault of Obama, with whom the new Democrat candidates now disagree, and of the Republicans, leaving voters free to elect the suddenly new Democrats. (If hey fall for it.) Therefore, so long, Barack; so long, Harry Reid; it’s been good to know you, but you know how it is … And indeed, they do; both are now free to do whatever they wish no matter how it upsets voters, until a new President takes office. Look for lots of middle finger to the voters stuff between the upcoming election and the next President’s arrival. Plus increasing distancing by Democrats with a future. Nothing personal here, just normal politics. As President Harry Truman put it: “If you want a friend in Washington D.C, buy a dog.”

For the Republicans, the ploy is equally a gain. They can run against the President who is annoying the voters just as the Democrats are doing and they can do it without any promises of their own, merely by not being Democrats. What’s not to like for the GOP?

Well, there’s a third, unstated factor here, we believe. Just now, we think that both parties would prefer that the other be in the White House the next time that the stock market crashes. And a crash is looking increasingly possible: the stocks have been rocketing upward in a weak economy, an economic contradiction if there ever was one. They are floating upon a Fed bubble of funny money that is not sustainable. So a crash is coming and what politician today wants to be the next Herbert Hoover? Better to be his heir … so current elections are a sort of game of musical chairs, or a prize of a poisoned chalice. Fun watching politicians squirm …

It is obvious that there is no money to pay for the social safety net plus military adventures around the world; it is obvious that neither party is willing to admit that. So both will blame the other for ‘wanting’ to do such necessary cuts. And they  are necessary, and will come but not until the economy has collapsed enough to make the need unarguable.

So the dance proceeds while the economic orchestra continues to play … not much longer, now or so we believe. But what do we know? For now, we watch the dance.

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From What, Exactly, Is ISIS And Ebola Distracting US?



We don’t know how it is with you. With us, if we rely upon TV and newspapers for information, the only significant events in the world right now, concern Ebola and ISIS. And even if you resort to the Internet, so pervasive is the “major news media” that those subjects still overwhelm any others. It seems to us, that describes the extent to which the communication channels of the world have been taken over by government propaganda.

We recall vaguely that there is some sort of war going on in Ukraine. There’s a hazy memory of Boko Haram kidnapping almost 300 Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria. We’re aware that Democrats and Republicans wish to control Congress after the election of November 4th. And we all know, newsvendors to the contrary notwithstanding, that our incomes supply less food, energy and other necessities but that’s background; the news is ISIS and Ebola. Neither of which, you note, is important in these United States just now. Could it be that the Powers That Be wish our attention diverted from our daily lives, our open borders, our declining living standards? We have no doubt that our military interests want more, profitable conflict rather than budget reductions because we’ve run out of wars.

We dunno, of course. That would require mind-reading abilities approaching those of a wife when her husband is hoping she will overlook something. We are below that level, but we persist. Republicans have little to hide just now (except voting for the overspending they claim to adjure) because they have little, period. No heavyweight candidates, no heavyweight plans to save the bankrupt economy. Nothing, essentially but the existential fact that they are not Democrats. Whoopee!

The Democrats contrariwise, have a light, heavyweight candidate whom thy or at least, many of them, would rather not have and they are wedded to an economic plan that has proven unable to save the economy. Whoopee, II. Lots of reasons for either of these folk to prefer we worry about Ebola and ISIS. And too, every minute of news dwelling upon these subjects reaps big advertising bucks without the offsetting expense of costly news gathering. Color us cynical, if you wish.

We’ll make a little bet, though, say lunch. The day after November 4th elections, we will hear a lot less of Ebola and ISIS, unless something materializes to alter that.  Meantime, those desperate for real news may surf the Internet in hope. News is still there, if you dig for it. At least, until the FCC gets its way and ‘regulates’ the net. Say as Russia is doing and China has already done. That is on the way, because the American publid doesn’t seem o care. Yet.

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannNews items extracted from the passing flow, we hope that you find them worthy of thought  …

Chicago   2Dead, 8 hurt Friay into Saturday  (One extended day in the windy city …)

The  US Marriage Rate:  ‘Never married” was 10%, is now 20%, a record high. What does that say about the children?

Water   LA Mayor orders use cut 20% bu 2017 as a drought measure.  Does “users” include the little fish that environmentalists have given al  the states’ stored water?

A Flying Man    Passes an arriving aircraft at 3500 ft near an airport. Maybe pilots should breath into a breathalyzer upon landings?

The U.S.  Military    Sees long war in Iraq/Syria (A short war speeds up budget cuts).

Football    High scoll game stopped for rough play.  Hmnn … maybe one of the teams came from Israel …

 College Students    Riot during pumpkin festival; turned over cars, threw firebombs. What are they teaching these kids?

The Dauthter  of a Hamas leader received medical treatment at an Israeli hospital. What if it had been the other way around???

The Obama Amnesty  preparation proceeds: The White House has ordered up to 34 million blank green cards and work permits and has invited 100,000 Haitians to enter the U.S. without visas.

U.S./U.N. aid is going to ISIS during an “anguished debate’ over the needs of civilians in ISIS-held areas.

A  Senator   in the current midterm elections may be first to cost $100 M. Looking at the ridiculous pay of big shots these days, they can afford it … But can America and its people?

A Texas Beer Pong  losers shot up a party, wounding 1 woman. We can remember when that would have been bad manners; he should have picked a man …

The EPA   is moving into the regulation of drinking water, heretofore a local matter.

Another Border  surge is coming – more asylum officers are being hired.

In Chicago    early voting, a GOP candidate voting for himself , noted that the result was a vote for his Democratic opponent … and votes for other offices came out the same way.

Ground Beef  reached another record high, but the latest increase in Social Security Pensions … didn’t.(1.7%)

An Internet photo of President Obam standing next to a display of  Fried Chicken was removed from the site….

Homeland Security sent two agents to a lingerie shop to confiscate panties with a major league baseball logo on them.

We are assured that Virtual Reality Brothel s  are coming in 2015. After that, virtual abortions?

A Coma  was successfully  faked for 2 yrs by UK man to avoid court. … (must have been a Toey backbencher …).

The Natl Weather Service  is not  receinving some or all satellite data … a new excuse.

The Iraq Defense  against ISIS has cost about $500 M since 8/8. Wonder where that was found?

Boko Haram , now that the 270 schoolgirls it kidnapped aren’t news anymore, (The Nigerian government can’t be bothered with Christians) has just kidnapped some more. They make good sex slaves … and can be sold after use.

Truth in advertising … a woman was Choked   and thrown on the floor (still breathing) by a man who left his state to meet her and complained that she didn’t look like her Internet photo.

Hillary:  Latest quote: “Don’t let anyone tell you businesses create jobs.” Must have been spending too much time with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. In fairness, all the politicians say dumb things on occasion; mostly they’re lucky and no one records it.

Finally, we learn that Vegetarians   per a study,  have much lower sperm counts …(Make it rare, please)

Thus another weeks’ human goofiness escapes our clutches.  Too late for regrets, but we can laugh …

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The Climate Change You Haven’t Heard From Politicians …

Maj. Gen. A.W. Drayson

Maj. Gen. A.W. Drayson

If dishonest politicians and the dishonest ‘scientists’ on their payrolls can write about the future climate, we figure so can we. And as no one is offering us any money to lie about it, we will speak only the truth as we know it. The current truth is far more weird than any popular lie, anyhow. You will assume we are writing while wearing our tinfoil hat; in this case, not so. We are sticking to sober science from no less than the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) among others. But enough, now forward:

The global warming now embarrassed into ‘climate change’ folk are set for heat. You may recall some few decades back, the 1970’s if we remember, the shtick was global cooling. We’re fairly sure you won’t hear of it, but that still seems likely to some perfectly sober, highly qualified scientists. But the politicians see no money in it, unlike global warming from human activities, so it can’t be news, right?

This alternate reality has to do with geology, mostly. Geologists say that the earth has had multiple ice ages and further, that those are segments of an ongoing cycle, which means that we should expect some more of them in future. We will hang on to our little used long underwear …. That is thought to be fact, not fancy. (Both cooling and underwear, actually)

Some, and an increasing number at that, think that we are headed back into an oncoming ice age. (No warming here … ) But in ‘recent’ ice ages, the earth has apparently not become a popsicle; instead, the Arctic ice cap has shifted south, warming the Arctic and cooling the presently temperate zones, North America especially. Hence the American Great Lakes froze and Canada was a glacier. (Well, most of it still is, for all of us.)

For the techies among us, this happens because the earth, a spinning body with a presumed magma layer between the crust and the core, precesses, altering the portion of the planet closest to the sun for a while. This is a fact, known and measured.

A related fact is the earth’s habit of periodically undergoing geomagnetic reversals, during which the north and south magnetic poses, swap locations with each other. Before you notify the authorities of my lamentable lapse, kindly refer to the Science Daily report on earth’s Magnetid Field, which you will read, is weakening while the magnetic north pole is moving toward Siberia. Honest Injun, no kidding!

Early last century a British Major General Drayson (… the very model of a modern Major General) proposed that such geomagnetic shifts as this presage a new ice age as they accompany a change in earths tilt toward the sun. The astronomers giggled a lot and told him to leave science to the scientists. Fortunately, most of those astronomers are presently dead as General Drayson; it appears that otherwise, they would have considerable apologizing to do. However, like that magma between the crust and the core, the scientific beliefs are still fluid and no one theory is granted primacy. But we note that the earth’s temperate zone is at least for the moment, cooling.

None of this is news for the media ‘news’ folk, just for obscure scientific journals. There’s nothing in it for the politicians as there is in lucrative ‘global warming’ prevention’ programs. But, unsettling as it seems, it comes out of genuine rather than political, science so we thought that you might like to be aware of it. Unless of course, you already know.

The cited events are happening, they’re facts. What they mean, is not as the global warmers peddle, “settled science.” But it is taken seriously by serious people, unlike global warming, recently denounced by a Weather Channel founder as: “A myth.” We thought that you’d like to know of it, yet another case where reality seems to top fiction.

And if any in the U.K. know where General Drayson lies, his visitors might hear the faint souns of far away laughter …

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When The U.S. Economy Can’t Employ Enough People, Why Import Millions More?

Ready or Not; HERE WE COME!

Ready or Not;

People have migrated throughout history; a few because they wanted something and many because the fled something. Few have left their homes unless they felt driven to do so; homes are a heavy investment to abandon, even with a known reception at the new home, a rare event.

Some migrations have been invasions, such as the Huns, the Mongols and the Moslems when they invaded Europe or the European takeover of the Americas or the Norman invasion of Saxon England.

For whatever reason, the American Indians did not sustain technological progress; when those who did so arrived, there was no real contest. Cortez made that perfectly clear; the Aztecs won the Darwin award of their time. That’s the way of the world.

Again for whatever reason, the English-speaking peoples settled North America (Well, except for Quebec, Louisiana, New Mexico, California …) and made an industrial revolution that enriched the place beyond anyone’s prior experience. Noting that a lot of those English-speaking people were actually Germans, Italians etc. before they became English-speaking. But they produced a uniformly English-speaking, industrial and by no means coincidentally wealthy nation. American government facilitated that process with cheap land and energy and laissez-faire policy so as to expand into the entire continent. Along the way, it used mostly informal but some formal means to expelled the remainder of Spanish and French interests that had remained but not developed the place. That was then; what we see around us is the product of those times and policies.

Today, the same ‘Progressives’ that wanted to control government so as to relieve the poverty of people displaced by the industrial revolution and its inevitable Civil War, are now working to reverse the whole process. They are deindustrializing the country, driving industry offshore by regulation an wage controls that have price its products out of world markets. They are extirpating the country’s middle class, an historical freak, with policies that increase living costs while restraining incomes. Policies are restricting individual choices in favor of ever-increasing government controls, imposed by an ever more costly government. These are the opposite policies to those pursued by the American Founders. It seems then, reasonable that their results will be the opposite too, as appears to be the case..

Now, the Progressive government is actively promoting immigration by the poorest, least-educated, impoverished relics of Spanish conquest of ‘Latin’ America. The plan appears to rest upon immigration of large numbers of people who do not speak English into an economy that is moribund and cannot provide enough decent jobs to locals graduating from universities, never mind those with less education. And these folks healthcare will have to be subsidized by taxpayers just as Obamacare has increased the numbers of subsidized by millions.

Such immigrants will compete for work, driving down the admittedly overpriced U.S. labor costs and increasing the numbers of unemployed to be subsidized by decreasing numbers of taxpayers with decent incomes. This policy, pushed by both Democrats and Republicans will accelerate the impoverishment of Americans. That is certainly one way to reduce America to the world economic average …

We note though, that most of the politicians pursuing these policies do not appear to intend to live at the level they are establishing for their constituents.

America seems to have reversed course: From the place to which you could come, work hard and pursue wealth unimpeded, to a place where you can hardly work and have to pursue wealth offshore. Now, it is poverty that is unimpeded and even subsidized, at least until the wealth still available for confiscation is exhausted.

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