Black, White or Brown; We All Have To Pay For Our Free Lunch …

TANSTAAFLWe were (pick yours) greasers, micks, wops, kikes, krauts, limeys, chinks, japs, hunkys,  spics and niggers; now we may be any of those but the last. Otherwise well-mannered girls commonly use language that would have once caused a sailor to blush with no one surprised; yet if any use: “nigger” all hell breaks loose. It is of course, ridiculous; a reflection of the extreme politicization of society.

A highly politicized society signals that government is setting social standards, not churches, not social leaders. And government standards must inevitably lead up a blind alley: such are set with political goals rather than social ones and are always a poor fit in the end.

Just now in America, black people are defining political goals and standards to an extent unjustified by their 13% of population, due largely to the firs (1/4th) ‘black’ President and accumulated Lefty guilt. One symptom of that is a report from Business Insider stemming from an Atlantic article called: “The Case For Reparations.”

In essence, it seems to say that since the piled-up preferences and handouts have not pulled blacks from the bottom of the U.S. wealth distribution, they should be given still more of other people’s earnings in the hope that will do the job.

It relies as does so much Lefty prescription, on the classic logical error of assuming that which is to be proven. In the present case, it flies in the face of so much accumulated evidence as to be ridiculous.

The proposal says in essence: We’ve given blacks privilege and handouts and they’re still poor and ignorant. That proves we haven’t given them enough. Any who essay that perhaps handouts and privilege are the wrong prescription are demonized as “racists.”

The logic is as bad as the politics are good. It is as ant poison, sweet syrup that kills. Entertainer qua educator Bill Cosby, now demonized for unproven, 30 years past ‘rapes’ that somehow, seemed insufficiently heinous to report back then, has annoyed Lefty authorities by ridiculing their nostrums and evident failure, recommending instead, education, work and responsibility. The evidence is all on his side; those who grew up with the WASP ethic have done well on their own; those who grew up on the dole have stayed on the dole. Whether or not Doctor Cosby PhD. was a naughty boy does not alter the facts of the regime he recommends for his folk.

Facts that are as proscribed as “nigger” include the record-breaking criminality of blacks, their self-selected occupation of the cellar in anything to do with education and the almost universal chip on their collective shoulders. They are steeped in entitlement; success, higher incomes, happiness … it is all somehow owed to them by others. That of course, is not the way the universe operates. Neither our environment, so precious to the Left, nor our DNA supports that. If a man, regardless his pigmentation, refuses education, develops an unproductive attitude and minimized skill set he is not thereby entitled to the earnings of others. He is the result of his own choices.

Lefty promoters (e.g. Al Sharpton) blame whites for those choices by blacks. But it is not whites who provide black kids attitudes and those of their parents, toward education. And while the schools are indeed inferior, others somehow manage to make use of them while blacks drop out. On the street, “Knockout” is not a white or Asian game. Nor do whites and Asians feel entitled to destroy property and beat people when one of “theirs” is shot when attacking police.

Another forbidden discussion is the segment of white society that occupies the lowest rungs of the economic ladder, usually for reasons similar to the black situation. Their presence qhestions racism as an explanation, so their presence must be ignored.

The blacks are performing a signal service for America, at great cost to themselves, all unwitting. They are the canary in the mine; they represent what the whites will come to be if we all persist upon the path we tread. The blacks in America are wealthy compared to blacks in most other places but they remain America’s underclass, but for those wise enough or lucky enough to see and escape the trap comprised of Lefty prescriptions. Nobody nohow will spend you rich using other peoples’ money.

The white demographic is falling into the same pattern and will reap the same results for the same reasons. The Kool-Ade is tempting and it is poisoned and the blacks have drunk. Increasingly, whites are drinking. Today, you’d best not say: “nigger” unless you are black, which somehow absolves. Nor if you are wise, will you advertise that you are aware that “There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” (TAANSTAFL)

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannJust for you: Residuals of the late week; crass, comic, even important but overlooked. Enjoy!

Chicago  Mayor’s son robbed outside family home.  Well, considering what the politicians steal from the taxpayers …

Immigrants  Population doubled since 1990,  from 7% to 13% of residents.  And Fewer   US born Americans have  jobs now than in 2007.  (Shh!)   New Jobs :  All job growth since 2007 has gone to immigrants (report)  Well, they work cheaper, right? Anyone wonder how it will be after they raise the minimum wage? (And why are the same politicians both pushing open borders and a higher minimum wages? Doesn’t that seem … contradictory? (Donde esta’ la verdad?)

German researchers found a  Cell Phone  flaw that could allow anyone to listen to your calls … (Old news to the NSA)

Vermont  has abandone its government  (single payer) health plan because it cost too much.  Little Vermont faces reality while Congress hangs tough.

Obesity  is now a legal disability in the E.U. per a court there. The disabled receive government help, right? Dare we say this is a new approach to living off the fat of the land?

199 Americans  were kidnapped in Mexico during 2014 (Unless more are added this week).

Ground Beef    Rises to another new high … But the Fed still sees no inflation. Guess Fed Chairlady Janet Yellin doesn’t eat burgers ….

The Unoted Kingdom has proposed rules for human  Embryos  made from the genes of more than two parents. A baby may be an interesting legal issue …

We note that “The Interview”    was canceled by Sony under threat of shooing up theaters where it was shown. President Obama, for some reason sounding his opinion, called Sony cowardly for canceling. (in essence.) Sony execs then said they canceled for fear nobody would watch the movie, which allegedly secured State Department approval before filming. Is this all a hype to sell a dumb movie?

The Washington D.C. city council removed the  protection against gay discrimination lawsuits previously provided religious  organizations.  The city may not be business friendly, but it does provide ways to make money …

Russians  are flocking to buy big ticket items before their money loses still more purchasing power as the ruble collapses. Economist Paul Craig Roberts muses on the reasons for the collapse, wondering if the U.S. is waging economic war … (The oil price suggests that the Arabs certainly are …)

A Federal Judge opined in a dictum attached to an immigration case that President Obama exceeded his powers with his Executive Order on immigration. Well, that’s one way to assure that someone else will hear that case …

Senate GOP leaders want more foreign worker visas. Hmnn … tell us again, with whom do those foreigners compete in the job market?

The Pakistani Taliban  murdered over 140, mostly kids at a school, burning a teacher alive and beheading kids. Moslems do that while Christians are in trouble for nixing abortions?

Tibet’s Yak Dung  winter heating is becoming a problem since it was annexed to China; it adds to pollution and global warming.

Obamacare  Is closing hospitals; especially small, rural ones. The government’s  reimbursements are  too low to pay operating costs.

President Obama will have appointed up to 88 Federal judges in 2014.

An obviously Olympic-qualified Cow leaped a 6 foot fence at a meat processor and ran loose around the city until it was finally shot by police. Given that it was unarmed and dark-complected, should we expect riots?

Turkey ‘detained’ news chiefs and rounded up 27 journalists opposed to the Erdogan government. Saps don’t seem to know that they could have a free press like Americas … all it takes is prepublication White House approval of stories …

Uber’s cheaper service is to be banned in France. Too affordable, evidently.

A man undressed in the middle of a street and started jumping in and out of cars. Someone called the police, who came and sent him off in an ambulance. Ammo must be getting expensive?

Thus another week of sweepings from the newsroom floor. No Ebola, no ISIS,  no Ukraine, little Ferguson; just some Cuba and a couple of New York cops shot by a nutcase. We guess everybody is into Christmas partying instead of regular work …

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What Are We To Think Of 2014 Cuba?



We know not that of which we speak here; we read no minds. Nor even tea leaves … Still, we have some ideas respecting our Presidents’s cuddling up with Cuba after 50 years of repugnance. You may have some, too.

In addition to those seeing traitorous backstabbing, some see clever checkmate of Russia in President Obama’s new Cuba  policy. President Putin has been reported reopening the old Soviet military base in Cuba, located as it is always characterized, on our nation’s doorstep. That seems to be generally though a threat, never mind American military bases all over Europe on Russia’s doorstep. And never mind that with submarines carrying nukes, a nearby base is unnecessary in any case. But news crises are always more fun than reality, right? And sell more advertising, too.

So, let’s consider switching Cuba from embargo to tourist destination after half a century. Start with how it got that way. U.S. President Kennedy agreed to support Cubans who intended to invade the island and dump Castro before he could become established. They were mostly refugees who escaped to the U.S. when Castro took over from the previous dictatorship.

The doughty Cubans re-invaded at the Bay of Pigs; Castro’s forces attacked them. And U.S. President Kennedy decided not to provide air cover for the invaders in order to preserve ‘plausible deniability’ for the U.S.. The lack of air cover was definitive; Castro controlled Cuba thereafter. And as he was a Communist, so is Cuba. And like all Communists, it is dirt poor. The U.S. has punished it and its perfectly innocent people for 50 years by preventing trade and tourism.

The Caribbean island is no threat to the United States. Its odious government is no worse than many around the world; it is better than a lot of them. The United States has not shown vastly superior management in its governance of say, Puerto Rico. This is visible in the numbers of Puerto Ricans on the East Coast and the disparity in the U.S. and Puerto Rican economies.

Refugee Cubans have done well in America and have pressed for continued isolation of the island. Some have become influential. Those are currently in orbit over the President’s new policy. They have risen to power upon a wave of anti-Castro ism.

So let’s consider: What have we gained by ostracizing Cuba? Nothing we can see. The Cuban government hates us. So do many others that we don’t ostracize, Venezuela and Bolivia for current regional examples. It’s an unpleasant dictatorship. So are many African, Asian and Eurasian places but we have not isolated them.

What would we have gained if we had not isolated Cuba? One more Caribbean tourist destination, mostly. The Cubans would likely be better off today. The Castro brothers would not love us any more nor hate us any less. The Cuban refugees in south Florida might have been upset earlier rather than later. In the end, little difference. To the U.S, Cuba is less than a flea. Some of us miss its cigars.

The primary effect of our Cuban policy has been the impoverishment of the Cubans who did not choose the Castros but were stuck with them. The policy made a few in Washington and a few more in Florida feel better, perhaps. No more than that.

So what are we to think of President Obama’s  normalization of relations? We think it about time, provided we don’t go nuts dumping borrowed money into the place. That will, if it occurs, disgust but not surprise us. Cuba must be about the only place we don’t do that, these days. And we’ve obtained about as much good from Cuba as from most of the others.

We say: Good for you, President Obama. You’ve done something long overdue. Now, let’s go on to something important …

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The Politics of American Ignorance (What You Don’t Know, Can’t Hurt Me)

Louis XIV, King of France

Louis XIV, King of France

The State of New Mexico possessed among the lowest high school graduation rates in the U.S, a scandal. Never mind, the Democrats who control the legislature and the Republican Governor agreed upon the solution: They reduced the graduation requirements. The rates duly rose a bit. If you can’t (or won’t) move the ball, move the goal posts, right? If you are the government, anyway.

The gaping leak in this control system has been private, Catholic and home schools; that is now being plugged with Common Core, the centralized government curriculum that guarantees kids everywhere in these United States will learn exactly the same, government-provided material … and that coming Internet education will not provide any competition for that relentless uniformity.

America’s public education has moved in this direction since the Progressive educators took control in the 1920’s, frankly admitting then that their purpose was producing useful conformists, not troublesome thinkers. In this twenty-first century, with a disappearing middle class and declining labor opportunity, over-qualified citizens are even less wanted. A handful of prep schools and the Ivy league can provide some leaders, the job of the rest is to provide followers. That is why, no matter the complaints, the politicians of neither party have changed the schools.

Blacks are the shock troops of the moment as the Obama Administration implicitly legitimizes looting and burning as appropriate responses to what appear upon examination to be perfectly proper police actions demonized by accusations, unsupported by evidence, of ‘racism.’ Black shock troops are well prepared by antipathy toward education and attainment, reinforced by politicians offering victimhood and government-conferred “entitlements” instead. Al Sharpton’s recent White House attendance is noted.

The literary author of the American Dream was Horatio Alger: His famously rags-to-riches by devoted effort stories celebrated the achievements attained by ones’ own work and intelligence. Nothing in this remarked or relied upon pigmentation but blacks have dropped it for dependency, complaining the while of their resulting poverty. And they faithfully obey their political masters, their level of ignorance providing them as willing tools of the politicians who have sold them their bill of goods.

Black folk are the ironic model for public education’s target, to produce masses ready to follow their route as the unthinking, obedient proletarians our elites see as the future, where machines will replace people and America and Europe will become economically competitive again by reducing their wealth, thereby equalizing labor value around the planet. You have too much, see? So I’m going to take half of it and give  it to your poorer neighbors, thus equalizing things for everyone. Well, except me, of course, I’ll keep enough of what I take to remain wealthy …

As all Progressive dreams, this is utopian and unworkable in reality but effective and appealing politically. The plight of American blacks is proof enough of that. So the government proceeds to devalue the currency, raise the costs of energy and dilute the value of labor with cheap migrant competition while dumbing down the schools and grabbing control of all education.

The technology but not the system, is new. The same approach was used in ancient Greece in a city called: Sparta. The Nazis applied it as did the Soviet and Chinese communists and others along the way. It has never lasted and never provided what it promised, which is the reason for its failure to last. But for a while, as Lincoln was reported to have said: “You can fool all of the people some of the time.” And those are good years for the politicians who sell the system. They know as did Frane’s King Louis XIV, that there will be an end. And with Louis, they shrug and say: “Apres moi, le deluge!”

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U.S. Government Today: Two Vignettes From Real Life …

government Service

government Service

A charming grandmother of our acquaintance needed, she informed us, to renew her drivers’ license. Her time allotted for that was to expire at the end of this month. So she drove across the city to the nearest Motor Vehicle office provided by her state to accomplish her renewal. Upon her arrival, she was surprised; the usual lengthy line of folk awaiting attention was missing. Most unusual!

She selected the requisite application from the stack on the counter, completed it and handed it to the clerk. “Sorry,” said that functionary, “Our computers are down; we can’t process this.” Apparently there is something in the air of that state that is antipathetic to computers; the story is not a new one for applicants for state services. The clerk said that the computer outage was statewide and that she had no idea how long it might continue. Our acquaintance then responded that she had but a few days before her allotted renewal time expired and asked what she should do? The helpful clerk shrugged and said: “All that I can tell you is that when your time is up, you must stop driving.”

Our second story was reported in the city’s newspaper recently. A 28 year old man was seen walking along a city street, on the sidewalk in an area with little sidewalk traffic. He was carrying a pellet gun. Those, for the uninformed, are more sophisticated versions of the BB gun (or air rifle) mostly used by young boys. A shot from one could blind an eye, but they are killing weapons mainly for birds. In the instant case, the man carrying the pellet gun stopped once to fire at a glass bottle on the ground and continued on his way. He did not point the pellet gun at anyone, nor make threatening gestures with it. And at this point, he left the scene.

But the scene did not forget him. His presence was called in to the emergency report 911 service, requesting police protection. The police duly arrived and closed off the street, while a neighborhood school was shut down. Officers came and searched for him. In short, a great Panic Party was held for the entire area for some hours. The actual shooting victim, the bottle, had not complained.

Eventually, the police retreated empty-handed, the school reopened, the street barricades were removed and things returned to what passes these days, for normal.

The city’s newspapers ran the story the next day. Somehow, the report reached the “gunman” who then duly reported to the police. That was several days ago; He was immediately arrested, charged with a felony and jailed. He remains there at this writing. If he is a habitual criminal or was wanted for anything else, our newspaper did not report that.

These are real, not apocryphal, stories from the immediate present. They are not rare events, either; they are if anything, at least in our judgment, rather typical of government. Which politicians assure us, is only there to ‘help’ us.

At this point, we leave you to ponder these true life events for yourself while recalling that the government functionaries who carry out these and all other government-involved events, are financed by the citizens whom they are said to serve … and at no little expense, too.

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Your Choice: Inflation/Deflation: Pick One! (Our Leaders Already Have?)



Our leaders approve of chronic inflation as a benefit, which is why our father bought his new Chevrolet for $750 in 1937 and you can’t do likewise today. There are other reasons as well of course, but that’s the primary one. They begin to worry however, when the rate of inflation exceeds their chosen 2 – 2.5% target. That’s because faster rates attract too much attention to the citizens’ declining wealth as dollar purchasing power recedes.We suppose most are aware of that, and of the phoniness of many government numbers reported on the subject. Politicians believe that what you don’t know, won’t hurt them.

We hear much less on Deflation. Government hates it and hates to talk of it and will not under any circumstances tolerate it if it can be avoided. For that, it is rather unusual in real life, though Japan has been facing it until a new Prime Minister reversed things and started printing money like everyone else.

Why is government so aghast at deflation and pleased with (mild) inflation? We haven’t been told that by our governors but we suppose that it is because at bottom, inflation is simply a transfer of wealth from citizens to government, just as is a tax. Transaction-based taxes rise with inflating prices, for instance. Good for government; not so good for citizens. Best of all, government repays borrowings with dollars that no longer buy as much as when they were borrowed. And government borrows more than anyone else. Your own loan payments benefit too, but you are also paying higher prices and taxes and may or may not be earning a higher wage. If citizens earn more, government again gets more taxes but citizens get less for their declining value dollars. Politicians smile at inflation … (privately, of course).

Deflation is quite another matter. Borrowed money is repaid with dollars that will buy more than when they were borrowed, so borrowing is  less affordable. Citizens incomes are declining but the fewer dollars earned acquire more purchasing power, so the citizens buys more with them while government gets lower taxes on the smaller incomes and purchases. Government really hates that, it has to reduce spending. As is obvious in Washington today, our leaders aren’t interested in spending reductions.

Europe isn’t, either; we hear that ECB boss Mario Draghi is considering leaving the job unless the Germans stop dragging their feet on full bore money printing to “stimulate” the dragging E.U. economies. Never mind that the magic has failed everywhere and everywhen it has ever been tried; it’s the Prescription of the Powerful (who use it to accelerate depriving citizens of still more wealth.) Elect me, I will spend you rich! (with your money …)

And so Congress unites to spend another $1.1 Trillion, based upon income of maybe two thirds of that, when it already owes umpteen trillions in debt. It will not reduce  inflationary spending;  that requires reducing social programs and military adventures. It will await financial collapse, blame it on whoever is convenient and promise them to save us by necessary cuts. That will worsen the collapse, putting many on the street at once.

A planned, careful spending reduction before the crash could head it off, returning us to a sustainable course. Since we are inflated, that would likely be deflationary; you will feel the politicians in D.C. shuddering if it even comes up. For citizens though, it would mostly mean that their existing dollars will buy more and they will likely earn fewer of them in the future. Taxes will be less, too. Aw, shucks!

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Will The Ferguson Financiers Accept Their Fizzle, Or Buy More Gasoline For Their Fire?

GasolineThousands marched we are told, in Washington, D.C, New York, Boston and doubtless other places in protest of police killing “unarmed young blacks.” Never mind that the cases being used to cover the demonstrations will not hold water; the media lighted them up and the resulting crises are not to be wasted.

Closer inquiry says that Al Sharpton, he of the high income and amazingly low taxes paid, has organized these shows, bringing multi-busloads of ‘demonstrators’ into Washington. We doubt that the imported performers are paying for their rides, though of course, we don’t know. We hear too, that the Rev. Al has struggled to load his buses. If the resulting ‘marches’ are less than promised however, we don’t expect the media to notice any more than it has noticed Rev. Als’ unpaid taxes.

The Obama Administration, very much including the ‘resigned’ Attorney General Holder, is lined up behind White House Guest Sharpton in the current push to control local police operations. If no unfair police actions are available now, no problem, ignore that and folk will believe you … Josef Goebbles, Hitler’s propaganda chief, said so and he was hardly the first. Or as climate scientists seem to put it these days: “If the facts disagree with the theory, get new facts!”

We heard that there were a few arrests in Boston; we have heard little from New York or Washington. Maybe the opportunism using Ferguson and Garner is fading like the earlier opportunism of “Occupy Wall Street.” An organized and financed demonstration is one thing; a truly spontaneous uprising, another. All those buses lined up in Washington, D.C. tell us which Sharptons’ show really is.

It is hardly new in history to try to govern via populism, our technology has made it easier and cheaper, that’s all. The Democrats are using the Presidents’ perpetual TV face and street demos to steer things their way … but the public doesn’t seem to be falling into the prescribed line.

Will the folk behind these shows back off their failing productions? Or will they double down and hit the violence escalation button? The “Occupay” fizzled and faded. The Ferguson seems to be fizzling as well. Stay tuned …

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