The Climate Change You Haven’t Heard From Politicians …

Maj. Gen. A.W. Drayson

Maj. Gen. A.W. Drayson

If dishonest politicians and the dishonest ‘scientists’ on their payrolls can write about the future climate, we figure so can we. And as no one is offering us any money to lie about it, we will speak only the truth as we know it. The current truth is far more weird than any popular lie, anyhow. You will assume we are writing while wearing our tinfoil hat; in this case, not so. We are sticking to sober science from no less than the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) among others. But enough, now forward:

The global warming now embarrassed into ‘climate change’ folk are set for heat. You may recall some few decades back, the 1970’s if we remember, the shtick was global cooling. We’re fairly sure you won’t hear of it, but that still seems likely to some perfectly sober, highly qualified scientists. But the politicians see no money in it, unlike global warming from human activities, so it can’t be news, right?

This alternate reality has to do with geology, mostly. Geologists say that the earth has had multiple ice ages and further, that those are segments of an ongoing cycle, which means that we should expect some more of them in future. We will hang on to our little used long underwear …. That is thought to be fact, not fancy. (Both cooling and underwear, actually)

Some, and an increasing number at that, think that we are headed back into an oncoming ice age. (No warming here … ) But in ‘recent’ ice ages, the earth has apparently not become a popsicle; instead, the Arctic ice cap has shifted south, warming the Arctic and cooling the presently temperate zones, North America especially. Hence the American Great Lakes froze and Canada was a glacier. (Well, most of it still is, for all of us.)

For the techies among us, this happens because the earth, a spinning body with a presumed magma layer between the crust and the core, precesses, altering the portion of the planet closest to the sun for a while. This is a fact, known and measured.

A related fact is the earth’s habit of periodically undergoing geomagnetic reversals, during which the north and south magnetic poses, swap locations with each other. Before you notify the authorities of my lamentable lapse, kindly refer to the Science Daily report on earth’s Magnetid Field, which you will read, is weakening while the magnetic north pole is moving toward Siberia. Honest Injun, no kidding!

Early last century a British Major General Drayson (… the very model of a modern Major General) proposed that such geomagnetic shifts as this presage a new ice age as they accompany a change in earths tilt toward the sun. The astronomers giggled a lot and told him to leave science to the scientists. Fortunately, most of those astronomers are presently dead as General Drayson; it appears that otherwise, they would have considerable apologizing to do. However, like that magma between the crust and the core, the scientific beliefs are still fluid and no one theory is granted primacy. But we note that the earth’s temperate zone is at least for the moment, cooling.

None of this is news for the media ‘news’ folk, just for obscure scientific journals. There’s nothing in it for the politicians as there is in lucrative ‘global warming’ prevention’ programs. But, unsettling as it seems, it comes out of genuine rather than political, science so we thought that you might like to be aware of it. Unless of course, you already know.

The cited events are happening, they’re facts. What they mean, is not as the global warmers peddle, “settled science.” But it is taken seriously by serious people, unlike global warming, recently denounced by a Weather Channel founder as: “A myth.” We thought that you’d like to know of it, yet another case where reality seems to top fiction.

And if any in the U.K. know where General Drayson lies, his visitors might hear the faint souns of far away laughter …

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When The U.S. Economy Can’t Employ Enough People, Why Import Millions More?

Ready or Not; HERE WE COME!

Ready or Not;

People have migrated throughout history; a few because they wanted something and many because the fled something. Few have left their homes unless they felt driven to do so; homes are a heavy investment to abandon, even with a known reception at the new home, a rare event.

Some migrations have been invasions, such as the Huns, the Mongols and the Moslems when they invaded Europe or the European takeover of the Americas or the Norman invasion of Saxon England.

For whatever reason, the American Indians did not sustain technological progress; when those who did so arrived, there was no real contest. Cortez made that perfectly clear; the Aztecs won the Darwin award of their time. That’s the way of the world.

Again for whatever reason, the English-speaking peoples settled North America (Well, except for Quebec, Louisiana, New Mexico, California …) and made an industrial revolution that enriched the place beyond anyone’s prior experience. Noting that a lot of those English-speaking people were actually Germans, Italians etc. before they became English-speaking. But they produced a uniformly English-speaking, industrial and by no means coincidentally wealthy nation. American government facilitated that process with cheap land and energy and laissez-faire policy so as to expand into the entire continent. Along the way, it used mostly informal but some formal means to expelled the remainder of Spanish and French interests that had remained but not developed the place. That was then; what we see around us is the product of those times and policies.

Today, the same ‘Progressives’ that wanted to control government so as to relieve the poverty of people displaced by the industrial revolution and its inevitable Civil War, are now working to reverse the whole process. They are deindustrializing the country, driving industry offshore by regulation an wage controls that have price its products out of world markets. They are extirpating the country’s middle class, an historical freak, with policies that increase living costs while restraining incomes. Policies are restricting individual choices in favor of ever-increasing government controls, imposed by an ever more costly government. These are the opposite policies to those pursued by the American Founders. It seems then, reasonable that their results will be the opposite too, as appears to be the case..

Now, the Progressive government is actively promoting immigration by the poorest, least-educated, impoverished relics of Spanish conquest of ‘Latin’ America. The plan appears to rest upon immigration of large numbers of people who do not speak English into an economy that is moribund and cannot provide enough decent jobs to locals graduating from universities, never mind those with less education. And these folks healthcare will have to be subsidized by taxpayers just as Obamacare has increased the numbers of subsidized by millions.

Such immigrants will compete for work, driving down the admittedly overpriced U.S. labor costs and increasing the numbers of unemployed to be subsidized by decreasing numbers of taxpayers with decent incomes. This policy, pushed by both Democrats and Republicans will accelerate the impoverishment of Americans. That is certainly one way to reduce America to the world economic average …

We note though, that most of the politicians pursuing these policies do not appear to intend to live at the level they are establishing for their constituents.

America seems to have reversed course: From the place to which you could come, work hard and pursue wealth unimpeded, to a place where you can hardly work and have to pursue wealth offshore. Now, it is poverty that is unimpeded and even subsidized, at least until the wealth still available for confiscation is exhausted.

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An Era Of Hollow Candidates For Our New, Virtual Political Reality

Hillary Clinton1We’ve considered the President’s leadership, his sea change in earlier presidential style and we will finish with some thoughts on today’s candidate selection. We see a President who lives above it all in high style while his – dare we say, “subjects” struggle and suffer, a primary failure in leadership. We see a presidential style shifted from traditional dignity and distance, to overt hucksterism. And we see one more thing worthy of remark.

President Obama was a total nonentity before his election. Yes, he was a Senator, but an invisible one, or as close as possible. His image was constructed on the campaign trail, crafted to fit the polling results. He was materialized out of the same thin air as the money the Fed is supplying to keep the US afloat. And the air has gone out of him faster than it has gone from the propped-up economy.

Technology and population growth have created a new electoral paradigm. How can an informed franchise exist among 330 million people, even in the electronic age? Sponsors pay millions to influence the minds of consumers of commercial products; a politician today, is also a product. What we see is virtual reality; it is not real. Senator Barack Obama, with his redacted birth and school records is a virtual candidate, not real in any useful sense. We elected a manufactured image, President of the United States. Try to imagine what, if he could, Benjamin Franklin would say today …

These conditions are no criticism of the President; he did not make them nor even select himself to benefit from them. He is simply the man on the spot at the right time. Technology and human nature made his opportunity and he was the one upon who fortune smiled, that’s all. Unfortunately though, a better talent selection is needed give today’s human condition.

It reminds us of the perennial problem of monarchy: the children of great rulers seldom provide successive greatness. Rather, they provide venality and incompetence at the cost of the citizens. But it appears that perhaps our Founders’ alternative, selection by voters, does little better, especially now that we cannot know our candidates.

A candidate who has, unlike President Obama, a record as say, a state governor, is at least a little know, if only in one state. But that’s not enough unless the state’s results under the candidate’s leadership were indeed, spectacular. That is rare. So these days, we are voting essentially, for manufactured symbols provided at great expense, by various interests that are not those of the citizens at large.

This makes a mockery of democratic elections, it seems to us. We might as well throw dice and live or die by that result. If one notes the effort and expense that today goes into the White House efforts to control the news, one may estimate the probability of really understanding the candidate we are expected to elect before he enters office. We are as voters, exactly the rubes the politicians take us to be, courtesy to a considerable extent, of U.S. public ‘education.’

So we should not blame President Obama too much; we accepted the standards that have produced him; we deserve what we have elected.

The Founders originally reserved the franchise to older, more settled and productive people. We have abandoned those rational protections in favor of ‘Let ‘em all vote’ policies that have created an electorate open to purchase by politicians’ promises of robbing others to pay the ‘entitled’ so that they won’t have to work. Something for nothing, put simply. Mature, experienced folk know that is a scam; young, inexperienced voters are too often taken in, along with the greedy. And such is our own doing, the Founders knew better.

So we have worked hard over many decades to reach the point of electing a hollow candidate, pretty paint on the outside with nothing within. A nicely pressed, stylish, empty suit. And now that this has been demonstrated, we expect little else.

The primary evidence of that is the present reliance of the Democrats upon Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic candidacy for President. Her accomplishments include a conferred and undistinguished Senatorial service similar to that of President Obama and an appointment by the President to the office of Secretary of State. Her service there was equally undistinguished and marred by the much-covered up Benghazi attack upon the American Ambassador to Libya and three associates. Mrs. Clinton is a ‘first female’ follow-on ti the ‘first black president,’ a succeeding hollow candidate gilded by name recognition resulting from promotion by political interests.  Unfortunately, we should expect this level of candidate quality from now into the future, so long as the voters put up with it.

As of the moment, despite extensive dissatisfaction with President Obama, no revolution in voter attitudes seems in sight.

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Would You Buy A Used Car From Barack Obama?

Obama Used Car SalesIn a recent consideration of President Obama’s leadership, we noted his unique presidential style and more specifically, how he has changed the public face of the American Presidency. He has made what seem to us, drastic and dramatic alterations in the manner in which that institution is conducted; we believe that deserves consideration.

Past presidents have upon election, more or less disappeared into the White House, popping out from time to time to deal with major events with a broadcast to the public or an appearance before Congress. That constructed a remote and — usually — dignified figure to represent the USA in the minds of its citizens. The President was always there, but seldom visible but at necessity. That provided a presidential mystique that could be magnified to fit the enormity of the job. In line with this approach, paraplegic President Franklin Roosevelt, a polio victim, was never photographed in his wheelchair if it could be avoided. His famous ‘fireside chats’ were conducted over radio; TV was still in the future. We saw little; what we saw, was what he wanted us to see. And his public image was that of a giant, appropriate to lead America.

President Obama has gone far in the opposite direction. His presidency has been a continuation of his campaign, with near daily speeches on TV, constant news coverage on video and breathless minute by minuet-seeming bulletins about nearly every breath he has drawn. No newsday seems complete without some recognition of his presence and of his thoughts and wishes. It’s as though upon election, he has moved in with all of us. With this, he is humanized and thereby, diminished. No giant here, President Obama is very much merely a man. The wisdom of that perceived shrinkage seems worthy of examination.

Historic leaders of men have always presented an image that imbues their followers with confidence; men do not widh to follow perceived weakness for obvious reasons. That has usually relied upon a certain remoteness, a distance between the mighty leader and the rest. We well know that our leaders burp, pass gas and act foolishly on occasion, but we do not wish to see them doing it; it makes our choice of leader appear foolish. We are happier to announce the foolishness of others than to face our own.

Our President, it seems to us, has not done wisely by publicizing the Presidency to the point of familiarity; we are told that familiarity breeds contempt and that, for our species, seems true. That is, if anything, multiplied by President Obama’s own contempt for speaking truth; we know now that we aren’t going to keep our doctors. We feel the contempt in one who lies to us for his purposes and we repay that with our own contempt for a liar.

Putting this together; it seems to us that the Obama style has diminished the prestige of the American Presidency, reducing it to the level of hucksterism exemplified by for instance, a used car salesman. We visualize a smiling photo of President Obama captioned: “Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?”

That is our take of course, you should decide for yourself. And if you disagree, feel free to say so and explain your reasons. We are not custodians of revelead ruth here … just of opinions.

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Figure Skating Isn’t Worth Watching Anymore …(But A Makeup Makeover Won’t Cure Its Ills))

What's Missing Today...

What’s Missing Today…

Figure skating and gymnastics are obscure sports for the few. Gymnastics persists on subsidies from taxpayers provided by schools and on profitable private training centers. Figure skating lacks the schools and depends upon ice rinks with higher costs and lesser profit margins. Its athletes for the first half of last century were mostly daughters of the wealthy who also played tennis and became at age 18, debutantes. Their families could afford it.

Television of the Olympics put figure skating and gymnastics on a larger map. An attack by Olympic hopeful Tonya Harding’s husband upon rival skater Nancy Kerrigan anticipating the Olympics put the sport up front on the TV screen for the ensuing decades, bringing millions of dollars in TV rights fees to the producers of the competitions that the public enjoyed.

But a small sport with a handful of performers worth watching cannot hold the massive TV audience forever. That audience tired of seeing the same few skaters doing the same few things and began to drift away. Ratings fell and TV rights fees vanished.

The sports’s governors meanwhile dealt with a judging scandal by scrapping its scoring system in favor on one awarding points for the accomplishment of specific tricks, an approach borrowed from gymnastics. To little surprise, tricks became everything and the music and dance qualities built into the sport by its ballet dancer originator Jackson Haines, faded. Seeing little to entertain anymore, the audience faded as well.

Meantime, the big ice shows disappeared with TV interest and there is no longer any post-competition career to justify the investment and sacrifice needed to reach the top of the sport. Now, most competitions involve skinny juvenile girls built for high revolutions in the air and for low audience interest. Few boys bother. And rinks are running afoul government policies aimed at restricting energy use and legal assaults over injuries.

The gymnasts have noticed that their points per trick judging system has produced too many unsuccessful attempts and reduced their audience; gymnastic officials are remarking upon the need for change. Figure skating officials with their parallel problem, remain silent. But figure skating fans are not silent; they are pointing to the gymnasts’ remarks and expecting a response from their own sport. The theory is that a return to more artistic performances will return the audience.

It will improve the appeal of the sport, but the audience is gone; it will not return. Its members are aging and fewer and there is nothing to put more artistic performances before new generations in large enough numbers to return the impact of the days of yore. The sport costs too much, is too difficult and offers too few prospects after competing so the quality of performances is not sustainable. Its avoidance by boys further restricts its appeal. The rinks upon which it depends are financially marginal. These are existential issues.

Certainly, returning the sport to its more artistic roots will improve its appeal but too few will notice to matter much. It needs to be less difficult so more can contend successfully, it needs to find a way to interest boys and it needs to reduce the cost of training to enlarge its base and thereby, help to keep the rinks it needs, open.

In the meantime, joining gymnastics in correcting the mistaken adoption of a trick-oriented judging system will be an improvement. We and the other die-hard fans still extant, will notice. Few others will …

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Can An American President Lead From A Golf Course?

Obama GolfPresident Obama ran on “hope” and “change.” He has delivered so far as we see it, on neither so far as the country is concerned, yet it seems to us that he has greatly changed the American Presidency.That is no small thing.

We will not know until his successor takes office whether the changes are permanent. But for now, they are real enough and so, worthy of discussion. So what changes do we see?

He appears to prefer the road and the golf course to the White House. He is happier by all appearances, in public than at home. He would rather speak to TV cameras or some gathering than to his intimates, if he has any. He must be the most public President of all time and the most voluble in public. His presidency seems a continuation of campaigning rather than abandoning campaigning for presiding over the nation.

But he does not, as some of his predecessors have done, lead from the “bully pulpit.” He appears not to understand leadership; he prefers to rule as though he was the embodiment of American sovereignty rather than its agent. He declaims constantly but he seldom explains much. We are to do as he says, not ask questions. And we can keep our doctors.

A leader makes a show for his followers, glancing back from time to time to verify their continued presence. Barack Obama issues orders that apply to us and disregards them for himself, the antithesis of leadership. In history, the opulent lives of kings in hard times have often enough, cost them their heads. Our President seems to have missed those classes in his history courses at the universities that reuse to provide his attendance information, a rather unique resume’ for one of his prominence and evidence of the faith placed in him by voters.

For all his publicity-hound behavior, he does little in his public conduct to embody leadership of public affairs, rather ignoring any relationship between his actions and the course of the nation. Some huge calamity appears; he plays golf. Everyone is broke and out of work, he throws parties and engages in hugely costly excursions and vacations. He lives in his own world, above the vicissitudes of mere mortals and feels no need to make an example of himself; giving orders ought to be enough. He reigns and rules; he does not lead.

On all appearances, his missteps and negligences have been no worse than many others in his position, yet he has fallen far in public esteem compared to many of them. We attribute that in large part to his tone-deafness toward leadership. Americans will put up with much when others seem to understand and share difficulties; they resent a publicly superior attitude. We don’t think Barack Obama feels consciously superior so much as he doesn’t feel anything in this particular direction. However it may be, he is paying the price for his blind spot; his political influence is in decline, leaving him with executive orders to his minions with which to run the country.

Another opportunity he has wasted is leadership of American blacks. He is not really black at one Luo grandmother and rather than standing up as a representative of what a black American can be, he has embodied a bad caricature of black behavior while pandering to the black electorate in what is to us, a very patronizing manner.

Barack Obama asked for and was handed a signal opportunity: An economic crisis, desperate foreign relations, a divided society, a compliant Congress and voters primed for progress. He has ignored the challenge in favor of doing as he pleases while politically exploiting the citizens instead of presiding over the country as his oath of office requires.

He acts as though the Presidency were some sort of reward for his personal qualities rather than the crushing responsibility that is recognized by men with better vision and a greater sense of responsibility. His Nobel Peace Prize acceptance proved an unfortunate archetype for his entire presidency to date; an unearned award based upon a hoped-for performance that has not appeared.

In fairness, the American Presidency is an impossible job, one that has been bigger than many of its incumbents before Barack Obama. But most of them have at least acted as though they cared …

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Gleaning From The Passing Scene …(Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannBest served with munchies and an aperitif of your choice:

CDC Director  Thomas Frieden was at one time, a medical doctor but his license has lapsed, leaving him a bureaucrat only.

Flying the Clintons into Iowa to attend Senator Tom Harkin’s steak fry cost $50,000 for the Private Jet.

A Barber  slashed a customer’s throat with straight razor … (Never annoy the one who shaves you.)

49,000 lbs. of Chicken  with an expiration date of August, 2015, were recled by Foster Farms, for Listeria. There have been no reports of any sickness reslting. Critics of the resulting Food Waste tend to ignore the enormity of wasted food resulting from legislation forcing restaurants, groceries, bakeries etc. to toss perfectly good food every day …

Pursuant to food waste, note that Egypt  cannot fed is people today, but it was once the breadbasket of the Mediterranean. Bad government with attendant corruption … (In our opinion, of course)

Cubans   are once again risking their lives to reach the U.S. using most anything that seems to float.

Warning ! Tech stocks are down; semiconductors used in techy gadgets are seeing declining orders. An “inventory correction, we’re told. Really? Or are we seeing declining consumption? Your call …

Donors pledge $5.4 B to rebuild Gaza ; the US  Pledged $212 M to Palestinians.  All to repair the destruction resulting from their insistence upon raining missiles upon Israel. Does there seem something wrong with this picture?

The younger brother of the now dead Boston Bomber  was though unarmed, shot up by law enforcement and captured a year ago August. Though convicted twice over in the media, he has yet to be tried in court. Why do you suppose, is that?

CA   State health exchange gave $184 M in contracts without  bidding … Some to vendors with ties to State.

Bank regulators are worried about the safety of low-quality Auto Loans  that have been fueling car sales. Aw, don’t sweat;  the Fed can always print up some more money to replace that.

Ebola  is becoming serious; it now threatens chocolate production in West Africa.  And the inevitable Hoaxes  have begun – to obtain quicker access to  Fed medical treatment. “Never waste a good crisis …”

Those who suffer vision loss from Macular Degeneration , mostly elderly, now have an FDA – approved therapy that can restore some vision; an implantable lens.

A bunch of  Brooklyn Teen s swarmed and trashed a kosher deli, screaming anti-semitic slurs. The police say it was not a hate crime.

A Boy , 10, strangled a 90 year old woman in her bed, for yelling at him.

Nomination of the next Attorney General and  release of the Bergdahl desertion investigations will both be available AFTER the November elections. Uh huh …

Scientists can now identify and remove a specific Memory from the brai of a mouse. (Will this prolong the lives of inconvenient witnesses?)

Fed Tax Take    Hits all time high .

Assissted Suicide     Prosecution guidelines in UK relaxed to protect doctors.

White House pool Reporters  are said to be unhappy that the President’s staff reviews their stories before publication to approve or disapprove them. Why?

California ,  at 23.4% has the nations’s highet poverty rate.

A Brain Study  has shown that men are wired to forego food in favor of sex …

A woman was jailed for failing to trim her overgrown yard; the same result followed a 60 year old man’s Ebola joke at a casino.  Do as you’re told and keep your mouth shut, these days …

 Houston’s  new lesbian Mayor and City Attorney have issued subpoenas for the sermons (and now, “speeches”) of five Christian pastors relating to homosexuality.  Populist Senator Ted Cruz sees potential jail time in the future, for the pastors, not the Mayor. A cloud upon the horizon, in this case, considerably bigger than a man’s hand …

And a man in Idaho beat a woman with a Burrito.

And so has gone the human circus of the past week. We hope that you have profited or at least, enjoyed the show …

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