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Brit Kids Grabbed, Jailed and Deported Over Harmless Tweets

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  Vigilant Homeland Security saved us again, grabbing, handcuffing, jailing and deporting a couple of twenty-something Brit tourist kids on arrival before they could “destroy America” or dig up Marilyn Monroe, as one had proposed in tweets to U.S. friends … Continue reading

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Bernanke: The Fed Will Continue the Status Quo, or: Look for Helicopters Distributing Money!

The ‘Independent’ Federal Reserve has now signed on to underwrite (with fake money) whatever spending excesses our masters plan to make for the next two years as: Bernanke’s Decision May Lead Planet Into Financial Chaos explains. You may rely on an … Continue reading

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Republican and Democrat Lies and Perpetual Spending

All the debating Republicans but Ron Paul want increased Pentagon spending and are happily lying to support their position, identifying reduced future increases being proposed in Congress as “cuts.” Democrats lie the same way when considering social spending. So far, no … Continue reading

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It’s 1930 Again…This Time, For the Whole World

There’s a physical law: “Action and reaction are equal and opposite.” I’m unsure what to call it, but there seems to be an economic equivalent. The U.S. got rich by throwing ambitious people from all over at nearly unlimited resources … Continue reading

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