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Government Is For The Birds…Sort Of…

In the U.S. it’s illegal to kill Raptors. British Petroleum paid $100 million for migratory birds that died in its 2010 offshore oil spill. Environmentalists approved that fine. Curiously, they also approve the deaths by windmills of some 83,000 raptors every year. … Continue reading

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How Do Avowed Bird Lovers Reconcile Millions of Dead Birds So Quietly?

What’s another dead bird to you? One looks back at you from your dinner plate whenever you dine on chicken, right? Yeah, but think pretty songbirds, eagles, cranes, geese and other migrators; you get a different reaction, don’t you? Seems strange … Continue reading

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Wind Power As Economic Snake Oil…

We were kids when we first heard: “Something too good to be true, probably isn’t.” So why do we keep on falling for political nonsense? We know the famous Dutch windmills were replaced by engines and motors as the Industrial Revolution … Continue reading

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