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Is Human Progress Only Fertilized With Human Blood?

Way back you may recall, a Roman emperor decided to become a Christian instead of feeding them to his lions. The resulting church preserved Western civilization through the dark ages and was  a fulcrum of its expansion into today’s planet-leading … Continue reading

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Nobody Expected A Jesuit Pope … (A Very Scary Symbol)

The Latin American Cardinal who put on Franciscan simplicity over robes of Jesuit black seems a symbol of both an intent for Catholic renewal and of Catholic desperation. The Church is doing well in South America, but so is Protestantism. … Continue reading

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The Dove Of Peace … Roasting Over A Slow Fire

Great power is seldom overcome; it dies from within before the jackals come in to consume the remains. The Rome that was finally overcome by invaders was a relic, a remnant and even then, remained distinct enough to produce the … Continue reading

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The U.S. Election is a Sideshow Preceding the Main Event

The 2012 American presidential election is, even more than most in the country, a charade, existing mostly to anesthetize the citizens so as to perpetuate their rulers in power. On the one hand, we have the Democrat whose signature ObamaCare, … Continue reading

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