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Government, Bankers andthe People … (Two Into One Won’t Go)

The Goldman Sachs Fed: In 2017, 4 of 5 voting Federal Reserve presidents will be Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs grads. Whose interests should we suppose that they will serve? Government? Goldman? We, the people? You decide. Of course, we cannot know. … Continue reading

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Who Killed the American Economy? (A Whodunnit By David Stockman)

Anyone wishing to understand the decline of the American economy straight out, sans spin, calling a spade a Greenspan with no prisoners taken, no excuses and no gobble-de-gook will be rewarded by David Stockman’s “The Great Deformation.” Stockman was President … Continue reading

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INFLATION: Wall Street Better Get It Right … The Fed, Can’t!

Who are you going to believe, the Federal Reserve or those guys on Wall Street who go broke and lose their jobs when they’re wrong too much? You have to choose, because the two have split in a way that … Continue reading

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London’s Liberated LIBOR Leaps Across The Atlantic

Leaping lizards! LIBOR has been kidnapped! Well, taken away at least. The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) reports the interest rate banks are charging each other in well, London. London is a historic financial center for Europe, sort of like … Continue reading

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Washington’s Corruption In A Single Picture

Read, and weep while you pay: Wall Street Doesn’t Discriminate; a Republican is just as useful as a Democrat… Thanks to the Project On Government Oversight (POGO)

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