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Why Bush, Obama and Big Sis Haven’t saved Us…

Have you noticed that our governors were bragging about how they’ve saved us from terror  since 9/11 with their TSA feeler-uppers at airports and Big Sis’s Homeland Security in general, right up to the Boston Bombing? Why didn’t they save … Continue reading

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Is the TSA Channeling German History?

During WWII, a common movie scene featured Nazi police stopping civilians on the street, demanding their “papers.” People had to carry written permission to leave their assigned territories. Americans watching shook their heads; such things could never happen in the … Continue reading

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Government ADMITS TSA Scanners Worthless?

With government, the truth comes out only now and then and usually, by mistake. When it happens, it’s more often a scandal than deserving applause but just sometines, it’s wonderful. The Government Admits That TSA Body Scanners Are A Big … Continue reading

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What, Me Worry?

Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neumann seems the perfect model for todays’ American citizen: 1. The President, Barack Obama, has expanded his Republican predecessor’s claim to the right to kill whoever he decides is a threat, anywhere, anytine, without review. 2. … Continue reading

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