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The E.U. and Greece: Bluffing at Piker (When You’re Busted)

The Greeks are the currently anointed European crisis; that is fine with the Finns, the Spanish, Portuguese, Italians and French whose condition is not much different, though less well spotlighted. In the ‘last ditch’ talks wherein the E.U. will cave … Continue reading

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Even The Progressives Can’t Get Something For Nothing (All They Can Do Is Pretend)

The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates low for a very long time, as part of its now perennial easy money policy. The Federal Funds Rate has remained below 1% since 2008. In effect, the Fed is giving it away. … Continue reading

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NEVER PAY BILLS WITH YOUR OWN MONEY (and you may become President. or at least, a Congressman!)

If watching Europe forecasts the U.S. – and it does, so far – then a thousand year storm is on the horizon. The Turn Against Austerity¬†explains pretty well. See, industrious Germans have been supporting spendthrift, entitlement-mindeLatins,¬†Greeks and Gaels to the … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam and His Citizens Are Broke; Why Are They Bailing Out Europe’s Banks?

As Federal debt (to be repaid by taxpayers) continues to rise, the Federal Reserve has entered into a new program to bail out Europe’s ramshackle banks on top of Americans’ financial zombies. A past Fed Vice President tells all in: … Continue reading

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