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News Media’s Movie Set, Financial Reality and Echoes of Palm Sunday

Well, let’s see: The ‘news’ media is helping the Obamafolk hide Russian’s invasion of Ukraine and Chin’s invasion of the Spratly Islands behind ISIS on the Iraqi/Syria border. The media and likely the White House are using the Chinese water … Continue reading

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The “Three Little Pigs” As An Economic Survival Paradigm …

Reality appears to be less ignored than politicians are admitting. The U.S. government talks up economic ‘recovery’ and leans on its obedient media to do the same but it has armed even its Department of Agriculture to the teeth with … Continue reading

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The “Full Faith and Credit of the United States of America” … Is Nothing But Politicians’ Promises!

Back around 1971, the last vestiges of the Gold Standard disappeared; international payments were made like yours and mine, from fiat money. Our Federal Reserve Notes are prominently backed by the “Full faith and credit of the United States of … Continue reading

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