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What’s Next For The Islamic Terrorists?

ISIS and many other Muslim thugs around the world are in retreat; the Afghan Taliban now earn a living as muscle for the drug gangs. Terrorists have worn out their welcomes in many places. Will peace follow? Well, perhaps after … Continue reading

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A Pope, A Chancellor and Islam While Smoking

Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have both stated explicitly that Muslim terrorism does not exist. They aren’t crazy, just being dishonest in what appears to them a justifying cause. (We suppose, anyway.) They and many media sources peddle … Continue reading

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What Is Terrorsm?

To ruminate productively upon our subject, we must first define it. Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims. Terrorism is an extension of politic, as is war said to be. Terrorism might be said to … Continue reading

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Murder As A Means Of Conversion: Islam

Moslems murdering French innocents in Paris fills the media now, what to think of that? Well, Moslems in New York City in 1991 demolished the World Trade Center towers, killing thousands of American innocents. During the last few days, Nigerian … Continue reading

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North American Illusory Security Is Running Out

But for the World Trade Center and more recently, the Boston Marathon bombing, we are used to reading tranquilly of awful violence in other places. We seem to assume that Americans are somehow, entitled to immunity from such events. But … Continue reading

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The NDAA 2014 and a Jailed Teen to Think About

We wrote yesterday about the NDAA 2014, the annual update on government defense spending. We wrote about the Act’s standing provision authorizing the President to order the military to secretly or publicly seize and indefinitely imprison Americans and others without … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene: (Politically Uncorrected)

First, you can relax; the State Department recently informed us that there are NO known, active al-Qaeda or Hezbollah terror cells in the West at this time. This has no connection with the State Department’s universal nickname of: ‘Foggy Bottom.” It is … Continue reading

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Terror, Islam and Government By Ostriches

You may have forgotten Major Nidal Hasan in the flow of news since November, 2009 when he murdered 13 people at Ft. Hood in Texas, screaming “Allahu akbar!” as he killed. He has lived quietly at taxpayer expense ever since. As … Continue reading

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Our Bloody Boston Bomber, Coming Soon…To a Neighborhood Near You?

Bloodied Boston is a signal. Our ventures to Iraq and Afghanistan gave rise to ‘Improvised Esplosive Devices’ (IED’s) and they have-unsurprisingly- followed our troops home. So, in a fearless prediction, will drone killings. Further prediction: various levels of government will … Continue reading

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