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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Another Saturday compendium of current events to annoy, amuse or amaze as you decide. We see something in each; you evaluate for yourself. They are all hors d’oeurvres from the platter of present reality. In Harlem, a group of black … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are Dead! Long Live The (New) Republicans!

Republicans arose from former Whigs plus Free Soil Democrats in 1854 when the leaders of the older parties no longer represented their voters. Obviously (they didn’t vote for Romney) Tea Party Republicans feel that way now. When the Democrats moved … Continue reading

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Brewing New Tea On the 23rd: ‘Day of Resistance’!

Coast-to-coast rallies against the Obama agenda are set for Saturday, February 23rd. It’s being called: “Day of Resistance“. If your view of spending, immigration, the 2nd Amendment, foreign wars, Israel, contraception/abortion and/or gay marriage is opposed to the Presidents’ program, … Continue reading

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THE TEA WILL RISE AGAIN! (If Enough Folks Care…)

  DAY of RESISTANCE is the second rising of the Tea Party, starting with new rallies February 23rd as the kickoff. Anyone interested needs just follow the link. Wonder where the Tea Party went? The GOP made it clear in the … Continue reading

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Obama Victorious, the Human Condition and Shakespeare

The election over, “The tumult and the shouting die; the captains and the kings depart…” and mundane taxpayers are left to clean up the erstwhile battlefield. Unfortunately, with whatever remains of their money rather than soap and water. Now once … Continue reading

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GOP Mugwump Can’t Fly

A mugwump sits on the fence with his mug facing one way, and his wump, the other. Romney was going to win, right? No Prez was ever reelected with unemployment like ours. Until now, when we experienced this on Tuesday night. … Continue reading

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