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Changing law to authorize the marriage of homosexual people is not about equality nor about human rights; it  is about the deconstruction of Judeo-Christian, sacramental marriage. It is intended to return control of human reproduction from religious individuals and their … Continue reading

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The Judge Is Dead … Long Live The Judge!

Supreme Court conservative icon Antonin Scalia was found dead with a pillow over his head, per an interview with the resort owner (And Democratic donor) who found his body in his room. It was somehow immediately determined that Scalia died … Continue reading

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Who Will Govern the Governors? Do You Know? (Maybe You’d Better …)

The ancient Roman poet Juvenal is credited for the line: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Various translations exist; the most accepted seems to be: “Who will guard the guardians?” Our preference is rather: “Who will govern the governors?” For the great … Continue reading

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Supremes Deck Aereo (And The Public)

Radio was first; nobody could figure out a means for collecting money for radio broadcasts so they were free to consumers, subsidized by advertisers. Then came TV with the same setup — until cable. Cable can charge fees for service … Continue reading

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Cops Don’t Need No Damn Due Process’ Anymore (Supreme Court)

The important story in today’s newspaper was: “High Courst OK’s Ban On Race As Admissions Factor.” In a box to one side of the page, together with other secondary stories, was: “”High Court: Anonymous Tip OK.  This advertised the editors’s … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby: “Ridiculous” To The Left; “Crucial” To The Right

It is not Obamacare that the Supreme Court is disposing in the Hobby Lobby case. The Left wants the case perceived as an attack on the Affordable Care Act from the Right. The take is represented by Jon Stewart if … Continue reading

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Who’s In Charge Here, Anyway?

The Prez’ ‘State of the Union’ speech is a big piece of that “bully pulpit” the U.S. President is said to own. Everybody listens. Tonight, it’s especially meaningful since it’s the first opportunity the President has had to shape debate … Continue reading

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DOMA is Dead; So, What?

DOMA is Dead  will take you to the report announcing the overturning of the Federal Defense of Marriage law by the Supremes. And the Court’s refusal to mess with a lower court ruling that California’s initiative preventing gay marriage is … Continue reading

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Is Abortionist Dr. Gosnell A Criminal, Evil Or Just A Sloppy Operator?

A  courtroom horror story is currently fattening the ratings of the battening media in Philadelphia as anyone able to see and hear Fox News is aware. But those battening are a curiously restricted list. Conservative, pro-life news sources are hip-deep … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Takes On the Supreme Court and Alfred E. Neumann…

The Supremes have taken on the gay marriage argument; Gay Marriage at the Supreme Court will explain for you. Maybe the Court will present the facts of the subject, unlike everybody so far. Or not. In case the Court isn’t … Continue reading

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