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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Disgorged from the week: Science: Type 2 diabetes is found to be reversible (Report) U.S. bridges/Roads are deteriorating, maintenance inadequate (Report) President Trump: A rather different take on America’s chief executive (Article) The economy: Millennials earn 20% less than baby … Continue reading

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Our current crop: Social Security: Democrats propose to raise benefits and taxes to fix deficits (Report) The culture: Boy Scouts inaugurate first all-girls troop (Report) (Whom the gods would destroy …) New Jersey wants to tax property that delivers rain … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

So another batch of accumulated information: One of the reasons Social Security pensions won’t rise but it costs us more to live: How the US government doesn’t notice inflation. (Well, one of them.) NOTE: Those with Medicare premiums withheld from … Continue reading

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Funding Secure Retirement (With Government Promises)

The coming retirement crisis is aging news but even more real than workers seem to appreciate. It is of course, a creation of government. You are welcome to disagree on that, but be prepared with facts rather than fancies, please. We’re … Continue reading

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Congress, Politics, Nazis … And Morality. (What Do You Think?)

The House just voted unanimously to cut off Social Security benefits payments to former Nazis. The Democrats and Republicans agreed without exception. We wonder what you think? The folk involved are a relatively small number of WWII survivors who have … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Costs: Why Are They Kept Under The Table?

Why, with all the present fuss about gay marriage, don’t we hear how much more the Social Security benefits for gay ‘wives’ will cost? Not to mention any other spousal benefits. A widow’s benefit is the greater of her own … Continue reading

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Congress Eyeing ‘Idle’ Private IRA and 401k Money?

Many don’t know that Congress owes Social Security big bucks to repay all the Social Security surplus money it has ‘borrowed’ without repayment. Most do know Congress is broke, running on borrowed money it has no idea how to repay. … Continue reading

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Exporting Grandmothers…

Few know that our modern Germany didn’t exist before 1871 and fewer still realize that it created the social welfare model now taken for granted in Europe and North America. Social Security as we know it in America is a … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Takes On the Supreme Court and Alfred E. Neumann…

The Supremes have taken on the gay marriage argument; Gay Marriage at the Supreme Court will explain for you. Maybe the Court will present the facts of the subject, unlike everybody so far. Or not. In case the Court isn’t … Continue reading

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Post Election, “Your Fair Share” Will Take On a Whole New Meaning!

We know Medicare and Social Security taxes pay in less than the programs pay out, so we know both are funded now on borrowed/printed money. We know ObamaCare adds some 19 to 34 million previously uninsured  new patients.  And we’re … Continue reading

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