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Washington, D.C. and the Media’s Hidden Ball Trick Made Clear…

Foreigners and probably, most American women don’t understand American football. And that’s a fair simile for the political football going on in our capital between Congress and the White House, which many don’t understand either. It’s not that it’s so … Continue reading

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Civics Reality Show

How the Senate does its work. (It’s even worse than you thought.)  Follow the link and decide: Is this how you wish to be governed?

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Here They Come Again…Hide Your Money! (And Grab Your Phone)

The Internet Sales Tax is Senate Leader Harry Reid’s latest raid on your standard of living, popped out of the air now with a quick vote planned ASAP. (Before people hear about it and raise a fuss.) Harry obviously doesn’t care that … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are Dead! Long Live The (New) Republicans!

Republicans arose from former Whigs plus Free Soil Democrats in 1854 when the leaders of the older parties no longer represented their voters. Obviously (they didn’t vote for Romney) Tea Party Republicans feel that way now. When the Democrats moved … Continue reading

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