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Yemen: Arab Invaders, Local Rebels, Iranian Meddlers and Qat.

Ancients today may remember the lyric: “Bloody Mary’s chewing betel nut” from the musical “South Pacific.” Pacific Islanders chewed it for the low grade high it provided, ignoring, as it is addictive, the accompanying red smile it produced. In Yemen, … Continue reading

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Would the Government Lie to Us? (You Decide)

What should we think of the goings-on following the Boston Marathon bombing? First, lets take a brief retrospective: The Benghazi murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya has disappeared from the news and so has the Congressional ‘investigation’ that was … Continue reading

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Moslem Mighty Mucky-Muck Mandates Mashing All Regional Churches

Here goes a Moslem religious leader making the ‘religion of peace’ look bad again: Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia: ‘It’s necessary to destroy all the churches of the region’ Of course, we know (if we dig for news a lot) that the … Continue reading

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