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Twins, certainly. Both represent frightened and fed up electors rejecting their own respective establishments. Both Roman Catholic Cardinals and American voters have pinned their hopes upon unlikely figures snatched from the sidelines in what amount to leaps of faith. A … Continue reading

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Can A Real Revolution Arise Of Revolting Politicians?

There are ordinary and extraordinary revolutions. The ordinary ones replace rulers with different rulers, leaving most else unchanged. Such may be bloody or not, recalling that elections are one of the means for overthrowing rulers. Some revolutions though, are special. … Continue reading

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Is Human Progress Only Fertilized With Human Blood?

Way back you may recall, a Roman emperor decided to become a Christian instead of feeding them to his lions. The resulting church preserved Western civilization through the dark ages and was  a fulcrum of its expansion into today’s planet-leading … Continue reading

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History, Revolution, Eugen Rosenstock and SNAFU …

Looking for parallels in history is a fool’s game; one can find in history nearly anything imaginable. Nevertheless, many fools play this game with themselves or with others in the hope of finding some light in history’s dark glass. We, … Continue reading

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The Digital Revolution of American Education…(Blow, Baby, Blow!)

The digital revolution of American education will reduce the combination of Hurricane Sandy and the recent Oklahoma tornadoes to a light breeze by comparison. Since the 1930’s when Progressive Education and the teachers’ unions first infesed American public education, it … Continue reading

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