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Did Roman “Bread And Circuses” Differ From “Food Stamps And Sports?”

Americans, through at least the first half of the last century, felt a duty to offer charity but felt demeaned by accepting it. To take any charity was repugnant to most, an admission of personal failure. And to be “on … Continue reading

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When Your Brain Testifies Against You…

If we think the economic mismanagement, wars and corruption we’ve been enjoying from government are scary, think for a moment of the new tool coming from researchers in a prison. The subjects have been confined and we may wish that … Continue reading

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The New Meaning of: “Responsibility”

A French court has just sentenced a psychiatrist to a year in jail and 8,500 Euros damages for manslaughter because his patient of four years hacked an old man to death. The patient, while his doctor was being locked up, went … Continue reading

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