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Wealth Redistribution: The Wages Of Corruption Is Poverty

Confronted by ISIS, an amateur assemblage of semi-trained youngsters riding pickup trucks, the Iraqi Army collectively dropped its tanks, planes and artillery and ran away. That may be a bit hyperbolic, but it conveys the situation. What remains, is why? … Continue reading

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The Frustrating Owner’s Manual For The Human Species, Believe It Or Not …

The Judeo-Christian Bible is among the oldest human documents of significant length and is still in publication. Offhand, that seems unique enough in itself. But there is more; the Bible is a sort of instruction manual for the keeping of … Continue reading

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Fanatic Islam, Threatened Dictators, Declining Hegemons: Reality Surpasses Fiction!

From the endless indignation of our newsies, we are supposed to be chagrined at the absence of our mighty from the French street circus over the Jihadist attack on a French magazine. That absence is important! Crucial, even. Intolerable for … Continue reading

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The Human Comedy Plays On In America (Per An Ancient Roman Script)

It is pretty clear that, given the choice, a very large number of people would prefer to go to North America or Europe to live and raise their families. What matters, is why? It isn’t just wealth; that’s plentiful in … Continue reading

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Mirrors Are, For Human Beings, Becoming Scary …

While you are distracted making a living in a politically mismanaged economy and journalists are distracted by one bunch of Arabs with guns called ISIS, some sober scientists are off in a lab, making mischief. They are studying the human … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Ask For, Mr. O’Reilly!

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly was concerned tonight that ISIS has unrestricted access to the Internet for its propaganda and further, that children using the net are unprotected from exposure to much that children, in his view, should not see. We … Continue reading

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The U.S. Government vs. The Little Sisters Of The Poor, A Black MassAnd Doctor Franklin’s Warning

The plans of some Satanists to conduct a black mass in Oklahoma would once have been news; today, it struggles with the price of dogfood for attention. A Pennsylvania teen faces charges after among other things, simulating sex with a … Continue reading

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