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Public education is an oxymoron; the goals of the state contradict the goals of education. When the state employs the educators and mandates the attendance of the students as is done in the   United States, the inevitable result must be … Continue reading

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When Women Feared Mice, Guns Didn’t Stop Traffic …

Some may recall the time when a housewife (if you recall housewives) was expected to scream and leap onto a chair at sight of a mouse. The fear was supposed to be that the little critter might seek shelter by … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Our Saturday selection of representative people and events for your amazement, amusement and meant to stimulate something resembling thought… Determined to get to the bottom of its toilet paper shortage, Venezuela has tried price controls, regulations and new law. All … Continue reading

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Public Education’s Existence Threatened! (Well, the Unions, Anyway…)

A dire threat to the very existence of monolithic public education (and its teachers’s unions) has manifested in corrupt, comatose little New Mexico, where an epic tempest is forming in a U.S. political teacup. In the scheme of things, it’s … Continue reading

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Who Lost the Chicago Teachers’ Strike? The Kids!

Chicago teachers are distinguished by an average annual salary of some $76,000 and their schools, by very poor test and grad rate results for their hapless kids. Nevertheless, the generous, selfless teachers have struck the insolvent city schools for both … Continue reading

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School Vouchers: Like Christianity, Not Tried and Found Wanting…Rather, Wanting to Be Tried!

Electing a Dem governor guarantees the school status quo; his/her union friends assure it. Electing a GOP governor on the other hand, guarantees the school status quo unless it’s Wisconsin or Louisiana. Places like New Mexico have nominally GOP governors striving for … Continue reading

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