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Robots,Human Labor and Economic Reality

Robots, we are told, will replace us. Then, according to one’s political persuasion, we will experience either: 1. Utopian idleness, supported by the government in the style our politicians have promised, or 2. Impoverishment and starvation for lack of productive … Continue reading

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The Political Price For Progress … And The Scams It Generates

In China, governments have long been concerned ( and in China, “long” is really long.) with “the mandate of heaven.” By this is meant sufficient acceptance by a sufficient number of those ruled that the government may continue to rule. … Continue reading

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President Obama Mischannels Martin Luther King, Jr.

President Obama addressed the recent Martin Luther King, Jr Washington memorial of the “I have a dream” speech. The President said: “We’ve made great strides…we still have work to do.” Those statements cry for exposition; so does MLK himself, who … Continue reading

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