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Who Really Owns ‘Private Property’ In The U.S?

Both owners and renters of real estate directly or indirectly pay property taxes to support government. If the tax isn’t paid, the government takes the property. Thus the reality of American ‘private property’ is that yours is rented from the … Continue reading

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Gold Magic By Big Governent!

Here’s the deal: Your dad, a coin dealer, left some rare coins in a safe deposit box; when he died, you took them to the bank to discover their value. Turns out, they’re worth some $80 M but the bank … Continue reading

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Dead Pelican Jails Homeless Man

Awhile back, American people had rights conferred by God and unalienable by government, at least if you believed the Declaration of Independence. And man had dominion over the earth and its creatures; that was in the Bible. Right. Things have … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Expensive Football/Frisby Now at Los Angeles Beaches…

Your home in the city is your property to do with what you will, right? Yup, provided you don’t want to fire a gun, park too many cars or park in the wrong place, let it go to weeds, install energy-unapproved appliances or insulation, … Continue reading

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Another Fed Raid on the Internet…

The perennial Federal grabbing for control of the Internet goes on under either party and never stops. The net is simply too empowering for politicians to tolerate its independence if they can help it. It Can Happen Here: Feds Shut … Continue reading

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