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Thoughts On Some Current Events …

Syria – Russia entered to help Hezbollah (Iran) shove dictator Bashar Assad back into power in order to assure that Syria remains an Iranian client. The U.S. has been helping the Syrian Kurds and some non-jihadi rebel groups trying to … Continue reading

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“Things Could Be Worse,” He Said, And Sure Enough…

What does the success of Obama and his Dems tell us? I dunno, do you? However, there are some things that it doesn’t tell us that matter a lot. Things that, unlike the fuss and bother of the campaign, are … Continue reading

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Whispering Sweet Nothings During the Last Dance

We’ve seen the presidential (or at least, trying to appear presidential) candidates’ last dance. Video and transcript are here for your pleasure should you wish. And if you consider  that a pleasure… And of course, should you doubt my assessment. … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates and the Sound of Silence…

Here’s a question for Obie and Mitt baby, if we can get them to stop tap-dancing long enough to answer it: First, we’ve noticed the Welfare Spending Jump just reported, along with the Congressional Budget Office’s prediction of huge health care cost … Continue reading

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RomBama for President!

The Presidential sweepstakes hold the headlines while the world economy grinds slowly toward a halt everywhere but Mexico, presently living in a different universe swamped in drug money (from the U.S). Western civilization owes more than it can repay and … Continue reading

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