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Shouldn’t Wars Be Won, Not Just Fought?

After WWII, the U.S. has fought one war after another and so far as we can see, has nothing whatever to show for it excepting South Korea. That is a visible, positive accomplishment. After that: nothing or a situation worse … Continue reading

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Hanging The President (For Things That Aren’t His Fault)

Every so often, the U.S. arms industry confronts a decline in government arms spending and it never does so gladly. That is now again the case, in the face of both unsustainable deficits and American political discontent with the results … Continue reading

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The Whole World’s A Stage …

While we don’t see that President Obama understands either leadership or the meaning and desirability of basic honesty, we are also less than impressed with his GOP opponents in those regards. Both seem to us minions of the political Left, … Continue reading

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Will Obamacare Be President Bush’s Fault?

The Obama Administration is less about actual governance and more about perceptions, seems to us. The Prez is a perpetual campaigner who has never settled in to govern, a salesman rather than a leader. His mantra: “Never waste a good … Continue reading

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