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“Political Science” vs Politics (And Castles In The Air)

In college Poli Sci, we learned that a principle called “subsidiarity” required political authority to be placed as closely as possible to the affected folk. You wanted local police policy for instance, to be formed locally where the policymakers knew … Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Obama Proves That George Washington Was Right

Many American Presidents have proven to be mountebanks, popinjays and spectacular exemplars of the Peter Principle; few have demonstrated all of those at once and of those few, Barack Hussein Obama is one and a leader among the few. Complaining … Continue reading

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If Obama Acts Unconstitutionally, Why Don’t Republicans Oppose That, Not Just Complain?

Senate Minority Leader: Helpless, Lazy or Spineless?┬áis a report questioning why Republicans seem to ignore our Presidents’s unconstitutional uses of power. We know the Prez seized General Motors, fired its president and handed it to its union in a made-to-order … Continue reading

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