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The All Too Visible Future?

As the American railroads moved west, the generalities of the U.S. future were clarified; we cannot know the details of our future but we can extend clear trends. Several seem visible now: Some examples include: Driverless cars¬†are to be tested … Continue reading

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You Can’t Hate Government But You Can Hate White Folks (and Their Kids)

Federal FBI and other enforcers descended upon an ex Marine at his home and took him away in handcuffs because he wrote anti-government on his Facebook page. Not kidding; here’s the story:¬†Former Marine Rhetoric. The Rutherford Foundation has supplied him … Continue reading

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What, Me Worry?

Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neumann seems the perfect model for todays’ American citizen: 1. The President, Barack Obama, has expanded his Republican predecessor’s claim to the right to kill whoever he decides is a threat, anywhere, anytine, without review. 2. … Continue reading

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