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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Our scrapings off the week’s accumulations of human (and subhuman) occurrences. President Obama wants electronic communication open to government inspection. (He can have secres, but we can’t?) Brazil: Anti-government protesters pouring into major cities are a threat to government. (Is … Continue reading

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Time For A New Starttup To Make Tinfoil Hats?

It may be time to begin consideration of whose side our own brains are really supporting. After learning that MRI brain images can now identify psychopaths, we have a brand new report of research in which scientists have identified the … Continue reading

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A Cure For Obesity?

The government says about 36% of us are fat. Obese, not pleasingly plump. These hapless folk (there’s a genetic element) are the new social rejects. Government helped convert despised ‘niggers’ to ‘African Americans with a place in line ahead of … Continue reading

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Truly Big News On Obesity…

While a cancer cure will be  a big deal, it might be a loser to the biggest deal of all; a cure for obesity. Nothing is bigger than obesity! And today, Science Daily reported progress in that direction. No, this … Continue reading

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How To Protect Kids At School, Reduce Obesity And Save Money

I remember walking to my my public grammar school; it was maybe a mile or so, on paved, level sidewalks. Well, except where I used to cut through a large vacant lot. And I wore shoes and where my family … Continue reading

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Those School Lunches: Cui Really Bono?

To Mrs. Obama: Butt out! Why is it any business of the Federal Government, let alone Michelle (unelected) Obama what my kids eat for lunch? Yeah, I know the government’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) is paying for or supplying a … Continue reading

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General Tso’s Road Kill?

Traditional Chinese cuisine has just been expanded by American entrepreneurial spirit admixed with traditional U.S. southern cooking. However, at least one diner, perhaps insufficiently a gourmet, responded by notifying not the Iron Chef show but rather, the cops. Road Kill Foo … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal for Human and Planetary Salvation…

We are given the consensus of weather scientists: Human action is ruining the climate; this cannot be denied (deniers are fired). We know animal fat and related fast food are bad for us, blowing up our wastelines like balloons. We know … Continue reading

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Government Will Control Your Diet (If NBC Has Its Way)

Government is deciding what our cars must be, what are homes must be and now its media lackeys want it to control our diets, the predictable next step in the obesity campaign being waged upon us. Schools are already leaning … Continue reading

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‘Experts’ Want Government To Control Sugar! Ain’t that Sweet?

‘Experts’ prescribing more government control of daily living aren’t scarce. They must be running out of things to take over though, now they’re onto sugar. What’s next, air?. Hmnn…wanna bet the EPA isn’t working on that? Societal Control of Sugar Needed … Continue reading

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