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ObamaCare via Dems; ObamaTrade via GOP; Where’s the Difference?

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi assured her immortality with her advice to pass Obamacare so as to learn what was in it. That scandalized the GOP that waited until now to adopt the same attitude, for ObamaTrade in the later … Continue reading

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The ObamaTrade Deal That Is Invisible For Our Own Good …

Any conscious of events inside the Washington D.C. beltway knows that the Trans Pacific Trade Treaty is stuck in Congress with President Obama and the Republicans pushing and various Democrats pushing against its passage. Some are even aware of the … Continue reading

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An economic analyst noticed that the Government’s numbers apparently aren’t adding up: He expected the usual relationship between employment, productivity and GDP in the recent reports … Some of the GOP leaders pushing supersecret ObamaTrade haven’t read it? (Good grief; … Continue reading

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