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Who’s In Charge (Wehn All Have Submarines, Cruise Missiles And Nukes)?

The fuss about Iran joining the nuclear powers goes on but few seem to care. President Obama does not seem to care; he’s presiding over a pro-forma dialogue with that country while it continues its lengthy pursuit of nukes. Even … Continue reading

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Ode To Dr. Strangelove As He Moves In Next Door …

the U.S. was the first nuclear power; it gained the world’s attention by bombing Japan. The bombing did not generate the attention; that came from the ratio: One bomv = one city. After WWII, a handful of developed nations monopolized … Continue reading

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“Why Me?” (President Obama And The Persians)

Hmnn… Our President, who has just been caught with his arm in the NSA cookie jar up to the elbow and made a speech apologizing-sort of–and saying ‘but now you can trust me’ is negotiating for us with the Iranians … Continue reading

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Is President Obama Learning To Love The Bomb?

What’s a poor President to do? The Iranians are claiming that he’s lying to America about their new deal. Being called a liar by an Iranian diplomat resembles being called bloodthirsty by a vampire but we have to admit he … Continue reading

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The Peculiar, Unwritten Rules of the International Nuclear Bomb Game

All governments have secrets, mostly nefarious and usually secret to protect politicians from their own misdeeds. Or rather, to prevent citizens’ finding out about those misdeeds (in my opinion). The entire subject of nuclear weapons seems even more secret than … Continue reading

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