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“Gloval Warming” Seems Political Sciene; An Impending Ice Age is Geology …

Because our politicians and now Pope Francis keep pursuing global warming, we instead pursue reality. His Holiness and President Obama are we think, about as unlikely to capture real global warming as we are to capture reality. But the chase … Continue reading

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Stop the Earth; I Really Do Want to Get Off!

If you had expected the 1994, 6.7 Northridge, CA quake, would you, in late 1993 have moved into the Northridge apartments that it collapsed? Silly question, of course. But you live on planet Earth without a thought, right? That’s not the … Continue reading

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NASA Scientists and Astronauts Give the Lie to NASA Global Warming Support

The weather man’s efforts have given rise to more jokes than any other occupation but maybe, Congressman. The modesty of predictive success however, hasn’t kept some of the weather folk from predicting climate, a more complex and difficult target. They have … Continue reading

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The Data (But Not the Climate Changers) Show No Warming In the Last 15 Years…Now, What?

Climate change is a tottering edifice, its political sand foundation unstable in the face of too much evidence of its sponsor’s chicanery. Currently, reports from respected scientists with published data (unlike the U.N.’s climate crew) show the world’s average temperature … Continue reading

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