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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Your fandango of fun, foibles and foolishness from the week: The Los Angeles minimum wage is now $12 hour, on its way to the coming $15 that will ultimately apply statewide. (The state’s robot recruiting law?) Science: Short, simple description … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Another week having escaped, herewith a partial list of attachments: Britain’s E.U. exit vote: A people’s revolution? The E.U. vote triggered open conflict in political parties. Germany’s Merkel demands stop to any wishing to follow Britain out. (E.U. A bus … Continue reading

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If “You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man,”Whence Come Our Political Candidates?

We admit our confusion. Both Dems and GOP leaders demand open borders and admission of aliens, legally or otherwise. The resulting floods, in reaction to the conditions that they have fled, are glad to work both harder and cheaper than … Continue reading

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California’s Governor, Economic and The New $15 Minimum Wage

If anyone believes that Economics is an independent subject rather than a subset of politics, he/she/it must not be paying attention. Folk with historical acquaintance know that Economics was originally called: “Political Economy.” That was the subject of which Adam … Continue reading

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$15 Hr. Minimum Wage: New York State Follows Seattle (To What, Exactly?)

The minimum wage boost passed the state’s Wage Board; it needs only the Governor’s signature, which is expected. It moves New York City’s fast food chains (and no one else) to the new high over 4 years; the rest of the … Continue reading

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Voting Yourself Rich In The City Of The Angels …

The New York Times story head:”LA Lifts Minimum Wage To $15 hr” is untrue. Alas, the Times and print journalism generally, is not what it was. It is true that the Los Angeles City Council voted to do that in … Continue reading

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The Prez Wants High Wages And Lots of Cheap ‘Immigrant’ (How Do You Do That?)

A fast food job today resembles the work that not long ago, helped students through college; today, the students rely on government secured loans and the jobs are filled by “immigrans.” That’s destructive for both cases. The loans mean that … Continue reading

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Political Compassion…

President Obama’s compassion goes out to those 40 million Americans who survive with food stamps (now called: SNAP) and the millions out of work somehow during this ‘recovery’ and especially, to those whose unemployment benefits have run out or who … Continue reading

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They Said: “Things Could Be Worse” And Sure Enough…

Unemployment benefits paid by states since the 2008 crash have lasted some six months, after which Federal extension benefits covered another 47 weeks until they recently ran out. That cut off funds to about 1.3 million recipients. The Democrats, anxious … Continue reading

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Barack ODracula: Putting On His Santa Claus Suit To Hide The Blood

President Obama’s shining image has dulled as his Obamacare’s costs and complications have come to clarity in the public’s minds. His cure: Obscure the money he’s taken by switching to money he wants to give. We note that Obamacare collects … Continue reading

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