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Human Life and Healthcare In a Post Christian Era

Back in America’s Christian era, Medicare was the first government general health care; programs for the military and the poor were sidelines for special cases. That was because the elderly generally need more care and too often, could not afford … Continue reading

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Life Alert! For The Elderly, Considered Together With Government.

Life Alert advertises on prime time TV; have you ever thought about it? I don’t mean for yourself or for an elderly relative; I mean consideration of what those ads are truly saying. I bet, not. You’ve seen the ads: … Continue reading

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On Our Nation’s Healtcare And The Contents Of Our Mattresses

Dodge, I think it was, years ago advertised its cars as ‘bigger on the inside’ than they appeared from outside; today’s Obamacare recalls that to mind. Initially, we were told that it would insure some number between 19 and 31 … Continue reading

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Health Care Costs Sneaking Into Public View (For Now, Anyway…)

Few have seemed to care what medical procedures cost since the government took most of them on via Medicare and Medicaid. Since that government obtains its money ultimately from taxpayers, that carelessness may have been not only unwise, but costly … Continue reading

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WHO Is Throwing Granny Off That Cliff?

Democrat cartoonists like to draw Republicans tossing Granny off a cliff. Right there, that raises suspicions, right? Doctors are telling us that they’re dropping Medicare patients because the Feds have reduced the amounts paid…so what’s really going on? It’s not … Continue reading

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“Sorry to Hear You Buried your Wife.” “Had to–Dead, Y’Know.”

Remember the Obamafolk laughing at Sarah Palin’s comment on Obamacare “Death Panels?”  If you remember, you must not have a job in the media. But if you do remember, you might put together two recent stories to make an interesting … Continue reading

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Ask Not For Whom The ‘End Of Life Bell Tolls, It Tolls For Thee…

The run-up to Obamacare included a much-derided comment from Sarah Palin regarding the Obamacare committees charged with deciding medical care to be provided (or not provided) in various circumstances, including terminal ones. She called them: “death panels: and was duly … Continue reading

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Post Election, “Your Fair Share” Will Take On a Whole New Meaning!

We know Medicare and Social Security taxes pay in less than the programs pay out, so we know both are funded now on borrowed/printed money. We know ObamaCare adds some 19 to 34 million previously uninsured  new patients.  And we’re … Continue reading

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