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U.S. Healthcare, President Obama, Sarah Palin … and Reality Suckis!

Likely you haven’t read about Sovaldi anywhere; it makes too many of the mighty look bad. You’ve heard of hepatitis C though, right? You likely know that is very, very bad to have and you may be aware that it … Continue reading

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On Our Nation’s Healtcare And The Contents Of Our Mattresses

Dodge, I think it was, years ago advertised its cars as ‘bigger on the inside’ than they appeared from outside; today’s Obamacare recalls that to mind. Initially, we were told that it would insure some number between 19 and 31 … Continue reading

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Health Care Costs Sneaking Into Public View (For Now, Anyway…)

Few have seemed to care what medical procedures cost since the government took most of them on via Medicare and Medicaid. Since that government obtains its money ultimately from taxpayers, that carelessness may have been not only unwise, but costly … Continue reading

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ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion Racket Explained

I hadn’t known Medicaid was a racket. Well, that’s not quite true; most government services resemble rackets to some degree when you take fraud and waste into account but with Medicaid, some states are fraudsters too, apparently. New York is … Continue reading

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Exporting Grandmothers…

Few know that our modern Germany didn’t exist before 1871 and fewer still realize that it created the social welfare model now taken for granted in Europe and North America. Social Security as we know it in America is a … Continue reading

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