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Is It Just Us, Or Is The Lack Of News Telling Us Something?

This is more a question than an opinion. An opinion has been forming itself mostly in the background until it popped up of itself. Is it only we who are noticing the provision of decreasing amounts of news? The newsfolk … Continue reading

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Too Much Ebola Raises Questions …

Broadcast and cable TV are as usual, marching in lockstep: Devoting endless hours of billion dollar air time to a single subject: Ebola. Why? Yes, it’s a nasty, contagious disease by all accounts. So are malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Chagas … Continue reading

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Recycling The VA For Scandalous Purposes …

Government scandals du jour are sometimes media fodder and other times, almost ignored. Which, depends upon whose interests are being served, a more complex scene than usually appreciated. Benghazi and the IRS misuse are duly reported but the responsible folk … Continue reading

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Who Were The Models For “Dumb And Dumber?”

The debt ceiling has been the recent, manufactured ‘news’ thrill intended to keep us hanging upon the media’s dole, lest we go fishing independently in the internet. That would deprive the news elite of their rarified salaries, leaving them to … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Your newstray of current canape’s for your selection; enjoy, curse or ignore as you see fit. Do though, do so with some thought; these are signposts pointing to today’s reality. Germany¬† is being criticized increasingly by the U.S. Treasury for … Continue reading

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Who Comes So Softly, On Little Cat Feet…

Our media joyously ran baying after one of America’s most successful businesses: McDonalds. Screaming gleefully that a Big Mac price increase of only 68 cents would support paying its many minimum-wage and other workers double what they’re getting, the anti-capitalist … Continue reading

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Would the Government Lie to Us? (You Decide)

What should we think of the goings-on following the Boston Marathon bombing? First, lets take a brief retrospective: The Benghazi murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya has disappeared from the news and so has the Congressional ‘investigation’ that was … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Anyone Care About the Country?

Does anyone in the media or any of our politicians care about the problems America is enduring? That’s the question columnist and economist Thomas Sowell asks in: Is Anybody Serious? America’s problems are rooted in a declining economy resulting from: … Continue reading

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