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The Fed. NLRB Dumped Pandora’s Entire Box On McDonald’s

The Obamafolk have just paid off Big Labor with a poisoned plum. The National Labor Relations Board has decided that employees of McDonald’s franchisees are “jointly employed” by McDonald’s parent. So what? You are not excited. Perhaps you should be … Continue reading

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$15 Hr. Minimum Wage: New York State Follows Seattle (To What, Exactly?)

The minimum wage boost passed the state’s Wage Board; it needs only the Governor’s signature, which is expected. It moves New York City’s fast food chains (and no one else) to the new high over 4 years; the rest of the … Continue reading

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That Barely Visible Fast Food Strike…And Who’s Left Hungry

McDonalds and most other fast food firms employ minimum wage, non-union labor; the offended unions have encouraged a nation-wide strike for a $15 hr. minimum wage—about double the present. The media, never averse to watching a fight, has featured the … Continue reading

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