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An American Reality Fable…

It seems curious that so many Americans are so ignorant of ordinary economics, and so uncaring that they have not figured out what is happening to them and their lifestyle. It certainly doesn’t require an advanced or even any, degree … Continue reading

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Our Ephemeral ‘Recovery’

We’ve reported the dropping economic shoes from time to time, recently in South America, when such events show the realities behind our Panglossian economic ‘recovery.’ Another bit of gritty reality has just appeared from China: Tarnishing Steel. The linked report will … Continue reading

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Your World Is About To Change…And You’re Not Ready!

Sometimes we see change coming, as we saw factory robots and computers and understood, if vaguely, that they would change our lives. Sometimes we don’t see it coming; it knocks us over from behind. That’s 3D printing. Nobody’s ready but … Continue reading

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