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NEWS: Information, or Distraction?

Cable and broadcast TV plus newspaper chains now owned by a half dozen or so news giants control what we learn every day about our world. In the U.S, most of these reflect the Obama Administration and/or Democratic Party talking … Continue reading

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Fox News Volunteers The Prez To Solve More Of Other Folks’ Problems …

Sometimes the media remind us of a football coach who’s glad to give your life for his team. We listened to a few minutes of Fox News this evening. For perhaps 20 minutes (counting commercials)  we were fed repeated, awful descriptions … Continue reading

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Ebola, The Media And A Decen Night’s Sleep …

EBOLA  is this week’s news crisis now that Israel has largely exited Gaza, the Ukrainian military hasn’t yet charged into Donetsk  and the U.S. stock market remains high. Somebody has to feed the insatiable news machine; a virus will do. … Continue reading

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