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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Your Saturday selections: A New York Woman was mugged midday in Central Park.   The Homeless have returned to public poop/pee/accosting in Times Square. (The last, GOP Mayor annoyed voters by removing such folk, (No compassion); the new, Democrat Mayor is … Continue reading

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Voting Yourself Rich In The City Of The Angels …

The New York Times story head:”LA Lifts Minimum Wage To $15 hr” is untrue. Alas, the Times and print journalism generally, is not what it was. It is true that the Los Angeles City Council voted to do that in … Continue reading

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A Good Deed For A Coming Day…

The City of Angels has a problem: The immigrant-heavy neighborhoods surrounding the central city are full of trash. Paper, cups, flyers, soft drink and beer cans, bottles and what have you are tossed into alleys or into the street; the … Continue reading

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