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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

We glean; you select: Obama re Drugs: The Prez opined that treating drug users as criminals is counterproductive. We have to agree (for a change) as all those prisoners and all that expense haven’t kept drugs out of even, middle … Continue reading

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What Did The President Do Today To Fix Obamcare?

The short answer: Nothing! He has followed his original deception about keeping existing insurance with a new deception aimed at transferring blame to the insurers. In the name of helping those he lied to before, he is lying to them again. … Continue reading

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Silk Purses, Sow’s Ears and Presidential Pinocchios…

The liberal-leaning Washington Post’s fact checker just awarded our President four Pinocchios for a Benghazi lie. The Presidential promise that Obamacare would not enlarge the deficit, would save money and provide better care is now Pinocchio material, followed by a … Continue reading

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