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A Couple of InsignificantStories

A remarkably loud silence has underlined two recent reports. With the attention of our “news” minions seemingly inversely proportional to the real import of information these days, we herewith provide some thoughts generated by those reports for your amusement, boredom … Continue reading

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Will Economic Reality Overwhelm Politicians Anytime Soon?

America’s Founders recognized that politicians are predators; that is why they wished to impose the Constitution as a limit upon them. Homo Sapiens is one of few species lacking a top predator to keep it in bounds; it must therefore, … Continue reading

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Government Spending Explained …

We heard from President Bush (GOP) and from President Obama (DEM) that the government must spend more to make up for the drop in our spending that started in 2008; this will get the enervated economy going again. This is … Continue reading

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Spending Yourself Rich as Seen By an 18th Century Frenchman

Some of our pundits have found a silver lining in Hurricane Sandy’s storm clouds by bringing up all the jobs she created; a lot of people will be employed fixing the damage, right? Might perk up the economy! If so, … Continue reading

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