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Federal Reserve Day Approaches … (Some Truth Will Out)

The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates December 16th or it won’t. It has been building toward a (very nominal)  quarter point increase for a while now; no one should be surprised. But we heard today that panicking Democrats are … Continue reading

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Fed Chair Janet Yellin, Sherlock Holmes and When Will the Ice Melt in the Tanana River?

“The clue,” Holmes said, “was what the Fed did in the night-time,” “But the Fed did nothing in the night-time,” protested Inspector Gregory. “Exactly,” said Holmes. “That was the curious incident.” We expect few today to be familiar with the … Continue reading

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Latest Feeral Reserve Blockbuster By Mother Yellin: “Reality Sucks!”

We don’t know how far back it became accepted wisdom, but it wasn’t a recent discovery that man exists in economic scarcity. “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread” is too old to be dated and political … Continue reading

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Has Fed Chair Janet Yellin Really Pulled The Plug On The US Economy?

These days, the biggest news receives the least attention, and vice very much versa. We’re told that the Federal Reserve announced the end in November, of QE3; the Fed  will stop printing money out of the air. That is much bigger … Continue reading

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Yellen At The Fed’s Controls: Is Janet Checked Out On Helicopters?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was nicknamed “Helicopter Benjy” after a speech in which he mentioned dumping money into the economy from helicopters. Years later as Fed Chairman, he has done it instead by buying Treasury and mortgage bonds (i.e. … Continue reading

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