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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Our current lot: Syria: A spotlight on a complex reality (Article) (Recommended for those interested in Middle East) Pakistan: Trying to be fierce when you’re broke (Article) The economy: Negative interest rates are a destructive political illusion (Article) Corruption: Politicized … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Day Approaches … (Some Truth Will Out)

The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates December 16th or it won’t. It has been building toward a (very nominal)  quarter point increase for a while now; no one should be surprised. But we heard today that panicking Democrats are … Continue reading

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Fed Chair Janet Yellin, Sherlock Holmes and When Will the Ice Melt in the Tanana River?

“The clue,” Holmes said, “was what the Fed did in the night-time,” “But the Fed did nothing in the night-time,” protested Inspector Gregory. “Exactly,” said Holmes. “That was the curious incident.” We expect few today to be familiar with the … Continue reading

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London’s Liberated LIBOR Leaps Across The Atlantic

Leaping lizards! LIBOR has been kidnapped! Well, taken away at least. The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) reports the interest rate banks are charging each other in well, London. London is a historic financial center for Europe, sort of like … Continue reading

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An Old Road We’ve Been Down Before (And Just Don’t Want To Remember…)

“Money” is an article…a short article at that, which  lays out the facts. Facts in fact, free of politicians’ baloney. It’s worth a read. If you can’t be bothered, (It IS your money going down the drain) here’s the short … Continue reading

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Helicopter Ben Drops Another Not-So-Smart Bomb…

‘Helicopter Ben’ Bernanke’s Fed has committed to flooding real estate with an ocean of (legally) counterfeited money by ‘loaning’ it to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the governments’ real estate mortgage cartel leaders. The cartel will thus supply the providers … Continue reading

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The “Full Faith and Credit of the United States of America” … Is Nothing But Politicians’ Promises!

Back around 1971, the last vestiges of the Gold Standard disappeared; international payments were made like yours and mine, from fiat money. Our Federal Reserve Notes are prominently backed by the “Full faith and credit of the United States of … Continue reading

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